Team: Citrix Labs

  1. Are IT Standards Still Relevant in a Cloud Dominated World?

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    I had a chance to sit down with Shishir Pardikar, a Senior Architect with Citrix Labs and talk to him about IT Standards. Shishir is responsible within Citrix Labs for keeping track of the different IT standards that exist, and identifying the standards to which Citrix should be contributing to. In a world where IT is increasingly moving their software and infrastructure to the cloud, ...

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  2. Simplifying XenDesktop Deployments Leveraging Microsoft System Center Templates

    SCVMM Template

    Recently at the Citrix Synergy event in Los Angeles, Citrix announced Workspace Services, offering the promise to rapidly build and deploy Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), virtual application delivery and mobility services from any cloud. That vision relates to several projects that the Citrix Labs team has been working on. One of these projects that we recently rolled out as a tech preview uses SCVMM Templates to dramatically ...

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  3. Zettabytes and Exabytes- Internet Traffic Trends


    Recently the Citrix Labs team had a discussion on the proposed FCC rules on net neutrality, specifically looking at some of the potential impacts these rule changes could have on mobile workers. Trends such as work from home and BYOD have provided tremendous flexibility to employees to balance their professional and private lives, but at the same time those trends have enabled those employees to be ...

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  4. Net Neutrality and the Mobile Worker


    There are not many debates out there that have captivated the entire tech community like the debate over the proposed FCC rules regarding net neutrality. It is definitely a sensitive issue right now with plenty of arguments covering all sides of the debate. The FCC public comments system even crashed under heavy load recently due to traffic related to the proposed rule changes, although John ...

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  5. Transparency, Agility & Next-Gen Security – Citrix Startup Accelerator


    Synergy is going to be incredible this year. For the uninitiated, this is our annual customer event, and it’s on next week. We’ll hear a lot of fantastic news from Citrix and our ecosystem. In the lead up to Synergy I'm excited to share an update on some of our Citrix Startup Accelerator startups. Citrix Startup Accelerator works with enterprise startups creating the next generation of cloud infrastructure services, ...

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  6. A smaller more intimate big company – who knew? _WhoKnows_

    musician quartet

    My son plays in a string quartet. The group sounds fantastic and I'm so proud. I suspect that one of the reasons this works so well is that all four players get to know each other incredibly well; strengths, weaknesses, warts and all. Startups too, are at a comfortable stage of company evolution, where, for the great ones, every founder and employee is tightly connected to ...

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  7. AppEnsure (A Citrix Startup Accelerator Company) – Webinar


    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Arthur C Clarke). This is nowhere more true than in our world of mobile devices and cloud computing. Which is fantastic ... most of the time ... when everything works. When it doesn't the magic starts to evaporate. AppEnsure is a Citrix Startup Accelerator company, enabling IT professionals to ‘peel back the covers’ and fix the magic, for enterprise ...

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  8. Next-Gen Application Performance Monitoring – AppEnsure


      Do you ever struggle to sort out why applications in your infrastructure are running slow? AppEnsure (a Citrix Startup Accelerator company) has announced public availability from July 15. This is exciting - from all appearances, and the excitement of early customers, they bring a completely fresh, next-gen approach to operational transparency for AppOps teams. "From a one click install, AppEnsure takes only minutes to deliver value with automatic discovery ...

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  9. Hosted MobileMail – Project GoldenGate grows up with a new name and a Beta release packed with features.

    In my role leading the Citrix Labs team, I see many projects come and go, and what all of our projects have in common is that they take perseverance, refinement and dedication - Project GoldenGate is no exception, and today I'm pleased to announce the Beta release of Hosted MobileMail available immediately. With Citrix's core focus on mobility, we are seeing a customer requirement (particularly from ...

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  10. Changing the game – new rules – shifting strategies

    walking pod

    Why don’t we change the game? You’re coming to Synergy to hear about all the fantastic things Citrix is doing today and tomorrow. I’d like to share some secrets just a little further ahead of the curve. Citrix Startup Accelerator is part of Citrix Labs and invests in cool startups with insights and attitude that we reckon will matter to the enterprise. We’re going to hear ...

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