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  1. XenApp – XenDesktop: What Crypto is My Session Using?

    lock and key

    ICA encryption with XenApp and XenDesktop comes in 3 flavors: Basic, SecureICA and TLS.   As a user, the remoted graphics look the same no matter how the data is encrypted, so how do you know what crypto is being used?  If you are an administrator, the PowerShell CmdLet “GetBrokerSession” shows you information for every session that the broker is managing. When checking systems, I am usually ...

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  2. Getting Smart on Mobile Security in 3 Steps

    Mobile In Airport

    Mobile devices and apps are how work gets done these days. Employees aren’t tied to their desks, work doesn’t always mean sitting down from 9-5 and meetings can take place anywhere from a coffee shop to the sidelines of a soccer game. According to Forrester, mobile device (smartphone or tablet) adoption in the U.S. has grown24% year over year in 2015. Another report found that only ...

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  3. Did You Miss Citrix Mobility DC Last Week?

      Last week we hosted 300 Government employees, contractors and partners at our annual Mobility Government Summit in Washington, DC. Several Citrix executives presented their vision of how agencies are transitioning towards the Software-defined Government Workplace. This is being driven by the rapid adoption of the Software-defined Datacenter, the move to  Cloud Services ($2.3B projected spend this year), the increased concern about Security ($12.9B projected spend this ...

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  4. Citrix Ready Joint Webinar with Bitdefender

    Advanced Security for VDI: What You Need to Know As more organizations move towards virtual environments and mobile business, security technology needs to keep pace. Protecting endpoints is a necessary defense in the war against malicious attacks. However, using traditional security solutions in virtual environments can hinder performance and create bottlenecks. This webinar will focus on how organizations can improve security and performance with a security solution ...

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  5. Security is No Longer an IT Issue

    Antique Padlock

    If you saw my section of the day 2 Synergy keynote last week, you know that security is a top concern for CEOs. Some people are surprised when I say this because one traditionally thinks of CIOs and CSOs as the main drivers behind a company’s security strategies. And they usually are – but the reality is that security is no longer an IT issue, ...

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  6. VENOM Vulnerability

    This week, a security advisory identified as as “VENOM” or Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation, CVE-2015-3456 was publicly announced. During Citrix Synergy, I received questions about how XenServer is affected, and what customers should do about it. Citrix recently published a security advisory (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX201078) on VENOM as it relates to XenServer, and while that should be your main source of updates, I thought I would provide ...

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  7. Intel, Charismathics and Citrix Unlock Virtual Smart Card Authentication

    Citrix endpoints just got more secure. Here is how. Intel launched their Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) in 2012, providing a simple, tamper-resistant method for protecting access to customer and business data from threats and fraud. Intel IPT is now built into all Intel inspired Ultrabook™ devices and the latest business PCs utilizing Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Increased interest in certificate-based authentication brought together Intel and charismathics ...

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  8. Citrix XenMobile Partners at Synergy 2015 Offer Security, Collaboration and Business Transformation

    As customers move beyond basic Mobile Device Management (MDM), several XenMobile Technology Partners will be featured at Citrix Synergy 2015 demonstrating the growing importance of a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management platform. Make it a point to stop by the Enterprise Mobility Management Pavilion and meet with the following partners to see how they can support your mobility projects. Security partners including: AirPatrol. AirPatrol is a developer of mobile device ...

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  9. Delivering Contextual Security with SmartControl

    Control is a core requirement for delivering on the promises of security – but how can enterprise control align with a threat landscape that is constantly changing due to seemingly unbounded user and usage situations? And, how can this access be unified across all internal and external applications to both enforce security and provide for a superior user experience? Today’s enterprise security control has to be ...

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  10. Connecting Customers and Companies Like Never Before


    Today, in our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, mobile device users are able to perform so many tasks on the go, from accessing online banking, to shopping, reading, researching or working. But the ability for mobile app users to easily connect and receive fast and quality service and support from a company is still very challenging. So, where is the business-customer disconnect? The reality is that companies simply haven’t ...

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