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  1. JPEG Compression – Recognising The Artefacts to Help Tune HDX for XenDesktop and XenApp

    Left JPEG'd text; Right: lossless

    Citrix HDX and HDX 3D Pro technologies use a multitude of compression technologies and codecs to support an enormous range of hardware, end-points, operating systems and network connections for XenDesktop and XenApp. Our technologies are adaptive so most of the time you will be unaware if we are changing technologies under-the-hood to support your particular systems, application usage and network conditions. The administrator has control ...

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  2. CDFMonitor is Now Open Source

    CDFMonitor - the Swiss Army knife of CDF trace collection

    Today, we are pleased to announce that CDFMonitor - the Swiss Army knife of CDF trace collection - is being released as an open source project under the MIT license. CDFMonitor was originally developed for CDF trace collection in specific situations that weren't covered by existing tools. As its functionality has grown and its performance improved over the years, it has become one of the ...

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  3. New Receiver Desktop Lock 4.2 adds versatility

    Desktop Lock

    New Receiver, new Desktop Lock. Our original Desktop Lock works with Receiver for Windows 3.4 Enterprise to lock-down thin clients and re-purposed computers for access to virtual desktops.  The new 'Receiver Desktop Lock’ is designed specifically to do the same with Receiver for Windows 4.2. You install Receiver 4.2 followed by Receiver Desktop Lock. When users start their device, their virtual desktop starts.  There is no access ...

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  4. Improved Diagnostic and Support is now available in the Receiver for Mac 11.9

    Receiver for Mac Logging

    It's here! The long-awaited Receiver for Mac 11.9 has been released. Along with full support for OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), a simplified Desktop Viewer and a nice redesign of the multiple monitor support, I am most excited about the improved diagnostic logging and support.     Previously, to enable logging in the Receiver for Mac, the user had to run complex commands at the Terminal window on the Mac. With ...

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  5. Enhanced Logging coming to Receiver for Mac 11.9

    Enable Receiver for Mac Logging

    In an effort to improve troubleshooting and reduce resolution time Citrix has enhanced logging to the next release of the Receiver for Mac version 11.9. For starters, enabling Logging has been added to the Preferences tab, instead of using complex commands at the Terminal window.   For Session Logging, there is an option for Connection Diagnostic or Full. For Store Logging, there is a Normal or Verbose level. If ...

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  6. Receiver for Web List View

    Continue the theme of leveraging the powerful UI customization mechanism supported by Receiver for Web, I have put together a customization to provide users with a list view instead of the out-of-the-box icon view. This works with mandatory stores and self-service stores for Receiver for Web 2.6. The customization package is available to download here. The code is not obfuscated so that you can make further ...

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  7. Generic USB Redirection in XenApp 7.6

    Generic Redirection

    Our customers enjoy the Generic USB Redirection feature in Citrix XenDesktop This is best utilized for simplifying their USB peripheral related use cases. Generic USB redirection provides a valuable solution for specialty devices for which there is no optimized virtual channel. Following the 7.6 release, we are introducing Generic USB redirection on Citrix XenApp (RDSH platform). With existing Windows Receiver versions (those available as of the date of this article) ...

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  8. Creating and Deploying New VMs with XenClient is a Piece of Cake

    XenClient Architectural Diagram

      “Its local client hypervisor handled disconnected and poorly-connected scenarios flawlessly” ~ Michael Otey, Windows IT Pro   That was used to describe XenClient Enterprise in a recent review by Michael Otey of Windows IT Pro, who found that XenClient “makes centralized management of mobile devices easy” and that it allowed users to “easily migrate to new devices within minutes.” XenClient is a client virtualization solution that ...

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  9. Logging and troubleshooting in Citrix Receiver: Mac, iOS, Android

    As a member of Citrix Technical Support for over a decade, I’m proud to share some valuable and often overlooked information to help you quickly pinpoint problems and resolve your Citrix Receiver issues effectively.  Several Citrix components offer important diagnostic data. Since most connection scenarios touch several Citrix products, this debug data is often located across several independent products. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Offer CDF Tracing CDF ...

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  10. Receiver for Web FAQ

    A number of questions have been asked frequently about Receiver for Web. This article attempts to provide answers to them. The order of the questions is arbitrary. The answers apply to StoreFront 2.5. How can I show the Apps tab by default for all users? This is configurable via web.config under the Receiver for Web site, normally C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb. Open this file in your favourite text editor and locate ...

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