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  1. OpenStack – XenServer – type Image to Volume

    A story of supporting XenServer Images in cinder - converting a vhd chain to a raw volume. In tempest test suite, there are some test cases around creating a volume from an image. On the Cinder side this basically means to get the image, ask qemu-img to recognise its format, and to convert it to raw, and write the raw bytes to the volume. With XenServer, this ...

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  2. XenAPINFS – Integrated with Glance

    Introduction This blog entry demonstrates the XenAPINFS - Glance integration. The feature's blueprint can be found on launchpad. At the time of writing this document, the driver only supports XenServer type ovf images (these images are specially named vhd files compressed to a .tgz archive). The cinder driver is using the nova xenapi plugins to upload/download the images. I am also working on a general case, ...

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