Derek Thorslund

Derek Thorslund drives Citrix’s product strategy for HDX (high definition experience) virtualization technologies and leads the company’s HDX Product Management group across XenDesktop VDI, XenApp, VDI-in-a-Box and Citrix Receiver.  Upon joining Citrix in 2003, he played a key role in expanding the company's product portfolio with the Citrix Access Suite, forerunner to XenDesktop Platinum Edition. Mr. Thorslund has had an extensive career in the high-tech industry as Director of Product Management at Avotus Corporation and Manager of New Business Applications at Bell-Northern Research.

  1. Delivering Lync from XenApp and XenDesktop

    LOP LYNC 2010 Session Window

    For many Citrix customers, Microsoft® Lync® has become a widely used "strategic application" thanks to excellent audio-video conferencing capabilities and tight integration with the Microsoft® Office suite. Happily, no other desktop virtualization vendor offers as comprehensive a set of technologies for delivering Lync as Citrix. If you’d like to learn how the HDX features of XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver support Lync for users on various ...

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  2. Looking for High Quality, Multi-Point Video for VDI? Vidyo and Citrix Have Got You Covered!


    When I first heard about Vidyo and its capabilities I was intrigued... A video conferencing solution that doesn’t require a complex network AND works over a basic broadband connection without losing quality? I needed to see it with my own eyes. Sure enough, I was pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal quality that Vidyo delivers. So, I am very pleased to share that Vidyo has now ...

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  3. A video is the next best thing… HDX with Framehawk

    In case you didn't make it to the HDX demo pod area in the Solutions Expo at Synergy 2014 to experience HDX with Framehawk firsthand, here's the next best thing... a video demonstration, as shown during the Day 2 Keynote. In my previous blog post, I described the technologies that enable Framehawk to deliver a highly interactive user experience on very challenging network connections. At high ...

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  4. Our Framehawk demo at Synergy will knock your socks off!

    One of the most impressive demos you will see at Synergy 2014 in Anaheim is our new Framehawk technology, currently being integrated into the HDX stack used by XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver. As I highlighted in my blog post when we acquired Framehawk, people are no longer chained to their desks in the office where they have a highly reliable wired network connection. We’re ...

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  5. Case studies of GPU virtualization at NVIDIA GTC 2014

    This week I’m at NVIDIA’s GTC conference in my new home town (since December 2012) of San Jose, California, and having a great time. I’ve seen some fascinating sessions but most of all it’s been a great chance to meet up with a lot of both new and old customers attracted to Citrix and to virtualization by our great 3D graphics support. If you are lucky ...

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  6. Delivering Lync 2013 voice and video from XenDesktop, XenApp and VDI-in-a-Box

    Since we introduced support for Microsoft's Lync® 2013 VDI Plug-in (headless media engine) in Citrix Receiver 4.0 last year, we've seen rapidly growing customer demand for this optimized solution. There are clear advantages to offloading real-time media processing from the XenDesktop, XenApp or VDI-in-a-Box server to the user device (see my blog post Delivering softphones and UC apps with HDX real-time technologies). As we promised when ...

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  7. Framehawk will take our HDX technology to the limit!

    How will Citrix's acquisition of Framehawk benefit desktop virtualization users? It will take our HDX technology to the limit! Industry analyst Gunnar Berger recorded a video some months ago that shows the amazing performance of Framehawk. Integrate that with the Citrix HDX technologies and you truly get the freedom to work effectively regardless of location or device, even under extremely adverse network conditions. Never ...

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  8. HDX in XenDesktop 7.1

    XenDesktop 7.1 builds upon the great new HDX features and functionality introduced with XenDesktop 7.0, such as high-performance GPU sharing (OpenGL and DirectX) for Windows Server RDS workloads, increased video frame rate over limited bandwidth connections, Windows Media Redirection for iOS (in addition to existing Windows and Linux support) for increased server scalability, and multicast support for Windows media. A list of these recent enhancements and detailed ...

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  9. Blending local Windows apps into the virtual desktop

    Running a full screen virtual desktop on a Windows PC or thin client, you would have had no visibility to locally installed applications. But with the new Local App Access feature of XenDesktop 7 and XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2, now those local Windows apps can be seen without having to escape from your VDI or Hosted Shared desktop. Why is this valuable? One use case for ...

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  10. PTC Live! keynote promotes XenDesktop for 3D graphics

    I was privileged to be invited to speak at the PTC Live! conference in Anaheim this year, so I was there in the audience during the keynote when Mike Campbell, Executive VP for CAD, announced the certification of PTC Creo 2.0 M060 as Citrix Ready. PTC, IBM, NVIDIA and Citrix have collaborated to test an entire solution stack comprising the IBM iDataPlex dx360 M4 server, ...

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