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  1. Customer-centric security: “Assess once, comply many”


    For a company like Citrix, selling solutions across a broad range of industries and geographies, meeting the security and compliance requirements of our customers could easily become an overwhelming prospect. This would be especially true if, like many companies, we approached security in a top-down fashion, beginning with a foundation of standards from ISO, NIST or ITIL, and then addressing compliance on an industry-by-industry and ...

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  2. Data privacy is now a very personal concern


    Companies tend to think of privacy as a business issue, but for the general public, it’s quickly becoming a highly personal concern. From fears of government snooping to high-profile data breaches, people care more than ever about where their data is and how to keep it private. Trends like BYOD, big data and the Internet of Things add urgency to the challenge of helping people ...

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  3. What beta users have to say about Citrix NetScaler 10.5

    Here at Citrix, we just wrapped up the beta program for NetScaler 10.5 and got some great feedback from our beta users, whose contributions help improve our products for everyone. The NetScaler beta program is an opportunity for our customers and partners to experience the software and features of the NetScaler software before General Availability (GA). Beta participants are able to give direct feedback to engineering ...

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  4. It’s all about ‘people centric security’ at Gartner Security Summit 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.04.28 PM

    Are you ready for the next generation digital business? With an audience of top security practitioners, risk management was the focus of preparations for the next generation digital enterprises (and governments) at this year's Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit opening keynote, which took place June 23-26, 2014. With great change upon us, Gartner analysts were focused on 'people centric security' and said there is ...

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  5. Summer is the start of hurricane season! Is your organization prepared with a business continuity plan?

    BC Datacenter image

    It’s that time of year for backyard BBQs, beach trips, World Cup soccer and … hurricane season. Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon–whatever you call it–the hurricane season is off to a good start. And if you are in the potential path of the storm, it’s best to be prepared in advance with disaster recovery and business continuity plans that address hurricane preparedness. Read on and attend our ...

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  6. Are iOS devices putting your business at risk?


    Wildly popular from the executive suite to the back office, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are the devices that launched a thousand bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. For IT, there’s a lot to love about the inherent security of the walled-garden iOS ecosystem. But don’t get complacent; iOS devices can still expose your business assets to risk. Here’s what you need to know about iOS security—and how to ...

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  7. How IT can securely control Android and iOS devices


    Android and iOS mobile devices— including smartphones, tablets and everything in between—have transformed enterprise computing, providing new mobility and flexibility for people and IT. At the same time, they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information.  Read on and attend our upcoming webinar to get best practices on how IT can securely embrace mobility, consumer devices and BYOD. Instead of seeking ...

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  8. [@Citrix Webinar] Maximizing performance and security with a @NetScaler and @XenMobile solution

    Maximizing performance and security with a NetScaler and XenMobile solution Date: Jul 23, 2014 Mobile security is an increasing challenge for companies. Join this webinar to learn how to architect a network infrastructure that supports mobile initiatives, while delivering uncompromised performance and security. Join Charles Kanavel – CEO of Kanavel Group and Marissa Schmidt — Citrix Director of Product Management to learn: • How to architect your network for deploying XenMobile with NetScaler • ...

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  9. New NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFirewall) models now available!

    NetScaler AppFirewall blocks both known and unknown attacks against web and web services applications, using an advanced hybrid security model. The new AppFirewall models are MPX 5650, MPX 8005, MPX 11515, MPX 11520 and MPX 11540.  The new models align with the latest updated hardware within the NetScaler ADC product line. This allows customers to upgrade from a Stand-alone AppFirewall to a full NetScaler ADC ...

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  10. 3 główne priorytety Twojej strategii w zakresie firmowej mobilności .

    Czy Twoja organizacja IT płynie z nurtem coraz bardziej popularnej mobilności przedsiębiorstw? Podstawowe rozwiązania do zarządzania urządzeniami mobilnymi już nie wystarczają i jak twierdzi nasz główny strateg ds. bezpieczeństwa Kurt Roemer "Samo rozwiązanie MDM nie zapewni już takiego bezpieczeństwa i elastyczności, które pozwalałoby na rozwój mobilnej produktywności w taki sposób w jaki powinna się ona rozwijać." Obecnie, wyzwaniem jest opracowanie strategii, która umożliwia ludziom korzystanie ...

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