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  1. Citrix XenDeskop vs. VMware Horizon View: How Citrix SmartAccess Provides Better Security

    Secure Apps By Location

    As the name suggests, SmartAccess allows policies and resources to be intelligently applied based on different conditions such as the user’s location and endpoint software. The ability to dynamically adjust to changing conditions is a must have feature for any deployment that has users roaming between different locations and devices. SmartAccess allows you to strategically align with business priorities while offering users a better user ...

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  2. Synergy Security Sessions Recap

    Thanks to those of you who attended the security-focused sessions at Citrix Synergy 2014!   Whether you're looking for the key takeaways, the links to see something you wanted to see again from the session, or are viewing this content for the first time, here's a recap:   SYN262 Configuring policies and products to meet today's privacy challenges Watch on: SynergyTV   YouTube     Presenters: Joseph Nord, Kurt Roemer Key takeaways: Show mutual respect ...

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  3. Top Android security risks—and what IT should do about them

    Blog Photo 2

    People love the Android platform for the choice and versatility it offers, from diverse form factors—smartphones, tablets, “phablets” anyone?—to a broad ecosystem of apps and tools. But if you’re not careful, the Android devices people bring to work can also leave your organization exposed to serious threats. Do you know the top Android security gaps—and how to secure these mobile devices and BYOD? It’s important to ...

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  4. Make your data security conversations go further with these new partner marketing resources

    Security Comp

    In my last post I discussed one of the hottest topics of today’s modern workforce - BYOD - and the great new partner marketing resources Citrix offers to help address some of the more specific challenges BYOD can cause for IT and CIOs - security. A core priority for any business, the term "security" has so many facets that extend beyond any one initiative or trend of ...

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  5. 3 Eye-Opening Insights From BFSI Customers at Synergy LA 2014

    Banker on ipad

    Citrix Synergy LA 2014 was jam-packed with activity, but much of my time was spent talking to customers in the banking and financial services industry about the specific challenges, opportunities, priorities, etc. they are facing today. You name it, we discussed it: securing mobile devices as Blackberry replacement becomes the new reality, the constant challenge of aligning IT and lines of business, enabling contact center ...

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  6. NetScaler MobileStream™ – Delivering Secure Data and Application Access

    NetScaler performs great acceleration and optimization for Mobile data and payload, and Security is top-of-mind for customers – especially mobile security. As users connect remotely from Mobile devices from different connectivity zones, it is difficult to ensure that they are following best practices without automating and enforcing security in the network. NetScaler MobileStream technology brings in the security value for Mobile communication and ensures the ...

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  7. Controlling enterprise Android security is the question. Is MDM the answer?

    Google’s Android operating system powers the world’s most prolific mobile devices.   While Android is popular for many great reasons, its enterprise security and management functions are often called into question. From rogue app stores to version fragmentation, carrier-mediated OS updates and overly-permissive apps, there are many policies and settings to manage. Some would go so far as to say there’s no managing Android in the ...

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  8. 5 kroków do zwiększenia mobilności w sektorze medycznym.

    Najnowsze trendy technologiczne w opiece zdrowotnej mają szczególny wpływ na tzw. mobilność kliniczną. Mobilność przekształca opiekę zdrowotną, a także pomaga personelowi medycznemu zastosować nowe urządzenia i metody pracy tak, by zapewnić lepszą opiekę pacjentom - w szybszy sposób i z dowolnej lokalizacji. Wiele z tych osób potrzebuje dostępu zarówno do aplikacji oraz informacji medycznych np. o stanie zdrowia pacjentów z wielu różnych urządzeń, również tych ...

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  9. Help keep BYOD focused on security with these new partner marketing resources

    lets talk BYOD

    If BYOD were a sport, I’d be at least semi-pro by now. Why? Because there’s no escaping it –BYOD is quite literally everywhere. Now I appreciate the actual concept of bring your own “something” is not new per se, but when we’re talking in the more professional realm of the business world, it's no longer a "fad" - to the contrary, it’s one of the ...

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  10. Leveraging URL Schemes and MDX app container technology for enhanced usability

    The Citrix MDX Apps are great for providing a secure, encrypted environment for corporate, confidential and classified data. The open-in controls permit certified apps to interact with each other, allowing the user to copy and paste data between apps in the same encrypted container. But what about if you want to allow interaction with an app outside the container? Sometimes there might be a need to ...

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