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  1. How to reduce SmartCard PIN prompts while using Netscaler Gateway with StoreFront 2.5

    I recently worked with a Public Sector customer on setting up SmartCard authentication with Netscaler Gateway and StoreFront 2.5. As anyone that has done a SmartCard (PIV\CAC\SIPR Token) implementation knows, it can be challenging. After getting past the initial setup and configuration, we had SmartCard working through the Netscaler Gateway and StoreFront. However, we were getting 3 PIN prompts while authenticating and trying to connect. The ...

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  2. Mobility Experts: XenMobile StoreFront Integration-AppController Front ending

    XenMobile SF Archi

    This post is from the Mobility Experts team, providing you with technical how to's, tips, and guides around specific use-cases. Please be sure to share any feedback in the comments and share this post to anyone who might benefit! This blog is not only intended for Artemis 9.0 release but is also applicable to the earlier releases. When it comes to Storefront integration in XenMobile Enterprise Edition, ...

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  3. Receiver for Web Folder View

    Citrix Receiver for Web in StoreFront 2.5 supports a notion of mandatory/locked down store, in which all published applications are available in the Home screen without user subscribing to them. This works well for users who have a small number of applications available to them, however it is not very practical when you have a lot of applications all displayed on the Home screen without any ...

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  4. Receiver for Web FAQ

    A number of questions have been asked frequently about Receiver for Web. This article attempts to provide answers to them. The order of the questions is arbitrary. The answers apply to StoreFront 2.5. How can I show the Apps tab by default for all users? This is configurable via web.config under the Receiver for Web site, normally C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb. Open this file in your favourite text editor and locate ...

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  5. Introducing StoreFront Web API

    Receiver for Web is a component of Citrix StoreFront providing access to applications and desktops using a Web browser. It comprises a User Interface tier and a StoreFront Services Web Proxy tier. This architecture is illustrated below. The Web Proxy tier is a bridge between the UI tier and the StoreFront Services (namely the Authentication Service and the Store Service). It provides a simplified API suitable for ...

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  6. StoreFront Power Management – Desktop Restart


    Since Storefront 1.2, Storefront has offered some Power Management capabilities for desktops.  It is able to start a desktop when a user clicks on an icon by contacting the broker service which then spins up a machine on a hypervisor, it can also be used to start up RemotePC desktops that support Wake-on-Lan.  It can also be used to restart desktops if a user desktop has ...

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  7. A Comprehensive Guide to Enabling Pass-Through Authentication with XenDesktop 7.5

    I know what you're thinking; "Come on Jason! Do we really need another article, whitepaper or guide on how to enable pass-through authentication?". Well... yes we do. Here is why: There are several resources out there on Citrix.com as well as other third-party sites on this topic. However it seems like none of them spell out clearly exactly what needs to be done, especially with XenDesktop ...

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  8. StoreFront on Steroids


    Tick, Tock - The Countdown to StoreFront Web Interface is set to go end of life next year. The question is no longer “if” you will be migrating to StoreFront, but rather “when” you will be migrating. Lucky for you, time is still on your side but don't let that be your excuse to procrastinate. For more than 13 years, I have lived, breathed and dreamt about ...

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  9. Introducing the StoreFront Store Customization SDK

    StoreFront attempts to cover the most customer use cases with standard product features and with configuration. Previously in WI it was common to deploy a code customisation to provide some of this type of functionality (e.g. optimal NetScaler Gateway routing). However, it's not possible to capture every business requirement customers have and so the 2.5 release of StoreFront introduces the 'Store Customization SDK'. This can ...

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