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  1. Size Matters: PVS RAM Cache Overflow Sizing

    Fragmented vDisk

    With the introduction of RAM cache with overflow to hard disk (introduced in PVS 7.1, hotfix required), IOPS can be almost eliminated and has therefore become the new leading practice. However, this feature can have a significant impact the write cache sizing. This stems from the difference in how the write cache storage is allocated with this new option. To understand this feature and how ...

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  2. Turbo Charging your IOPS with the new PVS Cache in RAM with Disk Overflow Feature! – Part Two

    My colleague Miguel Contreras and I have done quite a bit of testing with the new PVS Cache in RAM with Hard Disk Overflow feature with some amazing results!  If you haven’t already read it, I would recommend that you check out Part One of this series. In part two of this series I will walk you through some more detailed analysis and results from testing ...

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  3. Provisioning Services CDF Tracing

    Provisioning Services has been providing the ability to capture logs since the time of PVS version 4.5.  Using the Log4cxx framework, PVS logging has been able to provide information about the goings on of the PVS console, the Soap Service, and the Stream Service.  These logs have provided valuable historical data when trying to troubleshoot issues. There have been many improvements to the logging capability and ...

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  4. Less really can be more when it comes to desktop virtualization. 180 PC-on-a-Chip desktops—minus the hypervisor—with Citrix XenDesktop, HP Moonshot, and AMD. Part 1

            Less really can be more when it comes to desktop virtualization. 180 PC-on-a-Chip desktops—minus the hypervisor—with Citrix XenDesktop, HP Moonshot, and AMD. Part 1 Last week at HP Discover in Barcelona, Spain, HP unveiled a revolutionary new member of the Moonshot platform called the Converged System 100 for Hosted Desktops designed exclusively with AMD for Citrix XenDesktop. This new architecture is unlike anything else the industry ...

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  5. PVS Internals 2 – How to properly size your memory

    I’m really surprised myself, but it’s been already 8 months since I wrote the first part of PVS internals. I’ve been extremely busy recently, so please accept my apologies it took so long to finish the second part of the blog post. In first part, I’ve prepared the theoretical ground for the discussion about proper sizing of the memory. You should already understand the concept of ...

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  6. Last Chance to Register! Citrix Support Secrets Webinar February 21st

    This is your LAST CHANCE to register for this months webinar in the popular Citrix Support Secrets series.  The February webinar covers Planning, Implementing and Troubleshooting Provisioning Services. The webinar will be delivered by one of Citrix Support's top Provisioning Services SME's, so make sure to pop along for the best troubleshooting tips. The webinar takes place on Thursday, 21st February 2013 @ 10am EST/4pm CET. What you will ...

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  7. Register Today! Citrix Support Secrets Webinar – Provisioning Services


    Thanks to everyone who attended our Citrix Support Secrets January webinar covering CloudGateway 2.5 Technical Overview and Troubleshooting.  The on-demand recording is here. Each month we will pick a subject that is hot within the support dept, like a hot/common issue, new Citrix product or tools that make troubleshooting much easier. Previous Webinars available on-demand: Jan 2013 - CloudGateway 2.5 Technical Overview and Troubleshooting Dec 2012 -  Reduce your time to Resolution ...

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  8. The Pagefile Done Right!

    After much internal debate and struggle, I've decided to finally write an article on the pagefile.  Why the struggle?  Because the topic is the Windows paging file...a pretty old concept that I think most folks understand, not to mention virtual memory is a pretty abstract and boring topic so I'm sure to lose a few people along the way.  Then why am I finally writing ...

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  9. PVS Write Cache on local disks – A Real World Experience

    When implementing a Provisioning Services infrastructure the decision about the Write Cache location is one of the most important and therefore one of the most discussed. As I already wrote two blogs about this topic (you can find them here and here) I’ll not bore you with any more theory. Instead this time I’d like to share some practical real world data, of an environment ...

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