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  1. Turbo Charging your IOPS with the new PVS Cache in RAM with Disk Overflow Feature! – Part One

    With PVS 7.1 and later you may have noticed a new caching option called “Cache in Device RAM with Hard Disk Overflow”.  We actually implemented this new feature to address some application compatibility issues with Microsoft ASLR and PVS.  You can check out CTX139627 for more details. One of the most amazing side effects of this new feature is that it can give a significant performance ...

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  2. Citrix TaaS – Look who’s joined our team !

    PVS Upload

                        Some of you may have participated in TaaS user surveys over the last year, either at Synergy, or a part of a customer user group.  One of the things we asked each time is "What other product would you like us to support?".  One product above all others was top of your wish-list every time we asked - Provisioning Server (PVS). Well, you asked, and we ...

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  3. Dear captain of the HMS PVS: fear the pirates! Arrrrr


    So you decided to use Citrix Provisioning Services (or PVS in short) to distribute image to your Windows machines. Great! Now what?  What decisions are awaiting you and what implications do they have? Sailing the HMS PVS, a state-of-the-art cargo freight, there are dangers lurking the converged-infrastructure ocean.  As the captain on the PVS ship should ye fear the pirates?  Farms, sites, devices collections or vDisk ...

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  4. PVSDataTools v2.5 and Citrix Predictive Support: A Combination for Success!

    As we mentioned in our last blog, there have been great enhancements with troubleshooting in Provisioning Services (PVS) version 7.x through the implementation of Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) tracing. In keeping with these enhancements, we are happy to announce today the release of PVSDataTools v2.5! If you’ve used previous versions of the PVSDataTools, you will recall it contained two tools – PVSDataCollector and PVSDataParser. With the ...

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  5. One Imaging Solution to Rule Them All

    As we all know, a single image management solution is extremely important in the VDI world. We will have hundreds or thousands of desktops that must be built and maintained. Image management is even more important when we have stateless desktops because we want our desktop to be reset to its original state after each user session. If you are doing stateless desktops without some ...

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  6. Clearing The Air (Part 2) – Thick or Thin Provisioned Write Cache

    Background & History I have been asked about this quite a few times over the years, but since I got asked about it twice this past week alone...you know what time it is?  Blog time! ;)  I selfishly need another reference I can point to, but I know this is a controversial topic and a lot of other folks will likely benefit from this info as ...

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  7. Provisioning Services CDF Tracing

    Provisioning Services has been providing the ability to capture logs since the time of PVS version 4.5.  Using the Log4cxx framework, PVS logging has been able to provide information about the goings on of the PVS console, the Soap Service, and the Stream Service.  These logs have provided valuable historical data when trying to troubleshoot issues. There have been many improvements to the logging capability and ...

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  8. Let’s get physicalization…with Desktops and HP Moonshot at Synergy!


    Long gone are the days of 80s. One of the best decades IMO where everything was BIG. We had BIG music, BIG hair, BIG leg warmers,  BIG dreams, BIG changes in technology, and if you were I.T then BIG hardware like mainframes. Server hardware at that time could definitely be considered Heavy Metal! Physical was a song by Olivia Newton-John and in case you were wondering  I'm not ...

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  9. PVS and DST Weekend

    Its that time of the year where we all worry about Provisioning Services (PVS) and Daylight Savings Time (DST).  PVS has been susceptible to the time change since its inception.  In the past cases where either GPO's fail to apply or refresh and Machine Account Passwords (MAP) become corrupt due to time skew have been widely reported.  As long as a running Target Device, assuming ...

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  10. Welcome to the PVS Escalation Team Blog

    Hello and welcome to the North American Provisioning Services Escalation team blog.  I would like to start by introducing myself.  My name is Keith McLaughlin and I have been working on the PVS Escalation team for six years.  This blog will be maintained by the PVS Escalation Team in North America and will cover a variety of PVS related topics. Each member of the PVS Escalation ...

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