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  1. Live XenApp & Citrix Receiver Demos from the Cloud

    If you've tried out any of the new Citrix Receivers for mobile devices (Andorid, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone), you've probably had a chance to try out the cloud demo environment - CitrixCloud.net. Did you know you can also use CitrixCloud.net to demo demo from a PC, MAC or thin clients? CitrixCloud.net is a cloud based demo system running Citrix XenApp 6 and Citrix XenServer. ...

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  2. Visit us at Mobile World Congress 2010

    Check out our Pod at Mobile World Congress. We are guests of RIM. The booth is pretty cool... all of the pods look like Storm devices. Their conference booth is located at STAND 8B192, STAND 7B26, STAND 8B178. At our booth, the local Citrix team in Spain is demonstrating Citrix Receiver for mobile devices. Thanks to our friends at RIM for providing their space and support.

  3. New Windows Mobile Receiver, Sneak Peek

    We've been getting a lot of requests for information about a new Receiver for Windows Mobile devices. Can't give you all of data you want just yet, but here's a Sneak Peek of what the team is working on. We'll let you interpret what you're seeing for now, and give us your feedback on where you'd like to see the Roadmap for WinMo ...

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  4. XENAPP TV – XenApp Expert Series Interviews Adam Marano on Mobilizing your apps

    XenApp Expert Series - Informational, News, Interviews (2009) The show where we interview the experts to get you the latest news in on-demand application delivery with XenApp. Host Vinny Sosa (@vinnysosa) interviews interviews Adam Marano (@adammarano) on CitrixCloud.net and best practices for optimizing your applications for delivery and session virtualization to smartphones. Adam discusses tips for developers as well as day to day optimization that ...

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  5. Mobilizing your apps – Part 4 – 
Publish useful apps

    In our first part of this series, we talked about publishing apps at the right resolution... something that doesn't really require any custom development. All it requires is a little thought and observation about an app in general. In part 2 we talked about publishing apps as tasks to basically turn receiver into a list of tasks that represent the way your users work. Now, ...

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  6. Mobilizing your apps – Part 2 – 
Publishing tasks

    In our first post in this series we talked about publishing apps at the right resolution. Here, we'll talk a little more about an application publishing concept called publishing tasks. Optimizing Configuration by publishing tasks In the mobile world, users perform tasks. Just think about it... every app is designed to perform a single task very well on a small form factor. The most important thing you ...

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  7. XENAPP SNEAK PEEK – Receiver for Blackberry Pre-registration is open

    On December 7th, we hosted a TechTalk titled Configuring access from Blackberry and other SmartPhones. In it, we covered the features of the Receivers for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and, soon, Blackberry. We also discussed how each of these clients will connect to your environment and best practices for delivering apps to them. One of the questions we received was when the Receiver for Blackberry ...

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  8. Mobilizing your apps – Part I – Session Resolution

    It's been pretty clear that 2009 has been a great year for mobility here at Citrix. First we announced Receiver for iPhone. Then we announced an updated Receiver for Windows Mobile. Most recently we announced a tech preview for Receiver for Android and plans to release a tech preview for Receiver for Blackberry. All exciting to say the least. Through it all though, I always ...

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  9. Look Ma, No Laptop!

    Ever wanted to quickly update a document without having to pull out your laptop?  The video below shows updating a contract using Citrix XenApp and a Sprint HTC Touch Pro. Cut and pasting data between different documents is easy given the Touch Pro has a CTRL key, allowing quick cut and past via CTRL C/CTRL V across documents. The file navigation is a new very early concept we ...

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  10. The iPhone’s not myPhone!

    As a mobility evangelist at Citrix, I can't wait for the release of an iPhone app that allows me to connect to our Citrix backend with the iPhone! Only one problem. I don't have an iPhone. Actually, I don't want an iPhone. I'm currently hooked on the Sprint HTC Touch Pro with its full VGA screen, external keyboard and it works ...

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