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  1. Help keep BYOD focused on security with these new partner marketing resources

    lets talk BYOD

    If BYOD were a sport, I’d be at least semi-pro by now. Why? Because there’s no escaping it –BYOD is quite literally everywhere. Now I appreciate the actual concept of bring your own “something” is not new per se, but when we’re talking in the more professional realm of the business world, it's no longer a "fad" - to the contrary, it’s one of the ...

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  2. Leveraging URL Schemes and MDX app container technology for enhanced usability

    The Citrix MDX Apps are great for providing a secure, encrypted environment for corporate, confidential and classified data. The open-in controls permit certified apps to interact with each other, allowing the user to copy and paste data between apps in the same encrypted container. But what about if you want to allow interaction with an app outside the container? Sometimes there might be a need to ...

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  3. Road to Synergy: SYN607 NetScaler Security

    Here be pirates

    Worried about Pirates? Security a major concern? Do the latest vulnerabilities like Heartbleed have you losing sleep? Got NetScaler? Worry no longer. In the sessions SYN607 NetScaler: the Enterprise Security Swiss Army Knife you will learn about ways to protect your valuable web application real-estate using NetScaler features. Our presenters Andrew Sandford and Lucas Araujo are on hand at TechEdge and presenting Instructor-led Learning Labs at Citrix Synergy ...

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  4. Mobile, Secure and Compliant!


    Many would argue that being mobile, secure and compliant is simply an oxymoron. Let’s take a moment to analyze.  Consumer devices, regardless of technology, must ensure unhindered access to 911 emergency services.  Let’s also consider the business model of mobile operators, 24 x 7 reliable services.  At a time when the traditional business model is under increasing revenue pressure, with voice revenue rapidly declining, new opportunities ...

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  5. 3 Top Priorities for your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Has your IT organization caught up with the explosion of enterprise mobility yet? Basic mobile device management just isn’t enough anymore—as our chief security strategist Kurt Roemer says, “MDM by itself can't provide the security granularity and flexibility that allows mobile productivity to flourish the way it should.” Your challenge now is to develop a strategy that empowers people to use mobile devices the same ...

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  6. Igniting Synergy with SYN 205 – learn from Citrix customer why NetScaler, XenMobile and ShareFile solution is the right solution

    match-fire-Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.24.11 PM

    We all know Mobility is growing!  According to this stat source, 5.9 Billion out of 7 Billion people worldwide are mobile users and 17% of 5.9B use mobile web.  That's crazy isn't? With this expansive growth, IT admins have many challenges when more users are being added to the network with multiple BYO devices and at same time IT admins need to make sure security is there for ...

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  7. How to demo with App Firewall and WebGoat: Part 1

    NetScaler has a ton of very cool, and in my opinion sometimes underappreciated, features beyond just load balancing. One such feature is the Web App Firewall. The thing is like a Swiss Army Knife of features and functionality designed to secure web applications. And, like almost everything NetScaler on the short spectrum installation is super simple, doesn't take more than five minutes, and will increase ...

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  8. Come See @Citrix @NetScaler at @PaloAltoNtwks Ignite Conference in Las Vegas, March 31 – April 2, 2014

    Citrix has signed to be a Mastermind level sponsor of the Palo Alto Networks Ignite Conference.  The conference will be held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas from March 31-April 2.  The conference is described as being the “largest gathering of security experts in the world”.   Citrix NetScaler subject matter experts will be on hand to discuss with customers and partners the integrated NetScaler SDX and ...

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  9. Like ordering coffee with different options, NetScaler AppFW has customizable options for error pages

    coffee pic

    I am not a coffee drinker but I hear enough of my friends order coffee such as caramel Macchiato with hint of mint or Sugar-free Vanilla Coffee Latte with a little bit of light cream. :-) Similarly, NetScaler have many different options to do many capabilities from security to high availability, visibility and so forth. For this specific blog, there are options to customized error pages ...

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  10. What’s all the thrillin’ stuff at RSA conference Citrix booth?


    First full day of RSA conference yesterday, I did not expect so much traffic but the crowd proved me wrong.  From banking/financing to healthcare organizations from all over the world came to the booth yesterday.  And it was exciting to talk about NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFW), latest DDoS attacks and how one of our NetScaler models can handle way over 30M SYNs/sec.   Not too many ...

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