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  1. New: Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence


    Rarely does the "build it and they will come" strategy work in the technology industry. Therefore today Citrix is launching the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence  - a significant investment made on behalf of ALL of the  2,600+ Citrix Service Provider partners.  The singular focus is to accelerate the value their  hosted desktop businesses by providing industry-proven best practices, implementation resources, communities, and knowledge bases all ...

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  2. Register Today! Citrix, Google and MTM Live Event in NYC

    Citrix and Google

    Is your enterprise planning or actively involved in a Windows XP migration project that includes Google Chromebooks as the new computing platform? Join Citrix and MTM at Google’s Chelsea office (NYC) on April 23rd, 2014 at 6:00 PM ET and learn how you can deliver business critical apps to Google Chromebooks. Find out how MTM, Citrix and Google enable enterprise IT to: • Implement a stateless, app-centric ...

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  3. One Imaging Solution to Rule Them All

    As we all know, a single image management solution is extremely important in the VDI world. We will have hundreds or thousands of desktops that must be built and maintained. Image management is even more important when we have stateless desktops because we want our desktop to be reset to its original state after each user session. If you are doing stateless desktops without some ...

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  4. XenClient 5.1: The Enterprise Asked, We Answered

    As a ‘Product Owner’ I have the tough job of prioritizing what should go into a release and what needs to be deferred to the next release.  In XenClient 5.1, we introduced key features that many of our enterprise customers have been asking for.  Simply… you asked, we listened! The new XenClient continues to provide: The broadest hardware compatibility list, with over 300 devices and growing A mature, ...

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  5. From My Virtual Desktop: Disk is owned by the Control Domain?

    10 print "Hello, World!" run   Aside from the pollen, I hope everyone's weekend is off to a grand start!  I have worked with a few clients recently - you know who you are! - regarding one of their VM disks becoming "owned by the Control Domain".   You know: you tried to migrate a VM, move a disk, or take a snapshot and POW: you look on your SR ...

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  6. Provision your apps and desktops straight onto AWS with XenApp & XenDesktop 7.5

    As Joe pointed out in his blog about the integration of XenApp&XenDesktop and CloudPlatform, one of the really exiting new features of the new XenApp & XenDesktop 7.5 release is its native integrated provisioning and interaction with AWS EC2. Allowing one to make use of the many advantages that such a public cloud can offer. Be it extending your existing on-premises infrastructures or ramping up quickly with ...

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  7. March Edition of XenDesktop Technical Newsletter Now Available

    Using XenDesktop?  Then you need to get the XenDesktop Technical Newsletter!  The newsletter is comprised of the best technical resources from across Citrix Services: Consulting, Technical Support, Education, and Technical Readiness. In its third year the newsletter is designed to help customers run their XenDesktop optimally and get more out of their investment in Citrix desktop virtualization. And its FREE! I am pleased to announce that ...

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  8. Citrix Ready Joint Webinar with X1

    Enabling Lightning-Fast Search of Files & Emails in Citrix Virtual Desktop Environments For IT departments, the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) are clear - enabling secure and efficient BYOD, streamlining IT administration, and reducing operational costs. The success of any VDI rollout, though, depends upon end-users embracing their new user experience in virtual environments. Because best practice dictates disabling Windows indexing to ensure optimal resource ...

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  9. Why settle for VDI that’s “good enough”. 5 reasons XenDesktop beats Horizon View.


    When I was younger, my grandfather would constantly say to us children, "Good, better, best, never let it rest, 'till your good is better and your better is best." It stuck with me, and until this day, I use this as a constant reminder in everything I do. Why settle at just being mediocre? Especially when it comes to your VDI solution. Keeping that catchy little ...

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  10. Awed by Low Priced DaaS? 6 Reasons To Focus on DaaS Value Instead.

    I'm sure IT professionals, editors & analysts went "wow" when AWS announced a low price-point for WorkSpaces VDI, and when VMware more announced an (even lower) price-point for their Horizon DaaS VDI (nee, DeskTone). Pricing is the latest "shiny object" capturing everyone's attention: Finally, a "cheap" price for a virtual desktop! Who wouldn't love the fact that a price bar has been set for VDI/DaaS? But I ...

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