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  1. 5 steps for embracing mobility in healthcare


    If you’re attending HIMSS14, you are already aware of the latest technology trends in healthcare, specifically enabling clinician mobility. Mobility is transforming healthcare as clinicians embrace new devices and ways of working to deliver better care, more quickly, to patients anywhere. Now, clinicians of every generation want to access their apps and information on any device—even those purchased personally—over any network. The principles for successful mobility ...

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  2. EVENT: Join Citrix at HIMSS14 to Experience the Power of Seamless, Secure Clinician Mobility

    HIMSS14 is right around the corner! Experience the power of clinician mobility in a hands-on demo and through real-world stories from top healthcare executives! Join Citrix at HIMSS14 to learn how leading providers are transforming the delivery of care by empowering clinicians with seamless, secure access to all of the data and apps they rely on – from EMRs to mobile imaging viewers and remote care ...

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  3. Where’s a next-gen firewall when you need one? Anywhere you want!

    Protecting today's dynamic applications and data demands agile security measures that span from networks to web properties and into the cloud.  Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) technologies are required protect the integrity of network and web protocols and services, as well as thwarting constantly-evolving advanced threats and malware.  Application Delivery Controllers (ADC's) are required to assure availability by preventing Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of ...

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  4. From My Virtual Desktop: iDRAC/iLO/KVM and Java Exceptions

    Good Saturday to everyone!   I hope each of you started off the weekend well: virtualization working running so you don't have to!   Based on an non-XenServer issue encountered with a Client (you know who you are!) I wanted to remind all of us that there now Java Security Exceptions to manage.  This comes into play from version/update 7u51 (and beyond, for now).  This is actually a good ...

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  5. Delivering Mobile and Cloud Services now gets End-to-End Network Control with unique Citrix integrations for the Cisco Open Network Environment

    From the Data Center across the WAN to the User .. In the long history of the Cisco and Citrix partnership, the two companies have worked together to deliver great solutions to many of the largest corporations in the world.  About 16 months ago, we enthusiastically agreed to expand the solution sets we jointly deliver beyond Desktop Virtualization to also address the Mobility, Cloud Services and ...

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  6. The Expanding Role of the ADC in IT Security


      IT security cannot be accurately addressed through a single product or solution. Instead, security must be built into the fabric of IT – up and down the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI model), between on-premises and cloud datacenters, and across interconnected networks. This complex, distributed nature of IT security is exactly why the application delivery controller (ADC) is taking an ever-expanding role in securing mobile devices, web ...

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  7. What is means when all the gadgets are Internet connected?


      Last quarter, I had a very passionate and uplifting customer at Citrix Executive Briefing Center (EBC) and was talking about how he wants his company to provide advanced openings for houses where customer can remotely open and close depending on temperature, etc.  And how he needed Citrix to help him reach the company objectives with all the Citrix technologies we provide.  In addition, I read ...

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  8. Start the count down to rockin’ networking sessions at Citrix Summit 2014!

    countdown pic-bought from freeDigitalPhotos-214981-20131231

      What a way to start the New Year with a rolling list of networking sessions that Citrix partners and sales should definitely partake in. Citrix partners and sales should walk away from Citrix Summit 2014 with the following networking summary: For every mobile deployment, NetScaler is the only solution that can provide the best scalability, simplified manageability and best customer user experience For every XenApp/XenDesktop deployment, NetScaler can ...

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  9. Citrix named to CRN’s “Best Companies to Partner With”

    Citrix has been named to CRN’s annual list of Best Companies to Partner With list. Citrix was evaluated in the Cloud Computing, Security, Data Center and Virtualization categories and earned the #12 spot. Based on comprehensive research, the directory ranks the top 25 must-have vendors that VARs should consider when looking for a partner. Coverage of the 2013 Best Companies to Partner With is also featured ...

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  10. “Flexi” NetScaler AppFW protection depending on content types


    "Flexi" for short of flexibility-- been in "Down Under" all week so some of the expressions rubbing off ;-) In any case, there are a couple of articles been posted for some time now but I wanted to highlight here because of the flexibility that Application Firewall (AppFW) has depending what the customers are looking for. For example, a customer can decide to set AppFW policy in place ...

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