Team: Executive / CTO

  1. Hack to the Future at SXSWi 2014


    In less than a week Citrix will be making the familiar pilgrimage to Austin, Texas, for one of the biggest events on the calendar, South by Southwest (SXSW). Over the years, the technology portion of the festival, SXSW Interactive, has seen the launch of some of the most innovative and game-changing companies and concepts, including FourSquare, Twitter, Storify and even Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week. In ...

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  2. Citrix XenMobile for KNOX Announced at Mobile World Congress 2014


     Citrix and Samsung announced XenMobile for KNOX at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. Samsung KNOX is a secure implementation of Android that is preloaded on high end Samsung phones like the Note 3 and Tablets like the Galaxy NotePro. XenMobile for Knox provides the administration and management of KNOX  devices and implements policy controls that IT requires for BES placements. KNOX Features like ...

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  3. Best Business Device Launched at CES So Far


      HP announced the Slate 21 Pro at CES today. This is an All-in-One desktop device that runs Android with an NVIDA GPU and Tegra 4 processor. Why should businesses care ? Not because this device runs popular mobile consumer apps like Facebook and Flipboard ( which can work great if its OK with IT ), but because this device represents the next generation of Thin ...

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  4. Any Office, Anywhere – Flex Workspaces are the Next Gen of Office Space

    As Federal, state, and local governments continue to face serious budget restrictions, agencies seek creative ways to stretch their constricted budgets.  To preserve important public services, government organizations are increasingly looking internally ‒ focusing on improving operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary overhead – including the cost of office space.  Many agencies are beginning to adopt flex workspace, a concept gaining significant traction in some of ...

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  5. Driving Telework in Federal Agencies – Slowly but Surely

    Over the last several years telework has driven virtual collaboration and teleconferences which have replaced costly business travel, caused desk assignments to vanish and be replaced with “hoteling” policies, and at-home offices to replace time-consuming commutes.  But, when it comes to Federal agencies, many are still struggling to make telework a reality due to several real, but surmountable obstacles. Telework enables employees to work from home, ...

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  6. A smaller more intimate big company – who knew? _WhoKnows_

    musician quartet

    My son plays in a string quartet. The group sounds fantastic and I'm so proud. I suspect that one of the reasons this works so well is that all four players get to know each other incredibly well; strengths, weaknesses, warts and all. Startups too, are at a comfortable stage of company evolution, where, for the great ones, every founder and employee is tightly connected to ...

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  7. Is Good Enough Mobile Email Good Enough for Business ?


     The typical reaction I get when talking about an alternative mobile email app is either; what’s wrong with the Apple (or Android) email app? Or our IT makes us use this "secure" thing I hate. For those that think the native email is "good enough,” it seems Apple has changed our expectation of what you should be able to do from a mobile device.     What's Wrong ...

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  8. AppEnsure (A Citrix Startup Accelerator Company) – Webinar


    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Arthur C Clarke). This is nowhere more true than in our world of mobile devices and cloud computing. Which is fantastic ... most of the time ... when everything works. When it doesn't the magic starts to evaporate. AppEnsure is a Citrix Startup Accelerator company, enabling IT professionals to ‘peel back the covers’ and fix the magic, for enterprise ...

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  9. Apples TouchID is the Magic On Button for Business


    It was 1999, when I first met Authentec founders Scott Moody and Dale Setlak, they had this awesome office literally on the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida that was an instant draw. More impressive was the technology they were working on as a startup spinoff from Harris Semiconductor. It was a biometric fingerprint sensor built into silicon and able to read the RF signals of ...

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  10. How and Why To Get Your Business App Citrix Worx Enabled

    Lets start with Why .. If your an ISV that wants to gain business customers and credibility, getting your app Worx enabled means that Citrix IT customers will be able to discover, deploy and manage your app within the Citrix XenMobile solution.  This means isolating apps and associated data inside the secure MDX container adding a layer of security and policy that IT demands. For example ...

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