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  1. New Supermicro Servers now Citrix Ready – Watch out for more at GTC2014 next week

    I am pleased to announce full Citrix support for a number of Supermicro servers that we have recently added to the vGPU and GPU pass-through listings  on the Citrix XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for XenServer. Supermicro is transforming the high performance computing landscape and their servers are popular with scientists, engineers, designers and many other professionals offering very cost-effective access to supercomputing. Here in ...

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  2. What can you do with Citrix WorxMail today?

    This video highlights the new features found in WorxMail 1.3, part of the XenMobile 8.6 release

    Need to join a GoToMeeting or WebEx conference fast? Set up a custom out-of-office reply on the run? Delete or move multiple emails at once? Send attachments from the road? WorxMail 1.3, part of the XenMobile 8.6 release, allows you to do all this and more. WorxMail gives you secure access to the things that make you productive. How do you use WorxMail to get things done ...

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  3. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Dell launches Workstation Virtualization Center of Excellence for POCs and ISV certification”

    On March 6, Dell announced two new initiatives to support the growing use of graphics and data-intensive desktop virtualization workloads in enterprises globally. Dell’s first Workstation Virtualization Center of Excellence and the Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations solution are the industry’s first end-to-end reference architectures for deploying ISV-certified solutions in virtual environments. Dell’s first Workstation Virtualization Center of Excellence (CoE) provides a physical location and remote ...

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  4. Why bandwidth matters with the cloud

    Hybrid clouds are a hot topic these days - businesses are growing their adoption of private and public clouds, and Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of the main-stream enterprises will have a hybrid cloud strategy. For many businesses, public clouds are an interesting option for the ability to shift CapEx to OpEx and grow capacity on demand.   However, one of the challenges with ...

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  5. The Grand Party at Mobile World Congress 2014

    Last week was pretty busy with Citrix’s participation at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. This is one of the largest events worldwide and would not be wrong to say that 100s of Indian marriages were happening at same place and same time :)   Now you have an idea about the crowd and kiosks one had to go through every day. Great thing about this event is that ...

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  6. Working vs. Working Well

    Posting on behalf of Steve Shah (steve.shah@citrix.com)   Working vs. Working Well   I’m a big fan of solutions. It’s the right way of putting together technology so that it solves a customer’s problem. Having spent the first half of my career as a customer of technology, I can tell you that the key to any solution is thinking through a holistic answer. That’s the difference between a solution ...

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  7. Register Today: Citrix and Microsoft VDI Workshop Roadshow


    Join Citrix and Microsoft® for a half-day workshop aimed at helping you succeed with VDI. We’ll cover the answers to three essential questions you must consider during your VDI evaluation: • Who can and who can’t? Find out if VMware View is really good enough. We’ll compare and contrast Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. • Will I have what I need—now and in the future? We’ll take you through ...

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  8. 5 steps for embracing mobility in healthcare


    Mobility is transforming healthcare as clinicians embrace new devices and ways of working to deliver better care, more quickly, to patients anywhere. Now, clinicians of every generation want to access their apps and information on any device—even those purchased personally—over any network. The principles for successful mobility and BYOD are simple: People can choose any device for work, including the same devices they use in their ...

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  9. The reality of any device, anytime, anywhere – Citrix employees demonstrate virtual desktop delivery and Windows app delivery as a mobile workforce

    You hear Citrix talk about “anytime, anywhere” access to information and “delivering apps and desktops as mobile services,” but have you seen virtual desktop delivery in action? Whether it’s delivering enterprise applications to a mobile workforce or providing a secure hosted desktop experience to a small business, Citrix shares stories of our customers and partners using virtualization on a daily basis. Here is a brief ...

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