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  1. High Performance Citrix meets Number 1 Web Filter


    The #1 Web Filter by St.Bernard is now Citrix Ready. The Highest Performance Web Application Solution from Citrix Systems can now be deployed with the the #1 Web Filter by St. Berdard. IDC ranked them #1, SC Magazine gives them high ratings, and you will agree when you plug this thing in. The Citrix Web Application Firewall protects inbound traffic destined to Web and Application ...

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  2. Becoming an Application Expert (part 4)


    Rewrite Performing content rewrite at milli-speed is key to providing a front-end device for application delivery. Most important is the capability to rewrite both request and response headers & body content which the Citrix Application Switch does and it is an easy 3-step process to configure. Not only is it easy, it scales to Enterprise class applications, which we demonstrated here with the Oracle ...

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  3. Citrix Application Acceleration

    As web applications grow in complexity, the art of accelerating them seems to remain the same. This art is performed by applying some basic concepts to the application; that is, Caching, Compression, Load Balancing, Global Server Load Balancing, SSL Offload & Acceleration, Content Switching, TCP Multiplexing and SSL Session Reuse. Citrix® is a leader in Gartners magic quadrant for Application Delivery with their flagship appliance ...

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  4. Becoming an Application Expert (part 2)


    Becoming an Application Expert means that you can profile an application and quickly determine how it can be architected or re-constructed for higher performance. Of course, we want you to use the Citrix Application Switch as part of the architecture. In Part 1, we learned how to profile an application to learn what it looks like as the traffic flows through the Citrix ...

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  5. Becoming an Application Expert (part 1)


    Application Profiling Introduction: I can turn you into an Application expert in 5 minutes by reading this post.  Just do what the experts do, or even the not-so-experts.  They pay meticulous attention to the requests from clients and the responses from servers, both headers and body content.  You do this the old fashioned way by taking a trace.  There are better tools out there, some free, some ...

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  6. Citrix & SAP Enterprise SOA


    The SAP Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a blueprint for services-based, enterprise scale business solutions that are adaptable, flexible, and open. Enterprise Services Architecture takes the concept of service-oriented architecture to a new level by transforming Web services into enterprise services. Bringing Citrix and SAP Enterprise Services Architecture together reduces the dependence on customized applications, and increases flexibility and reduces time to deployment while ...

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  7. Secure Application Developer Portal


    We recently had a meeting with a large partner of ours and they handed down some hefty requirements.  An average of 100 partners using their portal on any given month to access their development environments on the backend.  It was clear that NetScaler could scale, but the question was how to keep all of those partners separated from each other, without them peeking into each ...

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