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In VMware’s World, Any=One. Wait, What?

vmware math is hard

One of the things I learned in elementary school math class was the transitive property of equality. This property has been a boon to me in arguments about why I should or shouldn’t have to do something: Going to dentist = stress, stress = high cholesterol, high cholesterol = death, thus Going to dentist = death! It all makes sense, right?? When it comes to choosing software ...

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    Citrix Workspace Cloud Browser Apps Service: Remote Access Without Compromise

    Workspace Cloud Launch

    Today, Citrix is introducing its first Workspace Cloud Labs service, the Workspace Cloud Browser Apps Service which offers a simple, secure, way to deliver high performance remote access to any internal or external web application. The Browser Apps Service offers secure remote access without compromise and is the fastest way to securely deliver Web and SaaS apps to end users. Redefining the End-User Experience With typical remote access ...

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      Citrix Solutions Lab: Measurements at Full-Scale


      As a young programmer, I read a book by Michael Abrash which has provided me guidance through the years. "The Zen of Code Optimization" was published in 1994 and discusses graphics coding and performance using Intel 8086 assembly language, implemented under DOS.  Today, it is $1.78, used, on Amazon and if you have a little time to kill, I recommend reading at least through chapter 3 ...

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      VMWorld Preview: XenApp/XenDesktop Design Guides on vSphere 6


      Are you going to VMWorld? Citrix is. Are you thinking about vSphere 6.0? Citrix did. Are you wondering how XenApp and XenDesktop performs on the latest hypervisor from VMware? Citrix was. The good news is that we've completed our analysis of vSphere 6.0 for XenApp and XenDesktop and we can now answer the question of how many physical servers does it take to deliver a pooled virtual desktop to ...

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      Wine, Windows, and Whiskey

      Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel

      Previously, enterprise customers have approached a new operating system upgrade like a fine wine or an oak barrel-aged whiskey. They'd let it mature for several years before rolling it out. Remember the age-old mantra of not deploying a v1 product, or not until SP2 at least? Well, with Windows 10 that “wait and see” philosophy doesn’t hold water--or should I say, wine ... or even whiskey--today. Because ...

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      Workspace Cloud Labs: Citrix New Platform for Innovation

      CWC 2

      I’m very excited about a new tool we’ve launched at Citrix called Workspace Cloud Labs. This is a new section in Workspace Cloud where you can try new and upcoming features and technologies from Citrix. The goal of the Workspace Cloud Labs is to drive innovation at a faster pace by providing you easy access to early technologies, and to give you the opportunity to ...

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      Welcome to the Linux Virtual Desktop Team Blog


      Welcome to the Linux Virtual Desktop team blog. As the title suggests, we are the team that is working on the new Linux Virtual Desktop or, as it is more commonly known, the Linux VDA. Currently, the Linux VDA team consists of engineers from the Citrix Labs team in Sydney, Australia. You might know us from some of our previous work: Seamless Windows the OS/2 client Speedscreen Latency Reduction Secure ...

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      How to Change the Linux Broker Agent Log Levels

      Linux Receiver

      Overview The Linux Broker Agent can log to the system log (syslog), but syslog needs to be configured to receive Log4J log messages. For ease of configuration, we recommend using the syslog-ng package, though not covered here, other syslog variants may also work in your environment. The configuration file bundled with the Linux Broker Agent has a default log level of ERROR which only logs errors. The ...

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      Polar Heart Rate Monitor and Blink(1) with Octoblu


      Step 1) Connect the Polar Heart Rate Device to Octoblu 1. Log into Octoblu 2. Search "Polar Heart Rate Monitor" on the top center search bar and click on its icon in the results. 3. Click "Connect Polar Heart Rate Monitor" (in the results that says “Activate and Configure) and then select your Gateblu by clicking on the Gateblu icon. 4. Name your Polar Heart Rate Monitor. 5. Go back ...

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      Citrix NetScaler Content Pack for IBM Cloud Orchestrator

      ibm cloud computing

      I've been at Citrix for 12 years and it has been, to say the least, exciting to watch the growth of our partnership with IBM. Citrix was founded by IBM veterans more than 25 years ago and we have teamed very closely for a long time with IBM Mobility Services and SoftLayer. Today, I'm excited to tell you about the ways Citrix and IBM are increasing ...

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