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XenMobile and Android for Work – New Options for the Enterprise


  The XenMobile product development strategy is focused on providing enterprise customers with choice and flexibility. In the dynamic market for Enterprise Mobility Management, mobile device and OS preferences will continue to ebb and flow due to factors such as user experience, security capabilities and price. With XenMobile, Citrix wants to leave all options on the table and allow enterprises to tailor an EMM strategy that best ...

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    Google and Citrix Collaboration Accelerates with XenMobile Support for Android for Work


        Both Google and Citrix empower organizations to provide secure, scalable, mobile workspace solutions that deliver an exceptional user experience. Today, Google and Citrix are uniquely positioned to offer any enterprise a set of innovative solutions that enable the realization of the new mobile workspace. Just last month at Citrix Summit, we were pleased to welcome Mike Daoust, Head of Chrome and Android Sales at Google for Work, to the keynote stage to update ...

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      Mobility Master Class: What’s New in XenMobile 10.0


      With the release of XenMobile 10.0 Citrix continues to deliver an unparalleled experience for the end-user, IT admins and Citrix Partners. XenMobile 10.0 new simplified administration, architecture, security, deployment and supportability enhancements give IT the ability to manage apps in half the time with a more automated EMM process. In This Master Class You Will Learn About: How we got to XenMobile 10 Software and Hardware Architectures Installation and ...

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      Hosted Workspace Self-Provisioning Satisfies End Users – Or Why CloudPortal Services Manager is Vital for Scaling a DaaS Business

          Service providers who are still taking help desk calls for adding new apps, resetting passwords, or removing users are impacting their overhead and customer service. Automation and delegation of tasks help streamline a service provider business while providing better customer service for the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings. It’s 2015 – think of how many personal services you have automated with an online portal instead of a phone ...

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      Protect Your NetScaler From Disaster With Call Home!


          NetScaler is an incredibly versatile networking appliance. The amount of features it contains combined with the speed and reliability it provides while performing tasks is truly incredible. Thousands of companies around the world depend on NetScaler every day for delivery of business-critical workloads. However, as with any technology, problems can and do occur. Appliances can exhibit disruptions for a variety of reasons including both software and hardware ...

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      Twee Letters Om Te Schrappen Uit Het IT-Alfabet

      De benamingen die we meegeven aan de dingen in ons leven verraden vaak hoe ze ooit zijn ontstaan. De piano was het eerste toetsinstrument waarop je zowel hard als zacht kon spelen (oorspronkelijk heette het dan ook pianoforte, ofwel zachthard). ‘Auto’ is kort voor ‘automobiel’, oftewel ‘beweegt zelf’, want dat deden koetsen niet. We raken in de loop der jaren zo gewend aan de woorden die ...

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      How to Disable Workspace Control Reconnect


      A question on how to disable workspace control reconnect for Citrix Receivers has come up many times. Workspace control for Receiver for Web can be managed by editing web.config for the Receiver for Web site. Please see Citrix eDocs for details. For Receiver for Windows, workspace control can be managed on client devices by modifying the registry. Please see this Knowledgebase Article for how to implement it. This can ...

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      Citrix WorkspacePod Enabling Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.52.38 AM

      We announced WorkspacePod (CWP) at Summit.  WorkspacePod is a fully integrated workload agnostic software stack, that enables converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, to deliver the Citrix mobile Workspace experience.  Let’s break that up a bit so better understand what it means.  Firstly Citrix remains a software company.  We are not getting into the actual hardware business.  What fully integrated software stack means is that the software ...

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      Welcome to Receiver X1


          Welcome to the Receiver X1 Tech Preview! This is the first of a series of blogs explaining what X1 is, and in particular how you can customize it. Before I get started, a little about myself. I joined Citrix long ago.  I was part of the team that first came up with the idea of web-based access to Windows apps. While I can’t claim any great ...

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      X1 StoreFront and Receiver X1 for Web – Tech Preview Now Available


      Last May at our Synergy 2014 event, we unveiled our Receiver X1 strategy. X1 is a core element of our ongoing effort to create delightful end user experiences (X1 stands for eXperience 1st). Today, we are excited to announce the first step in the fulfillment of the X1 strategy – the availability of the Tech Preview for the Receiver X1 for Web and StoreFront. This Tech ...

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      Mobility Experts: Configuring Certificate+LDAP Based Authentication

      Certificate+Ldap Based authentication provides an extra layer of security by using the certificate authentication for the mobile apps and allows users to have seamless access to the HDX Apps. By using Client Certificates, User need to enter the WorxPin to logon with Single Sign on Access to WorxEnabled Apps. Worx PIN also simplifies the user authentication experience. Worx PIN is used to secure a client ...

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