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  1. Como reduzir o custo e a complexidade de implementar espaços de trabalho móveis e aplicações virtualizadas?


    Para responder a essa frequente pergunta de nossos clientes, iniciamos um trabalho conjunto com a Nutanix. A Nutanix, um parceiro Citrix Ready, é um provedor privado de infraestruturas hiperconvergentes que são vendidos no mundo inteiro por distribuidores e fabricantes de equipamentos originais, como a Dell.  Como resultado de nossa colaboração, uma solução conjunta - que inclui o Nutanix Acropolis, XenApp e XenDesktop - estará disponível em ...

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  2. Rev Up Your Selling with Citrix Certifications and Specializations

    Rev Up Your Selling with Citrix Certifications and Specializations

    Question: When does 1 + 1 = 3? Answer: When you invest in Citrix certifications and specializations to advance your selling, your partnership with Citrix and your business as a whole. These days, customer expectations are higher than ever. Companies are looking for technology partners with proven and demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in targeted technical areas. They want partners that can provide strategic guidance, handle complex ...

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  3. Utilizing the Power of Citrix Workspace Suite on vSphere 6

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    Remote access, local access, file sharing, mobile devices, WAN performance, it can be daunting. Today users want to be able to access their data and applications from anywhere, with any device. The concern is how to build a secure environment that allows sharing and accessing files from a desktop, a virtual desktop, a virtual application, or even a mobile device. If users are working in a ...

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  4. ¿Cómo reducir el costo y la complejidad de despliegues de entrega de escritorios y aplicaciones?


    Para responder a esta interrogante que muchas veces nos plantean nuestros clientes comenzamos a trabajar en conjunto con Nutanix. Nutanix, Citrix Ready partner, es un proveedor privado de infraestructuras hyper-convergentes que se venden a nivel mundial a través de distribuidores y fabricantes de equipos originales como Dell. A partir de la colaboración que estamos realizando, en septiembre estará disponible una solución combinada que incluye Nutanix Acropolis ...

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  5. Service is King – Peek into Citrix Specialist Services Center

    Citrix shares its methodologies and best practices exclusively to Specialists

    Rarely will you find someone who has not used the expression: “Cash is king.” But let’s face it, in the channel, service is king. The strategy of buying a product and selling it for margin is easier today than it has ever been and because of that, if profitability is the end goal, this approach is a thing of the past. At Citrix, we understand that our partners more ...

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  6. Advance Business Goals with Citrix Specialization in Networking

    Partners Worldwide Advance Business Goals with Citrix Specialization in Networking

    Hacktivists, cyber criminals and other threat factors are radically changing the way enterprises handle information security. No longer just an IT issue, security is an urgent, strategic business concern. Customers are worried and looking for answers – and that means new opportunities for partners to sell Citrix networking solutions including NetScaler and CloudBridge. The rapid growth of mobile and cloud environments, and their unique security issues, increase ...

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  7. Llego Windows 10: ¿Están Preparadas Las Empresas?

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    El pasado 29 de Julio Microsoft realizao el lanzamiento de su sistema operativo más reciente, Windows 10. De un modo u otro todos ya estamos al tanto de esto, pero esta novedad es sólo el comienzo. La actualización es gratuita para todos aquellos consumidores que utilicen Windows 7 u 8.1 con o sin licencia, y aunque esto parezca sólo importante para el “mundo del usuario final” ...

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  8. A Tale Of Two Consultants

    Xena Warrior Princess

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Actually, it’s just the best of times for @CitrixPartners. This is the story of two consulting companies. One is a Citrix Solutions Advisor (Xena Systems) and the other (Legacy Consultants), well, isn’t. You see, back at Microsoft's World Partner Conference, Citrix announced that we would provide AppDNA for FREE to our CSA partners for use in Windows ...

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  9. @XDtipster – Configuring Multistage Power Policy Rules (FMA Internals Co-op)


    Still fresh in mind after delivering a great FMA Internals Power management session @ E2EVC in Berlin (thanks for having us Justin, a.k.a. Alex Juschin!!) with my good friend and FMA Internals Co-op co-founder Bas van Kam, I'm going to take a quick look at one of the topics we covered on the day: the Extended Disconnect Power Policy settings hidden DEEP within the XenDesktop/FMA SDK. OK, so maybe that's ...

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  10. Last Chance for CCIAs and/or CCEEs to Use the Update Paths!

    Effective August 11, 2015, Citrix will expire the update paths for those with a valid (unexpired) CCIA or CCEE certification interested in upgrading from CCIA to CCE – V, CCIA to CCP – V or CCEE to CCP – V. In 2013, Citrix announced those update paths, which are as follows: CCIA--> take and pass the 1Y0-400 exam and attain the CCE – V certification; or take and pass the ...

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