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  1. Citrix Synergy 2015: Registration Opens With Incredible Promotional Rates!

    synergy party thumb 150x150

    Registration is now open for Citrix Synergy 2015, Orlando May 12–14. If you’re thinking that sounds early, you’re right: in response to customer demand to open registration before the new fiscal year, we’ve opened early. We’ve also added some amazing promotional rates, including an End of Year White Sale for customers—at $700 off, it’s the lowest rate we’ve ever offered for Synergy. Citrix partners can ...

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  2. How to Configure Citrix Receiver Pass-Through Authentication for StoreFront or Web Interface (Public Sector Edition)

    Earlier this year I had the following conversation: Customer: Henry, how can we get rid of the pin prompts when logging into the virtual desktop? Me: We would need to configure Receiver for pass-through and... Customer (interrupting): Yes, that is what I want. That is it!!! Me: Well, there are some caveats... You see, I knew that we could configure Pass-through but the question was how meet this request with ...

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  3. The PIV and CAC enabled iPad – a truly mobile thin client

    How can you tell who is a federal employee when you’re at coffee joint or an airport? They’re the ones using bulky laptops, usually littered with asset tag stickers on the cover and desperately searching for an open electrical socket like a lost puppy. Or they’re answering e-mails on their Blackberry while texting their friends on an Android. The sad reality is this isn’t a ...

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  4. 6 reasons why government agencies continue to choose Citrix


    In 2014, agencies across Federal and State Governments continue to choose Citrix for their Mobile Workspace needs spanning solutions for Desktop and App Virtualization. Why is it that Citrix is chosen as the preferred solutions vendor year after year? Third party industry analysts, such as IDC have shown Citrix as the industry leader year after year due to ease-of-use, Enterprise Scalability and End-user experience.  Here are a ...

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  5. Forward Momentum: State & Local Agency’s Road to Mobile Readiness


    As the adoption of mobility accelerates within government agencies we recently sought to answer a few key questions about state and local (S&L) mobile readiness: How successfully are S&L agencies enabling their mobile workforce? Are they leveraging mobility to prepare for disaster recovery? What benefits are agencies experiencing and what challenges do they face? The resulting study, “State & Local Mobility Map:  Road to Mobile Readiness,” surveyed 150 S&L ...

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  6. Smart cards, PIN prompts and connecting through NetScaler Gateway

    Across smart card users there tends to be the desire to get around as many PIN prompts as possible.  Most people dislike having to reenter a password multiple times and that tends to be the same case with smart card PINs.  The PIN is a basic security check to unlock your certificate and private key on the card, which is then used to authenticate to ...

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  7. How to get started with SmartCard support in Citrix Receiver for iOS 5.9

    On Monday June 16th 2014 Citrix released Receiver 5.9 for iOS devices. While we're always excited to improve our product with every new version, this version of Citrix Receiver is a big deal for our Federal customers as it supports SmartCard authentication.You can now access any application or desktop from your iPad or iPhone securely. Moreover you can sign and decrypt emails by using your ...

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  8. Citrix Mobility 2014: Empowering Government Mobility

    Citrix VP Mitch Parker at Citrix Mobility DC 2014

    Did you make it to our Citrix Mobility 2014 event in Washington DC? If you did, you enjoyed an amazing day of industry breakthrough announcements, breakout discussions, partner demonstrations, and the chance to hear first-hand from some of the most respected names in government mobility and virtualization. In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered: Download the presentations and peruse the pictures at Check out #CitrixMobilityDC ...

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  9. 3 predictions for the Federal Workplace of 2020

      As the Federal Government looks at another year of strained budgets -- several agencies are looking at new and creative ways to decrease their overall operational expenditures, all while increasing agility for their workforce to make them more mobile and productive. What are the enablers that will transform these forward-thinking agencies and how they conduct their mission by the year 2020? BYOD-First will become a viable ...

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  10. 4 FAQs about Federal DaaS

    We've had a lot of conversations lately surrounding Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and how Federal agencies can best leverage this model to support and deploy their desktops. Here are the four most popular questions and our most common responses. Want to discuss further?  Feel free to reach out - Why does DaaS matter for Federal Agencies? The primary difference between Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and VDI is ...

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