Team: Executive / CTO

  1. An Unprecedented Moment in IT History

    It’s true, we are standing at the precipice of an unprecedented moment in IT history. For the first time, an Operating System upgrade is not in the hands of Corporate IT. It’s in the hands of the employees. Are you ready? On July 29th, Microsoft is releasing the FREE download for Windows 10 upgrades, and it's targeted towards consumer devices. More incredibly, these are licensed and unlicensed version ...

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  2. The Future of Work – New Tech, Disruption & Startups

    startup accelerator

    I recently attended the O'Reilly Solid Convention. It was very very cool, and right at the heart of current enthusiasm for ‘makers’, for IoT, and for hackery of all types. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out some of their videos. I’ll still be here. One talk I found particularly inspiring introduced a new device designed to use empathic technology to very simply increase alertness or relaxation . The founder of doppel talked ...

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  3. IoT For The Enterprise: Why It Matters

    Internet of Things

    Much has been made of the emerging market for IoT (Internet of Things) or as we at Citrix say, the Integration of Everything (IoE). Many of the early examples tend to highlight smart cities or home automation. For most enterprises, however, the ability to connect and integrate everything together can solve current problems and open up new opportunities. Most enterprises have complex combinations of legacy systems, SaaS ...

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  4. The Citrix X1 Mouse for iPad and IPhone is Available Now


      If you were not lucky enough to be at Citrix Synergy last week to get your own X1 Mouse, the good news is that the X1 Mouse is available to order now!!  You can order the mouse from your Citrix Solution Advisor now or the Citrix online store at . The supported Citrix Apps available now include; Receiver, GoToMyPC, ShareConnect & WorxDesktop.   The news and reviews ...

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  5. The Mouse That Roared … For Business


    Citrix Streamlines the Windows App Experience on iPad and Android Devices with Citrix X1 Mouse At Citrix, we’ve been helping people access and use business apps on any device for years. Yet many of our customers depend on Windows-based applications that are hard to use on iPad and Android tablets, because so many features depend on the point-and-click simplicity and accuracy of a physical mouse. Since many ...

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  6. Citrix Synergy 2015: Last Chance to Register


    We’re in the final days before Citrix Synergy 2015, May 12–14 in Orlando.  There’s still great pricing available, and with the agenda planned, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with what you’ll get out of it. There’s so content to choose from, from secure workspaces, virtualization, mobility, and networking, no two experiences will be the same. Visionary Keynotes Mark Templeton, our CEO, will kick things off on Tuesday ...

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  7. Citrix Startup Accelerator: AppEnsure & Transparency


    Over the last week, I've been 'steampunking' some foam dart guns with my daughter. We took several toy guns to pieces, painted all the exterior parts, then painstakingly put them back together again. The rebuilds should have been simple, but it was rarely so. Each time the device failed, we couldn't see why without opening it all up and starting again (with reference photos thankfully). Now they ...

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  8. $250,000 Every Month – For Extraordinary Startups


    Almost every month we invest $250,000 in another awesome business-oriented startup. In the interests of transparency, here's a quick run through of the Citrix Startup Accelerator investment criteria, structure and why we do it.   2015 Citrix Startup Accelerator Seed Themes As part of the Citrix Innovation outreach, we invest in world class startups who are 're-inventing work' or 'transforming enterprise infrastructure'. Our companies leverage new technologies and trends ...

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  9. DIY IoT With Tesla APIs, Octoblu Makes The Fast Mobile Thing Smarter


     As smart as the Tesla is, if you forget to plug in overnight when it has a low charge you could be in for serious range anxiety the next morning. The Tesla iPhone app will let you know the charge status.. but only if you remember to check it.. The good news is that Tesla also provides an API with enough functionality to do useful ...

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  10. An Age of Wonder – Introducing Coseer


    This is an age of wonder. The changes driven by the mix of SmartPhone (universal access), Cloud computing (affordable, on-demand, computing), are well underway, and affecting every industry. Even with the changes seen so far, and the amazing number of companies that have emerged to drive this change, is it still only the beginning. More and more of our assets are able to benefit from ongoing ...

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