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  1. From My Virtual Desktop: Scientific Linux 5.x and 6.x

    Seeing as it is now July 8th, I hope all in the USA enjoyed the 4th and that everyone - around the world - is having a great start to the weekend! The inspiration and encouragement of this blog stems from several discussions, but one specifically with an individual - you know who you are! - regarding Scientific Linux and XenServer 6.2.  It was a rather ...

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  2. XenTools and XenServer 6.1

    Citrix understands and acknowledges that some customers are experiencing intermittent Windows issues with XenTools in the XenServer 6.1 release. We understand this is frustrating for customers and we have been working hard to analyze, understand and resolve these issues. We are in the final stages of preparing a Hotfix for all XenServer 6.1 installations. This addresses the following known issues: Add PVS support in XS 6.1 Resolve intermittent ...

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