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  1. Citrix Technology Short – Take #1

    Let's face it - there is a lot going on in our industry these days.  And being a good "Citrix resource" means knowing a lot about Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and a zillion 3rd party products.  It's hard enough to stay on top of what Citrix is doing these days (and I work here!), so I can only imagine what kind of problems it poses for ...

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  2. From The Field! – XenDesktop/XenApp Bandwidth Update


    Last year I published a series of blogs around the bandwidth requirements of XenDesktop and some of the optimizations that can be done to minimize those requirements and improve the overall user experience. The final blog explored XenDesktop 7.x and the new encoding methods which are now a key design decision in dictating the bandwidth requirements and user experience. I recently had the opportunity to perform ...

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  3. Common Risks During Consulting Assessments (2013) – Overview

    From 2008 to 2009 - Nick Rintalan, Hector Lima, Scott Thompson and Mike Schaeffer all contributed to an excellent whitepaper detailing the top 10 risks Citrix Consultants typically encounter during an assessment project. As this whitepaper mentions – “While each assessment is unique, Citrix Consulting has found that certain issues persist from customer to customer.” And this is still true five years later. We always provide tailored ...

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  4. Services: The Holy Grail in a Strategic Partnership

    A tough economy, increasingly complex IT solutions, retaining and keeping technical staff trained and up to date on new technologies- it’s no wonder that solution providers often feel like a modern day Indiana Jones, navigating the IT vendor landscape in search of the Holy Grail.   To grow revenue and more importantly to increase profitability and customer loyalty; professional services has long been considered this elusive ...

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  5. Looking for answers to the Enterprise Mobility final exam? .. get them at Synergy SYN106!!!

                  With the continued proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, companies have been struggling to find efficient means of managing IT services for mobile users.  Many vendors are promoting products with features that promise to help meet mobility needs, but enterprises are left questioning what their needs are, and who has the right answers to solve them. The Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Mobility provide a guide for ...

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  6. Clearing The Air (Part 2) – Thick or Thin Provisioned Write Cache

    Background & History I have been asked about this quite a few times over the years, but since I got asked about it twice this past week know what time it is?  Blog time! ;)  I selfishly need another reference I can point to, but I know this is a controversial topic and a lot of other folks will likely benefit from this info as ...

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  7. Project Accelerator’s Powerful New Sizing Table


    Project Accelerator guides users towards a successful deployment of XenDesktop, XenApp and XenClient. It is founded on the Citrix Consulting best practices documented in the Virtual Desktop Handbook and the testing completed by the Citrix Solution Labs team. As you proceed through the web application, you have opportunities to get advice, leverage additional tools, customize your design and receive deliverables tailored to your requirements. We’ve been ...

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  8. A Solid Option for the PVS Boot Method: TFTP Load Balancing using NetScaler 10.1


    The PVS boot process has always been a shifty recommendation, all to solve the problem of how best to get a bootstrap file to a bunch of VMs.  For the most part it breaks down into three options: TFTP with DHCP options, PXE with TFTP, and Boot Device Manager (BDM).  There are a lot of blogs and articles on this topic, so I won’t repeat ...

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  9. XenDesktop Automation with PowerShell Part 2: VM Template with 1 Click


    Part 1: PowerShell Pre-Reqs, Functions inside Remote Sessions Part 2: Create a Sysprepped Template & Create a Group of VMs With 1 Click Part 3: Set a Static IP & Join Machines to the Domain Part 4: Remotely Install XenDesktop Software Part 5: Remotely Add StoreFront & Delivery Controllers If you are beginning with a XenDesktop deployment on Hyper-V and need a Windows Image to be used as a template, ...

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  10. XenDesktop, GSLB & DR – Everything you think you know is probably wrong!

    Implementing Active/Active data center load balancing or disaster recovery seems to be an easy task for many of our partners and customers. Thanks to GSLB and NetScaler, it’s very easy, isn’t it? You just automatically distribute users among the data centers and replicate user data asynchronously in the background. Perfect solution, simple to implement and you’re properly utilizing all data center resources and evenly distributing ...

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