Team: Information Experience

  1. Are We On Track? Tell Us After Visiting Our Product Documentation Demo Site


      Your new Citrix product docs site — — is almost ready for primetime. To serve you better, we’re working on an improved site that will be easier to use and get you to the critical information you need faster and on any device. We’ve opened up a public demo site so you can explore and get acclimated to the new features and interface before the ...

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  2. Getting Customer-Centered in XenMobile 10 Product Documentation


        Our recent release of the XenMobile 10 product content reflects a customer centered approach to content design. For the XenMobile 10 release, we observed customers using previous versions of XenMobile content and made improvements to the XenMobile 10 content to address some of the problems we saw. It’s Easier to Get to the Content You Use Most One of the issues we noticed was that customers were ...

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  3. Seekers and Hunters: Navigation and Search Both Helpful to Info Site Customers

    At the Adobe Summit earlier this year, I heard a speaker say to the crowd, "We all generally, agree, don't we, that navigation is dead?" Meaning, that search is everything, and faceted searching equals all the navigation you need. It's a common refrain these days. I am willing to concede that navigation is fading in importance in light of robust search technology and ever better SEO. ...

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  4. eDocs survey shapes redesign effort

    More than 1,000 eDocs users from around the world recently participated in a survey created by the Citrix Information Experience team to better understand users’ product documentation needs.  We’re serious about delivering the content you need when you need it — so serious that we’re redesigning the site to better suit your needs. The survey is one piece in the larger redesign puzzle that’s centered on our ...

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  5. Beyond the Wall: SDK/API Documentation Survey

    As some of you who use Citrix SDKs and APIs may know, we’re working to improve our SDK and API documentation. To help us understand what you need from this type of content, we’re conducting a short survey. The results will help us focus our attention in the right areas. If you consult SDK or API documentation (whether it’s from Citrix or not) as part of your role, ...

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  6. Beyond the Wall: New and Improved SDK/API Documentation

    When it comes to SDKs and APIs, software companies have a tendency to develop these, document them sparingly, and then simply throw them over the wall, leaving customers to fend for themselves. Here at Citrix, we’re working to change this. We’re improving our SDK deliverables to make them easier to use to automate, integrate and customize our products. This is increasingly important in an enterprise market ...

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  7. XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5: eDocs content redesign starts with a better table of contents

    The Citrix Information Experience team knows that users of eDocs sometimes struggle to locate the information they need. So, starting with XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5, we are rolling out a series of efforts to make that easier, based on what people tell us they need when they interact with our content. For XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5, we wanted to improve the table of contents ...

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  8. XenApp 6 Concepts Mapped to XenApp 7

    Introduction The XenApp move to FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) brings conceptual and terminology shifts. This blog explains how you can think about XenApp 6 entities in a XenApp 7.5 world. For simplicity, “XenApp 7” here is meant to include any current point release such as XenApp 7.5, and “XenApp 6” is meant to include any current point release such as XenApp 6.5. Although not exact equivalents, the following ...

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  9. Citrix Information Experience applies design thinking to content delivery

    The Citrix Information Experience (Ix) team is pioneering the transformation of technical documentation into a function of product design. Formerly called Tech Pubs, Ix is using a human-focused approach to discover how customers interact with our content and deliver the content our customers want, when they want it, and how they want it. Gaining customer empathy, ideation, and quick prototyping and testing are the drivers behind ...

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