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10 Exciting Opportunities for Service Providers at Citrix Summit 2015

summit vegas csp 2

As the Desktops-as-a-Service market continues to grow, Citrix is committed to working hard to provide service providers with the tools and resources necessary to drive business and stay ahead of the competition. The Citrix Service Provider team invites you to get a head start in 2015 by attending and leveraging Citrix Summit in Las Vegas. Summit is the premier annual kickoff event for Citrix and ...

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    Momentum Accelerates in 2014 as IT Pros Select Citrix NetScaler as ADC Market Leader

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    For a second consecutive year, ADC survey respondents chose Citrix Citrix was selected as the leader in all six categories: Market, Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Price, and Service & Support.  Brand Leader Reports are designed to measure the pulse of brand leadership in specific product categories using independent, non-sponsored surveys. The Application Delivery Controller survey was conducted in October, 2014.  Respondents were solicited from over 1,000,000 members of ...

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      Citrix and HP Can Help You Tackle the Top 7 IT Initiatives of 2015

      HP Discover Barcelona just wrapped, and it reminded me of how we live in a time of relentless, disruptive change. There is now a ceaseless information flow that is toppling old business models and rapidly minting new ones. And no company survives without adapting. HP aptly refers to the way enterprises need to respond to this as the “New Style of IT.” Transitioning to the New ...

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      2015 Prediction: A Happier, Healthier, Mobile Internet of You

      Prediction Phone Shows Estimate Forecast Or Projection

      Will 2015 Mean a Happier, Healthier You? As December draws to an end, our minds turn to the year ahead, and New Year’s resolutions abound. As anyone in the fitness industry can tell you – January is the time that people are filled with good intentions, and gym memberships spike. But perhaps 2015 will be different. With a growing number of mobile health apps and devices such ...

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      Putting Experience First

      End User Observation

      Since our birth as a small startup delivering virtual apps to users, Citrix has always envisioned a different and better way for people to experience work.  I wasn’t personally working at Citrix 25 years ago when it all started, but it doesn’t take long for any employee to learn several facts about our focus as a company: Our end game is not just about technology, it’s ...

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      Quais as tendências para a América Latina no próximo ano?

      Estamos sempre envolvidos em processos de mudanças e algumas que começaram esse ano devem se aprofundar na América Latina em 2015.  Muitas companhias serão obrigadas a escolher entre um modelo de TI tradicional ou um modelo mais completo, flexível, orientado para os negócios e que aceite e impulsione novas tendências tecnológicas, focado principalmente nessas novas gerações de funcionários. Assim, em 2015, devemos observar: A humanização da ...

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      One-Stop Shop for XenApp Migration and Upgrade Info XenAppUpgrade

        New Site:  Review FlexCast Management Architecture of XenApp 7.6 With the release of XenApp 7.6, many Citrix customers are starting to evaluate the benefits of the new FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) of XenApp 7.6.  Just as a quick refresher, XenApp 6.5 and earlier editions leveraged the Independent Management Architecture (IMA), so making the move to XenApp 7 also means you are making the architecture move from ...

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      Leveraging an Enterprise Cloud for Citrix Deployment

      Download:  White Paper

      Building upon our past successes with XenDesktop and XenMobile the Citrix Solutions Lab extended those initial deployments. In the white paper that we recently published, we began by upgrading from XenDesktop 7.1 to 7.5 and XenMobile from 8.6 to 9.0. However, we weren’t done there. We built out an Enterprise Cloud environment, leveraging Citrix CloudPlatform and XenServer, and added those systems into the existing XenDesktop and Active ...

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      Social media health screening for Citrix partners at Summit

      Social Media Rally Station at Citrix Summit

      Improve Your Personal Health When You Join Us at Summit Our personal health is vital and there are increasingly more programs, resources, outreach opportunities and accessible information to help us maintain healthy lifestyles. When you think about an organization’s business in terms of its health, a company can also benefit from a health checkup – while weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are not monitored, a screening of ...

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      Attending Citrix Summit 2015? Citrix ShareFile Enterprise announces breakout sessions and demo hours

      Citrix Summit is taking place January 13-14th in Las Vegas, NV! ShareFile is excited to highlight what breakout sessions and demos will be taking place during our conference. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ShareFile, it is a secure enterprise file sync and sharing service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data requirements of the enterprise. Here is what we ...

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      Citrix Director 7.6: Filters Explained

      Filters-All Machines

      One of Director’s finest features is the “Filters” page. With this feature we can analyze, drill down and focus on monitoring and troubleshooting things that matter. It also helps you analyze with ease and helps customers solve issues in a jiffy. Filters are explicitly divided into Machines, Sessions and Connections. Let’s deep dive into each one of them and check out how it can help ...

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      Autodesk designer reviews REVIT on Citrix XenApp – plus register for GTC 2015

      Day 1 of Synergy 2014 - Green Drafters Demo on the NVIDIA booth - 2D Sections

      At Citrix Synergy 2014, I saw one of the most fascinating demos of NVIDIA GPUs running Citrix XenApp to deliver Autodesk REVIT. We’ve blogged a lot about how XenApp is a really cost effective and user-satisfying way to deliver Autodesk applications on vSphere, XenServer or physical servers using NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. This demo wasn’t so much about the underlying cost of the technologies though but ...

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