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Thinking about Abstraction in your 2015 Mobility Strategy


The true goal of a mobile transformation is not about deploying the latest devices,  but to deliver business software that makes you forget they exist. When we talk about the mobility-transformed business, we’re talking about a fundamental change in the way people work and businesses operate. From a businessperson’s perspective, the mobility-transformed business means being able to move projects forward, close deals, serve customers and collaborate ...

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    New social media and public relations hub at Summit brings the pros to you!

    Citrix Summit Preview

    Citrix Summit 2015 is not only packed with hands-on training and networking opportunities, this year’s event offers two new stations dedicated to help you advance your social media strategy and public relations opportunities. Brought to you courtesy of Citrix,  professionals on hand will provide you with one-on-one consultation and specific takeaways you can quickly execute. Up level your media presence with: 1. Social Media Rally Station™: Led by Channel Maven Consulting, ...

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      Attention partners! Learn how to empower your customers for success with Citrix Insight Services at Summit 2015!


      The Citrix Summit 2015 Partner Event is fast approaching. If you’re a Citrix Partner and have already registered for the event, great – we’ll see you there! If you’re a Citrix Partner and haven’t already registered, I would strongly encourage you to do so by visiting Citrix Summit provides attendees with opportunities to immerse themselves in the latest technologies and partner programs while networking with ...

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      Selling Technology has Changed to Benefit Citrix Partners!

      Due to the "Seismic Changes" in Selling and Marketing B2B customers are more than halfway through the sales cycle before contacting a vendor.  Because of the convergence of social media, cloud-based marketing solutions, big data, mobility and search engine optimization: 94% of buyers collect and share information prior to a business-to-business purchase decision. (Sirius Decisions) Customers have practically infinite online resources to pull from. Armed with information, they often ...

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      Database Sizing Tool for XenDesktop 7

      Currently sizing a the databases for XenDesktop relies being able to interpret and understanding the database sizing KB article CTX139508. This doesn't help if you know you have a variation on the listed environments. To try and assist I've created a simple tool that can help generate custom sizing information. Why not an excel file? Many people have asked for excel files or simple formula to work ...

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      The eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile is Citrix Ready


      eG Monitor for ShareFile We are pleased to announce eG Monitor for Citrix ShareFile as Citrix Ready! eG Innovations provides performance management solutions that dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performance issues in virtual, cloud, and physical service infrastructures. eG Innovations’ performance management and monitoring solutions are used by the demanding companies to enable delightful user experiences, keep mission-critical business services at peak performance ...

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      Monitor your Cloud with ScienceLogic

      What do Old Bay potato chips, the Potomac River and IT monitoring have in common? They all converged at ScienceLogic Symposium in National Harbor, Maryland at the end of October, where I had the opportunity to represent Citrix as one of their technology partners. ScienceLogic is a CitrixReady certified partner that has IT monitoring software that integrates with Citrix CloudPlatform. I learned that more and more ...

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      Multi-Tenancy Redefined With Admin Partitions


      The Core Requirement for Datacenter Deployments Has become the ability to run multiple services or instances on same infrastructure. The end customer use case for doing so results into the definition of Multi-tenancy.  It has been a requirement from many years and we were the first ADC vendor to introduce True and Complete Multi-tenant solution with NetScaler SDX platform.   NetScaler SDX defines Multi-tenancy across the software and ...

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      Polaris Office (Android) is Now Worx Verified


      Infraware's Polaris Office Enterprise Worx verified w/ XenMobile 9.04 The mdx package of this is listed on Worx App Gallery here The app is also available for download at Play Store here   ■About POLARIS Office for Citrix! POLARIS Office for Citrix is a Mobile Office application that allows Citrix users to view/edit Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) documents on Smartphone and Tablet. Users can view/edit text files and view ...

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      Results : XenDesktop 7.x WAN Survey


      Survey Results We wanted to share with you a quick summary of the results from the WAN survey we published a few weeks ago.  We had a very positive response rate to the survey and we'd like to send you a big thank you for that.  We have now analysed the results to plot the types of WAN links customers have to Branch offices.  Some customers have ...

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      Citrix, FlexPod and the Shift to Cloud: the Tipping Point?

      Citrix Cloud Success Stories

      After all these years why have so many organizations lagged? Why have they hesitated to make the transition from legacy data centers to private or public cloud infrastructure?  Despite all of the new cloud enhancements, not to mention innovations in the delivery of personal desktops and workspaces, enterprises continue to take a cautious approach. Large enterprise CIOs have earned a reputation for a conservative approach, carefully picking ...

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      Unifyle is Citrix ready with XenMobile


      Mobile use is expanding, enterprise users use mobile for eMail. Unifyle extends it to easily manage documents. With Unifyle any storage can be accessed easily and securely and files can be edited using apps published on XenApp or apps on local device.  Once setup you can use Mobile or PC to work with documents. You can search, manage, edit and share files with ease from mobile.  ...

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