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  1. Citrix XenServer Tech Preview: Citrix Delivers Continued Commitment to the Future of XenServer

    Since we announced the "full" open-sourcing of XenServer back in 2013, there have been many questions and concerns about whether or not Citrix was committed to continuing its investments in Citrix XenServer.  Some have even implied that somehow Citrix had decided to discontinue XenServer as a commercially-supported product and technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Citrix XenServer is alive and well!  It powers over 40% ...

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  2. Register Now for Xen Project User Summit on Sept 15, 2014

    Great Session Lineup Awaits Attendees in New York City! Attention users of XenServer and CloudStack, as well as those using the Xen Project Hypervisor or looking for alternatives to closed-source hypervisors: It’s time to make your travel plans to New York City for the September 15 arrival of the Xen Project User Summit! The Lighthouse Executive Conference Center will play host to the only full day user-centric Xen ...

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  3. How would you spend $100 to improve Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and HDX?


    Tim Mackey has an interesting blog about XenServer out, soliciting reader opinions on how they would invest in that product. It’s a fascinating read and I recommend being nosy and reading it here. Last week I had a long debate with some of the CTPs (Citrix Technology Professionals) on where we should prioritise investment in XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro. One CTP feels really strongly that ...

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  4. Citrix Master Class Agent reveals more … HDX 3D Pro XenDesktop and GPU secrets!

    Now you may remember my blog post from February, when I uncovered my identity as a XenAgent in the XenServer Master Class. But I also work as an HDX Agent. Am I a double agent? Not really, Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer & HDX 3D Pro have a long history of working together, since we introduced GPU Passthrough with XenServer 5.6 FP1. If you never attended a Master Class ...

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  5. Assigning Multiple GPUs to a VM with Citrix XenServer

    The following blog post covers a product configuration or procedure which Citrix does not currently offer support for.  Use of this configuration should only be used in a lab or test environment and not with production deployments.  The author is actively seeking feedback on the potential of implementing support for this configuration, but the form any level of support takes has yet to be determined. As ...

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  6. Ramping Up XenServer!


    I'm so pleased about the new XenServer "Tech Preview" that was posted this week.  You can learn more details about it from Tim's excellent post here.  Please go download it and check it out! I previously posted about my history with the Xen project (going back almost 10 years now) and how excited I am to be part of the team now.  My enthusiasm was only ...

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  7. From My Virtual Desktop: Root Password for XenServer Lost?

    Good evening, fellow Citrites, Partners, Clients, and Fans! This blog stems from a situation an client and XenServer Administrator encountered with XenServer 6.2: you know who you are and I appreciate your time and efforts as I know we were working blindly for a bit! This also applies to XenServer 5.x and prior 6.x versions, as well.   The Situation In this particular case there was a loss of power ...

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  8. From My Virtual Desktop: Scientific Linux 5.x and 6.x

    Seeing as it is now July 8th, I hope all in the USA enjoyed the 4th and that everyone - around the world - is having a great start to the weekend! The inspiration and encouragement of this blog stems from several discussions, but one specifically with an individual - you know who you are! - regarding Scientific Linux and XenServer 6.2.  It was a rather ...

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  9. From My Virtual Desktop: Detecting a Full File System

    To all, I hope the weekend was kind to each of you!   What I would like to discuss today is an infrequent annoyance, but one that does arise and is troublesome:  a full XenServer file system.  The reason to discuss this in a public manner is to share my experiences of such a situation as well experiences I have troubleshot for clients, partners, and beyond.   The Situation.  ...

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  10. New virtualization 3D graphics resources: free webinar, demo from TeamRGE, more

    Click on the image to see the latest demo on YouTube from @TeamRGE

    Thanks for tuning in to our newest installment of info for those of you seeking to know more about 3D graphics in virtual desktops. We've got a webinar coming up with our friends at NVIDIA and a cool new demo video. Don't miss the registration info at the bottom of this post! Well-known independent virtualization consultants @TeamRGE have been busy with some new videos showing what ...

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