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  1. StoreFront Synchronization VIP

    In my colleague Sarah Steinhoff’s blog article entitled What Subscriptions and Server Groups Mean for StoreFront Designs, she mentions that load balanced VIPs should be utilized between StoreFront Server Groups in order to replicate the subscription data.  As part of the Citrix Consulting team that has been working with customers to deploy StoreFront, I have been asked on a number of occasions what the recommended ...

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  2. Receiver for Web – Configuration Tool


    If you’re one of those Citrix administrators who have spent years managing Web through the MMC snap-in, there is a strong possibility that you might feel very lost when migrating to StoreFront.  Especially if you desire to customize or configure it. That’s why Feng Huang posted some amazing articles about Receiver for Web 2.0, Receiver for Web 2.5 or Receiver for Web 2.6 .  His posts are focused ...

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  3. Receiver for HTML5 1.5 Supports HDX Insight and Citrix CloudBridge


    Last quarter we released Receiver for HTML5 1.4 with capabilities like local printing, direct SSL with XenApp, XenDesktop 7.6, app switcher to switch between applications. This release enabled new use cases in clientless access mode for our customers and helped increase the user adoption. Now with Receiver for HTML5 1.5 enterprise administrators will gain application and network visibility for the XenApp and XenDesktop sessions using HDX ...

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  4. How to Add a Custom Banner to the Logon Page of StoreFront 2.x, Director 7.x, or Citrix License Server 11.x

    Custom Banners

    Background Customizations allow Citrix customers to make web pages reflect company logos, color schemes, marketing styles, and sometimes, even security banners.  However, customizations require in-depth knowledge of the structure and coding behind each web site. Some customers require that all levels of authentication (all logon pages) display security banners which outline the rights to privacy (or lack thereof) when accessing their sites.  In this case, a simple ...

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  5. Receiver for Web List View

    Continue the theme of leveraging the powerful UI customization mechanism supported by Receiver for Web, I have put together a customization to provide users with a list view instead of the out-of-the-box icon view. This works with mandatory stores and self-service stores for Receiver for Web 2.6. The customization package is available to download here. The code is not obfuscated so that you can make further ...

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  6. Receiver for Web UI Themes

    Citrix Receiver for Web provides a powerful mechanism for customizing the user interface through overriding JavaScript and CSS in the contrib folder. Please refer to my series of blog posts for details on how to do UI customization for different versions of StoreFront, including 2.5 and 2.6. Recently, we produced a ready-made customization package that provides a dark theme and a light theme. This can be used ...

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  7. ‘Accurately’ Direct XenApp/XenDesktop Users to a Correct Location Based Datacenter

    A major challenge with Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) implementations, may be affecting your users and disrupting your business. In this post, I’m going to highlight this challenge. Then, I’m going to provide a solution. But before we start, let me explain how Domain Name Service (DNS) based GSLB works, it might not be what you expect. Most customers that I speak with, already understand that DNS-based-GSLB provided by ...

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  8. StoreFront and STIGed Environments-Smart Card (CAC) Login

    So secure the end user cannot get in! Some organizations utilize a security hardened OS image.  Across the US government this is referred to as applying a STIG.  Recently I came across an interesting roadblock while working with a customer to resolve a problem logging into StoreFront using a DoD CAC (smart card).  The user was presented with a message that they could not log in ...

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  9. Customizing Receiver for Web 2.6

    For those of you who have customized Receiver for Web 2.5, you will be delighted to know that the majority of your customization should still work after upgrading to StoreFront 2.6. In fact all of the examples presented in my previous blog article, Customizing Receiver for Web 2.5, work well with only one exception, which is "Example 6: Pre-Login and Post-Login Messages in Message Box." In this article, I'll ...

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  10. Learn how StoreFront 2.6 administration just got easier

    StoreFront 2.6 has made a number of improvements for administration, including GUI support for configuring the following: Domain dropdown list for logon form Mandatory store Receiver for Web session timeout Additionally, the following features are now configurable: Special folder redirection Receiver for Web multi-launch prevention This article describe these improvements in details. Domain Dropdown List for Logon Form To enable the domain dropdown in the previous releases of StoreFront, you have to edit web.config ...

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