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  1. How to: Single Sign on to XenMobile WorxMail

    Single Sign on provides users with seamless and secure access to corporate email. Xen Mobile Device Manager directly integrates in to a public key infrastructure (PKI) providers in order to generate and deliver certificates to devices. User Certificate Authentication is the same, regardless of whether the CA is built by Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Entrust, etc. The user certificates is created based in user attributes usually User Principal ...

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  2. Citrix XenMobile 9 New Visio Stencil Set!

    If you're looking to build a conceptual or planning diagram, this new Visio stencil set for XenMobile 9 will come in very handy! Included on this group are the new icons for Worx Home, Worx Applications, Netscaler, Device Manager and App Controller. Enjoy the Latest Visio Stencil Set! Download XenMobile 9 Visio Stencil Set   Albert-  

  3. How to enhance security with the XenMobile 9 application inactivity timer

    XenMobile 9 introduces a new concept of inactivity time out configuration that provides users the security and  not having to worry about putting the phone down and anyone just picking up the phone and have access to the work data. XenMobile 9 introduces a new concept of inactivity time out configuration that provides users the security and not having to worry about setting their phone down ...

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  4. Deploying Worx Home and Worx Apps to Windows Phone 8.1 with XenMobile

    With the release of XenMobile 9, Worx Mail and Worx Web are available for Windows 8.1 Phone The below steps will enable you to deploy the Worx apps to your Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device: Please reference the Windows MDX wrapping process and FAQ before enabling the Worx Apps. 1- Before enrolling the windows 8.1 phone, you will need to create an Enterprise Application HUB with in ...

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  5. Video Demonstration of NetScaler Insight Center for Web and HDX

    We recently produced a video demonstration of NetScaler Insight Center with Web Insight and HDX Insight use cases to help give our customers and users a hands-on view of this powerful feature. NetScaler Insight Center is an AppFlow Collector with Web Insight and HDX Insight modules both showing NetFlow level information on the flows, and L4-7 level detail for HTTP, and our own HDX protocols for ...

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  6. XenMobile Device Manager Advanced Health Monitoring with Netscaler

    Citrix Netscaler advanced health monitoring, could prevent failing servers to take requests from users, preventing down time and lost of productivity .A proper NetScaler Monitor will validate the XenMobile Device Manager service state to avoid user’s requests to be answered by a malfunctioning server. In this scenario we will use an internal XenMobileDevice Manager Web directory that will provide a Receive String “status”:”OK” Navigate ...

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  7. Cisco’s Nexus7000 RISE Integration with NetScaler Demo

    Cisco's Nexus7000 RISE Integration with NetScaler Demonstration Video runs under 6 minutes with a few slides, and then the CLI screens side by side. The Demo's show connected hardware reacting to the enablement of the RISE Service. NetScaler can receive it's initial NSIP, get EtherChannel and VLAN understanding, and be ready to work with zero touch past Layer1 connect to Nexus7000. For the Services on ...

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  8. Demoing the NetScaler 1000v in Cisco dCloud

    Recently my team and I had the opportunity to create a lab guide for the NetScaler 1000v in Cisco's dCloud environment. For those of you not familiar with dCloud it's essentially Cisco's version of the Citrix Demo Center. You have the ability to provision an environment for a set period of time and can use it to either learn or demo. In this post I'll ...

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  9. XenMobile Device Manager SSL Offload using Netscaler Configuration Step by Step

    Learn how to configure XenMobile Device Manager  and Netscaler  SSL  offloading to provide higher scalability and security.. In this video you will learn how to configure XMDM SSL Offload Step by Step and validate the configuration.           Albert-

  10. How to demo with App Firewall and WebGoat: Part 1

    NetScaler has a ton of very cool, and in my opinion sometimes underappreciated, features beyond just load balancing. One such feature is the Web App Firewall. The thing is like a Swiss Army Knife of features and functionality designed to secure web applications. And, like almost everything NetScaler on the short spectrum installation is super simple, doesn't take more than five minutes, and will increase ...

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