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  1. Announcing availability of StoreFront 1.2!

    You may have seen the recent announcement on CloudGateway 2, which makes it possible for enterprise customers to deploy and manage mobile applications in addition to windows apps, Web/SaaS and ShareFile data. Well, we are excited to announce the availability of StoreFront 1.2, which is an integral part of the CloudGateway 2 solution. Here's what's new with this release of StoreFront 1.2: Enhanced Desktop Support:  Desktops now show up on ...

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  2. Learn About Best Practices for CloudGateway Express (@ SynergySFO, #SYN203)

    What is CloudGateway Express and why should I care about? How can my users get a consistent desktop,  andapps and data experience on tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs, Macs and thin clients , anywhere? Any recommendations for deploying Storefront for a PoC or a more complex clustered environment? If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, you don’t want to miss the Synergy ...

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