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  1. Citrix XenServer: How to Access XenStore Information, from a Windows Guest VM, Using WMI Interface


    A while ago I wrote a Knowledge Base article (CTX136426) documenting the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) available in XenServer to transfer data between the hypervisor and an operating system within a VM such as a XenDesktop or XenApp VD. I still frequently get enquiries on our SDK forum that are basically looking to see if such an interface exists so I’m republishing my article here ...

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  2. See XenServer 6.5 Live in Action at the February Citrix XenServer Master Class


      Citrix has recently announced XenServer 6.5, the newest release of the industry leading virtualization platform for desktop, server and cloud. Citrix Master Classes are free live webinars where customers and partners can see product demos, learn about best practices and ask experts about the technical side of the products. There is even a live Q&A during the entire webinar so you can get tips and feedback ...

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  3. XenServer v6.5 – What You Need to Know.


    It's 2015, happy new year!  This is going to be a big year and not just for the XenServer product. As everyone gets back into the swing of daily commutes following the Christmas and New Year holidays, I along with the rest of the Citrix XenServer team are busy getting the latest release of XenServer ready for shipping.   I have recently taken over the Product Marketing Management ...

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  4. Ramping Up XenServer!


    I'm so pleased about the new XenServer "Tech Preview" that was posted this week.  You can learn more details about it from Tim's excellent post here.  Please go download it and check it out! I previously posted about my history with the Xen project (going back almost 10 years now) and how excited I am to be part of the team now.  My enthusiasm was only ...

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  5. From My Virtual Desktop: VMs and vCPU Usage

    Hello,   So - you have a virtual machine with two vCPUs pinned, but you want to "see" the CPU activity, etc.  You have tried Task Manager/Device Manager (Windows) and can only see:   or This only tells you the virtual machine's perspective (domU) of its vCPU utilization.  Dom0 (the control domain) does not necessarily see the domU CPU activity: per core, per vCPU, etc, etc.   If you want to really ...

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  6. Xen Project Users: Tell Your Story. CFP For Xen Project User Summit 2014 Open Until May 31

    If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor, you have a rare opportunity to share what you've learned with your peers.  On September 15, 2014 in New York City, we will be holding our second annual Xen Project User Summit -- and we want you to join us there! We are looking for talk proposals which will be of interest to other Xen Project users.  Subjects of ...

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  7. Citrix XenServer – Setting more than one vCPU per VM to improve application performance and server consolidation e.g. for CAD/3-D graphical applications

    Many rich graphical applications such as CAD applications may benefit from allocating more than 1 vCPU per VM (1 vCPU is the default) via XenCenter or the command line. This will be of interest to many of those evaluating XenDesktop and XenApp HDX 3D Pro GPU pass-through and GPU sharing technologies and can lead to noticeable performance enhancements. The performance gains possible though are highly ...

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  8. HPC Cloud enablement using XenServer, OpenStack and NVIDIA GRID GPUs – XLcloud

    A few weeks my colleague Bob, blogged (here) about how GPU-passthrough on XenServer under OpenStack had been achieved by the xlcloud project. This is a delightful demonstration of Citrix’s open technology stance. Although Citrix has heavily invested in CloudStack, over the last few years we have remained active in OpenStack development. You can find out more about building products using XenServer as the hypervisor using ...

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  9. Citrix® Enterprise Mobility Management Support for Intel® Device Protection Technology

    Citrix and Intel have had a long history of successful mutual joint collaboration. Many of Citrix products take full and direct advantage of Intel’s hardware-assisted technologies. To name a few: Citrix® Xen Project™ open source hypervisors has entertained long time supported from Intel with Intel being an active member of its steering committee. Xen has become the virtualization platform of choices for large publics cloud vendors ...

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  10. vGPU – A Developer-to-Developer Deep Dive with XenServer Engineering

    Si Beaumont from the XenServer engineering team has written a deep dive into the object models and the development of the APIs implemented for vGPU.   It’s been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few months releasing true hardware GPU sharing on XenServer and XenDesktop through our vGPU tech preview. The twitter delight, industry excitement and amazing feedback from those who’ve started using the technologies ...

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