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  1. Receiver for HTML5 1.7 Supports Session Reliability and File Transfer

    Last quarter our Citrix Receiver for HTML5 1.6 focused on graphics robustness and audio-video performance. This release helped our customers increase the adoption of clientless access mode for Citrix Workspace Suite. Receiver for HTML5 1.7 enables more use cases helping further increase the adoption by Citrix customers. Here are some of the key improvements in this release: Session Reliability: True mobility today faces the challenges of switching ...

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  2. Rewriting the Session ClientName from StoreFront

    One popular customisation applied to Web Interface is to rewrite the Client Name used in the session to allow policies or local scripts to reflect a custom business need. Some customisations are fairly simple. For example, some would copy the user name into the client name, but other customers used complex logic to encode many different fields into this data. In WI, the changes here were ...

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  3. What’s New in StoreFront 3.0

    StoreFront 2.6

    StoreFront 3.0 has just been released. By now, hopefully you have learned that the headline feature for this release is to provide the unified user experience across all receivers and improve customizability.   If you would like to learn more about this, please refer to Richard's blog articles here. But back to the release! Today I would like to call out  all the other new features available in StoreFront ...

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  4. StoreFront Scalability Update

    Overview It’s been a while since we’ve published scalability numbers on StoreFront, so I wanted to broadcast an update for 3 reasons: A ton has changed from two years ago since we last did testing on StoreFront 2.0 (Planning Guide here) More and more customers are now migrating from Web Interface to StoreFront We have made some interesting discoveries and the Community has the right to know!   Receiver for Web ...

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  5. A Different Approach to a Single FQDN for StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway

    NetScaler logo

      How can users be educated to use a single URL, while still having a StoreFront base URL that is different from the NetScaler Gateway URL? We're going to show you. Please keep in mind this solution works best for Receiver for Web. This solution does work with the Native Receiver, but the Provisioning file would be the easiest way to configure the Native Receiver in my opinion. In this ...

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  6. Learn How StoreFront 3.0 Supports Google Chrome without NPAPI

    A couple of months ago, I blogged here to give a head-up about the disruption of user experience for Receiver for Web when Google Chrome disables NPAPI and to provide some temporary workarounds.  I indicated that we were actively working on new technology to remove the dependency on NPAPI. Today, I can announce that the new solution is included in the StoreFront 3.0 Tech Preview. In this ...

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  7. Imprivata OneSign and Citrix Receiver Integration Has Returned for Synergy!

    Throughout my seven years working for Citrix, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with clinicians, patients, healthcare ISVs, partners, healthIT professionals, researchers, consultants, account reps, and sales engineers. If I could run every "Citrix in Healthcare" conversation I've had through a word cloud generator, the largest text would read "long login times"; and it would far outshadow the second place contender, "voice ...

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  8. Setting a Default Landing Folder for Receiver for Web

    Recently I implemented a customization for a customer to set a default landing folder for Receiver for Web 2.6. As this may be useful for customers who used to follow CTX119550 to customize Web Interface to get this functionality, I am making it available here. First, follow the instruction here to configure the related Store to be a mandatory store. Then, configure the  Applications view as the default ...

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  9. Making a Splash with Storefront – A Deep Dive!

    Synergy External Speaker Badge

    StoreFront is here to stay - so let’s ensure that your StoreFront servers are production-ready through solid documentation. Documentation is essential because it allows you to: Clone a StoreFront server group Help troubleshoot any issues with the deployment Re-create servers after a crash Dive deep with me during my session at Citrix Synergy, where you will see how easy it is to automagically generate awesome StoreFront documentation (in MS Word ...

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  10. How to Use SAML Authentication With StoreFront 2.6

    Use SAML with StoreFront

    The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) provides a standard for transmitting authentication information between organizations. In particular, SAML can allow users to access resources from an entirely separate domain using their own credentials. With the latest release of StoreFront, Citrix can now provide the benefits of SAML alongside the app store experience of StoreFront for the first time. This solution can be used to help a ...

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