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Citrix Synergy Delivers Networking and Technical Training with Great Partner Promotions


  Stay on top of the latest innovations: Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12-14, is a mid-year opportunity to evaluate new Citrix product releases and expand on the training from Citrix Summit 2015 in January. Partners, join your colleagues and bring your customers for three days of technical breakout sessions, labs and special programs to enhance your professional development. Catalog Is Live: Explore New Sessions The core ...

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    Session Catalog Is Live: Design Your Citrix Synergy Experience!

    session catalog blog

      It’s easier than ever to design your own conference experience at Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14. The session catalog just launched with an incredible mix of strategy sessions, new product deep dives and interactive panel discussions along with practical training on architecture, design, deployment and support of mobile workspaces. You’ll have plenty of options for customizing Synergy to suit your interests and your ...

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      CloudPlatform Is Now Onboard With Citrix Insight Services!


      We recently introduced support for CloudPlatform diagnostic bundles in Citrix Insight Services (  These are ZIP files generated within the product using the Cloud Bugtool utility.   /* */ CitrixTV Video: How to Collect CloudPlatform Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services Here are some sample screenshots of a CloudPlatform bundle analysis   (Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found)    (Host Information Content Plug-in)   (Environment ...

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      Convoi by Citrix: Free Cloud-Based Communication Simplified

      convoi logo

      Citrix Convoi was recently updated! If you haven’t gotten a business line on your iPhone, get one today! Now, when someone calls you on your Convoi number, your iPhone can ring differently. You will always know when you’re getting a work call vs a personal call. (This was the #1 request just after launch. Few weeks later, it’s out.) In-App Support Chat – instant customer engagement! Try it! Contacts ...

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      Click, Play and See the Citrix Optimization for Microsoft Lync

      Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.11.16 PM

      I spent the last few blogs, dissecting Microsoft Outlook and how we can integrate an Exchange Online server, as part of Office 365, with XenApp and XenDesktop. Can I use a Cached Exchange Mode with XenApp and XenDesktop When to use Cached Exchange Mode with XenApp and XenDesktop How to use Cached Exchange Mode with XenApp and XenDesktop (I really need to be a little more creative with these ...

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      Taking a Class with Justin Apsley is Hard Work

      Justin Apsley

      Welcome to Meet the Instructor, a series where we meet the extremely talented and knowledgeable Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs) that teach and interact with Citrix Education students every day. Today you'll meet Master Instructor Justin Apsley, who may just have been destined to become a CCI. Where Do You Live? I hail from Oceanside California, which is in the northernmost part of San Diego County. How Did You Start ...

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      What Do You Do When You Wake Up?

      Headbands of Hope

      From a very early age, most of us were told to "dream big," but what happens after the dream? What happens when you wake up?   This question was posed to a group of Citrix employees in Raleigh by Jess Ekstrom.  Jess Ekstrom is only 23 years old and is founder/CEO of Headbands of Hope.  Headbands of Hope offers headbands/headbuffs that can be purchased for children or ...

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      From My Virtual Desktop: FSCK and Dom0 Memory


          Quite some time since has passed since I’ve shared XenServer tips with our Blog community. Oddly enough, I stumbled across a buried draft in my files. It was dated 30-JUN-2014 and titled, “A hat-tip”. This was intended to provide a solution to a client who requested that I provide a reason and resolution to an issue they had experienced. Because this tip ...

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      X1 Skin for NetScaler Gateway


      One comment I’ve heard repeatedly is that whilst the new X1 UI is great, the users accessing it need to access this via NetScaler Gateway.   So, the question becomes, can we please re-brand that as well? The short answer is yes – that is very much on the list of active work.  However, it isn’t part of the tech preview.  So, in this blog I’m going ...

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      Accessing ICA RTT Metrics for Citrix HDX and XenDesktop and XenApp


      One of the useful metrics available for ICA is a latency measurement known as the Round Trip Time (RTT).  This is basically the time interval measured at the client between the first step (user action) and the last step (graphical response displayed). This metric can be thought of as a measurement of the screen lag that a user experiences while interacting with an application hosted ...

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