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  1. Convert your Cowboy Consumers to BYOD Champions at Citrix Synergy

    Cowboy Consumer

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know by now about the Consumerization of IT. Let’s face facts…you probably have a couple of cowboy consumers in your organization…literal outlaws…running around using personal devices and consumer apps with wanton disregard for security and compliance. What’s worse is that some of these lawbreakers may even be executives! Don’t blame them…it’s not their fault that IT ...

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  2. Shorten your mobility sales cycle at Citrix Summit


    A lot of vendors claim to have a comprehensive solution for BYOD, MDM, MIM, MAM, COPE, EMM and every other acronym you can think of when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. But, do they? Is it a fully integrated solution? Are the solutions components aware of each other? Any good mobility solution addresses the following factors: Any Device Device Management Secure Mail & Web Network & Security SSO & ID Management Mobile ...

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  3. Developing a Global Approach to Business Continuity


    Being founded in South Florida probably made it inevitable that Citrix would understand the importance of business continuity. If there is one thing being in South Florida teaches you is that business disruptions will happen, it’s not a matter of if…it’s when. In October 2012 the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season hit the east coast affecting 24 states including New Jersey.  ...

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  4. Lenovo Introduces New Client Virtualization Solution

    Lenovo has announced that the Lenovo Intelligent Client solution is now available in the China Market. Lenovo Intelligent Client is powered by Citrix XenClient and allows enterprises to implement a fully secure and centrally managed client virtualization solution delivering the ability for users to work securely, seamlessly and efficiently from anywhere – even while offline. Today’s enterprises are increasingly facing more stringent regulatory and security requirements while needing to protect company assets and ...

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  5. Citrix And Microsoft Live Videocast March 26. Register Today!

    CTX-MSFT Videocast banner image

    Mobility and Bring-Your-Own Devices (BYOD) are just a few of the demands facing today's IT departments. REGISTER and WATCH this VIDEOCAST LIVE Tuesday, March 26. In this live videocast, hear from a former IT manager and a Citrix Solutions Architect as they discuss and debate how best to manage today's changing IT infrastructure.   Topics include: Enterprise mobile device management Centralized management of desktops and applications Secure file sharing and data ...

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  6. Citrix Launches Free Tool to Take Guesswork Out of Desktop Virtualization

    Citrix Project Accelerator Home Page

    On behalf of the Project Accelerator team, I am very excited to announce that the Citrix Project Accelerator beta, a new tool for implementing virtual desktops, is now available.                       The idea was simply to make our customers and partners wildly successful with their desktop virtualization deployments – and to help people who are considering desktop virtualization make the right up-front assessment and design decisions.   If you’re new to Citrix ...

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  7. Client Virtualization Propels Forward with XenClient 4.5 – What’s New from a Business Standpoint?


    Citrix announced XenClient 4.5 at Synergy Barcelona on Oct. 17, 2012 and the software was released on December 28th. XenClient is a production-ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today. Watch the XenClient 4.5 announcement video to learn more about this release and read the technical announcement blog for more technical insight.  Try XenClient 4.5 today! XenClient is growing FAST & delivering business value ...

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  8. XenClient Benefit Series – Repurposing PCs as Thin Clients


    In the fourth installment of our six-part XenClient Benefit Series, we discussed how XenClient helps with Security, Isolation, & Compliance.  In this installment, we'll be talking about how XenClient is used to repurpose PCs as thin clients, providing a flexible endpoint for accessing both hosted and local virtual desktops. As organizations plan their strategy to transform Windows desktops and applications into an on-demand service available to ...

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  9. Citrix XenClient Benefits Series – PC Refresh or Management

    In the first part of a 6-part series on the benefits of Citrix XenClient — the local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology — we discussed how Citrix XenClient could be used for Laptop Virtualization. In this part, we will examine how XenClient can be used to manage PCs. XenClient is a production ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in ...

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  10. Citrix XenClient – Swisscom technical whitepaper on SmarTop, a managed service offering

    Some of you may have attended Citrix Synergy EMEA from Oct. 17th to the 19th , 2012 in Barcelona Spain. The Citrix XenClient team had a special guest in its What's New in XenClient session on Oct. 17th. Heiko Timmerkamp from Swisscom joined us to talk about the company’s SmarTop managed service offering. Following an in-depth process of testing and evaluation, Swisscom IT Services chose Citrix’s ...

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