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  1. How Can We Help With Your Windows 10 Upgrade? Ask Your Customers NOW.

    Windows 10 Logo

    On July 29, 2015, Microsoft launched Windows 10 as a free upgrade to customers. This was a major event in the computer industry with a projection that Windows 10 will power 1 billion devices in 3 years! Partners, now is the time to capitalize on this launch and ask your customers:  “How can we assist you with your Windows 10 upgrade?” Citrix is here to help you ...

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  2. Using Octoblu to Enable the Storefront Workflow Approval Process


    If you’ve been following along with Richard Hayton’s recent posts on the release of Storefront 3.0, you've probably noticed that we are enabling Storefront with a lot of APIs to let you configure and use it in the way that best fit your environment. The blog post series is great, and I recommend checking them out, as this article builds on them. You can read Richard's ...

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  3. Citrix Solutions Lab: Measurements at Full-Scale


    As a young programmer, I read a book by Michael Abrash which has provided me guidance through the years. "The Zen of Code Optimization" was published in 1994 and discusses graphics coding and performance using Intel 8086 assembly language, implemented under DOS.  Today, it is $1.78, used, on Amazon and if you have a little time to kill, I recommend reading at least through chapter 3 ...

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  4. VMWorld Preview: XenApp/XenDesktop Design Guides on vSphere 6


    Are you going to VMWorld? Citrix is. Are you thinking about vSphere 6.0? Citrix did. Are you wondering how XenApp and XenDesktop performs on the latest hypervisor from VMware? Citrix was. The good news is that we've completed our analysis of vSphere 6.0 for XenApp and XenDesktop and we can now answer the question of how many physical servers does it take to deliver a pooled virtual desktop to ...

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  5. Wine, Windows, and Whiskey

    Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel

    Previously, enterprise customers have approached a new operating system upgrade like a fine wine or an oak barrel-aged whiskey. They'd let it mature for several years before rolling it out. Remember the age-old mantra of not deploying a v1 product, or not until SP2 at least? Well, with Windows 10 that “wait and see” philosophy doesn’t hold water--or should I say, wine ... or even whiskey--today. Because ...

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  6. How to Enable/Disable HDX Session Idle & Disconnect Timers on Linux VDA

    Blue fluffy infinity

    Overview The Linux VDA supports idle timers for controlling how long a HDX session can remain idle before being disconnected, and disconnect timers for controlling how long a session can remain disconnected before being terminated. When an idle timer expires for a session, due to no user interaction with that session, the user will receive a warning dialog informing them that they are going to be ...

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  7. Powering Today’s Libraries


    Up until recently, I hadn't been into a library in more than 10 years.   It is not that I don’t love books, but with as much travel as I do, I have become dependent on my Kindle, iPad, Surface … and, well, you get the picture. A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of the library systems here in California. WOW! ...

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  8. Installing the Linux VDA on Red Hat or CentOS 6

    Through the levels

    This is a step-by-step guide to setting up a machine on which to install the Linux VDA, and aimed at helping existing Windows admins with no Linux experience get up and running quickly. If you’re reading this, then I assume you’ve set up a XenApp or XenDesktop environment before, you know your way around XenCenter and you’re familiar with Windows domains and AD, but you’ve never ...

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  9. Citrix Workspace Cloud Apps & Desktops Service: The Perfect Prescription for IT

    Applications and Desktops Service

    Have you tried VDI in the past, but felt the use cases were too limited? Are you foregoing the security, mobility and flexibility benefits of virtual desktops due to a lack of in-house VDI skillsets, or because the cost and complexity is intimidating? Are you interested in the simplicity of DaaS, but stymied by the lack of control over the desktop, moving everything to the cloud, inflexibility ...

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  10. Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon – Client Drive Redirection


    Client Drive Redirection enables users to access files and folders located on the endpoint from within a VDI or HSD session. It has been in XenApp for more than 15 years and in XenDesktop from Day 1, so it has been battle-tested for quite some time now. Because it’s been a core feature in XenApp and XenDesktop for such a long time, many people have assumed that this is basic feature that ...

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