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The Back-End of Healthcare Technology: How Intel & Citrix helped Kaiser Permanente

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If you’ve been to the doctor lately or had any sort of medical procedure completed, you may have noticed that things have changed in recent years: X-rays are now digital, your doctor types on a tablet, the blood pressure cuff now checks your pulse and goes on your wrist, and many more. While not all offices have the same level of technical sophistication, there’s no doubt ...

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    Immersive Industry Programs at Citrix Synergy

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    New at Synergy 2015: Industry programs designed just for you. Citrix Synergy 2015 has a new industry focus, highlighting how mobility is transforming the workplace in industries including healthcare, education, financial services, and government—enabling people to work better from anywhere. Technology is important to us all, but technology in a hospital looks very different than it does in a school, which will also look different than ...

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      Nutanix Achieves Citrix Ready Certification For ShareFile Enterprise

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      By Guest Blogger – Andre Leibovici ShareFile gives users true enterprise-class file sync and share data service across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while giving IT all the control it needs. Users can--for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity--access, sync and securely share files from any device with people both inside and outside the organization. With ShareFile, organizations have the flexibility to choose where their data is ...

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      Resurrecting Duckling: A Model for Securing IoT Devices

      Introduction This post is a continuation of a series of articles written by the Citrix Labs R&D staff on the topic of IoT. In the previous posts, we've defined the role of IoT in the Citrix software defined workplace, identified many security challenges unique to the IoT, reviewed the information security “CIA” triad fundamentals and described a simple IoT framework with a device layer, gateway layer, and ...

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      Octoblu: Recap of SXSW Intel DevTech Mixer

      Earlier this year, as part of the Intel Software Innovators Program, Intel IoT asked me to build Octoblu demos for a SXSW event. As you may or may not know, SXSW's satellite events and parties are becoming more prominent when compared to the actual festival. So we decided to go all out and resurrect an old art installation that was perfect for a party. The place--called ...

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      Citrix Ready Product Webinar with Comtrade


      Comtrade delivers a complete and integrated System Center-based monitoring solution for Citrix Workspace Suite without the need of any third party components. Using Comtrade Management Packs, Workspace Suite administrators can visualize and understand infrastructure health and interactions of NetScaler, XenDesktop and XenApp, and XenMobile layers in a single view. On top of that, the Comtrade solution is also tracking individual users and captures their everyday application ...

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      A Step Forward for Business-Ready Mobility – Is It Enough?


      We know the pattern. Innovation stems from consumer markets and slowly makes it way into the business world. Mobility is one of many a beneficiaries of this innovation. This innovation has brought us new types of devices, new types of apps, and new ways to share information. Ultimately, this consumer innovation has delivered us new ways to work … better ways to work. Android for Work ...

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      Taking DaaS to the Next Level: A New Cisco-Validated Design for Citrix-Based DaaS

      Citrix, Cisco and EMC Teamwork Delivers a Cisco Validated Design to Accelerate DaaS Deployment for Service Providers Deploying and scaling a business-ready Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) environment can become time-consuming and complex, particularly across multiple datacenters and clouds. Citrix and Cisco understand that management scale and simplicity is critical to the service provider business model, and have teamed to develop a new DaaS solution architecture as a Cisco ...

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      The History (and Future) of the Windows Thin Client


      The idea behind "They Gave me a Camera" is to meet with our great partners and show off some cool technology. It's always great and we always learn something. But, sometimes magic happens that is a bit unexpected. In this installment of TGMAC I sat down with Jeff McNaught--CSO at Dell/Wyse--and all-around great guy. Jeff was the co-inventor of the Winterm and in this interview I ...

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      Now Available: The XenMobile 10 MDM Migration Tool!


      The XenMobile 10 Migration Tool is here! Citrix released the migration tool to move from XenMobile version 9 to version 10. This is now available for download at The Migration tool is embedded in the XenMobile 10 Server and the option can be selected during the First Time Use configuration. This and future versions of the migration tool will be available to Citrix customers for download at ...

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