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  1. Need to get started on a Low Cost Design for XenDesktop?

    Customized Hardware Recommendations for XenDesktop

    Need to get those last two departments off Windows XP at a low cost? Not sure how to get started securing “mobile” data within budget? Staying away from VDI because of the numerous unknowns and horror stories about hardware cost? Maybe you should take a look at Project Accelerator. This Citrix web application takes direction from you on your “Business Priorities”. If you select “Reducing Cost”, ...

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  2. Project Accelerator’s Powerful New Sizing Table


    Project Accelerator guides users towards a successful deployment of XenDesktop, XenApp and XenClient. It is founded on the Citrix Consulting best practices documented in the Virtual Desktop Handbook and the testing completed by the Citrix Solution Labs team. As you proceed through the web application, you have opportunities to get advice, leverage additional tools, customize your design and receive deliverables tailored to your requirements. We’ve been ...

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  3. Citrix Service Providers Accelerate Hosted Desktop and App Deployments with XenDesktop 7.5

    For Citrix Service Providers, the release of XenDesktop 7.5 and XenApp 7.5 means accelerated application deployments and more rapid delivery of end user hosted desktops and applications. In the fast-moving Desktops-as-a-Service market, the new XenDesktop and XenApp releases give Citrix Service Providers clear advantages. Citrix Service Providers have access to tools to more quickly and accurately implement custom applications into a hosted desktop and application ...

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  4. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Project Accelerator: ready, set, design!”

    Learn about the newest release of Project Accelerator and all the new features it has to offer in order to start customizing your design today! “Customize My Design” is the latest release of Project Accelerator. Citrix Consulting listened and we have delivered 34 new design decisions. These are the toggles, switches and levers you can use to tailor a Citrix XenDesktop architecture to a degree of ...

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  5. Ready, Set, Design!

    change flexcast models

    “Customize My Design”,  the Design release of Project Accelerator is here! We listened to your feedback and have delivered the ability to change FlexCast, application delivery, profiles and over 30 other decisions for your XenDesktop architecture. Across these decisions you will now be able to: Tailor your design to fit organizational and end user needs Visualize how your design "tweaks" affect hardware sizing and architecture On-the-fly comparison of Citrix Recommendations ...

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  6. Microsoft Jumpstart Partners Use Citrix Licenses to Speed XP Migrations

    Microsoft Jumpstart partners want to speed XP migration projects before the April deadline – and bring them in on time and within the scoped budget. Citrix is key to help. Citrix has been offering Jumpstart partners no-charge product licenses to accelerate XP migration projects for some time and just revamped the offer to include even more tools to speed XP migrations as the April 2014 deadline ...

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  7. Virtual Desktops: Building a better mousetrap

    When it comes to building a mouse trap, what is the first thing you think about?  Chances are, you don't think about the gauge of wire you're going to be using, or the tension rates for the springs.  If you're like me you think about the base needs of the mouse, and how you're going to address them in order to attract the mouse to ...

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  8. Attention all Project Accelerator Users

      Have you tried out the Citrix Project Accelerator yet?  If so, we would like to invite you to contribute your expert thoughts and professional feedback on how the tool has helped you with your desktop transformation journey to date.   Our intentions have always been to make your virtualization projects wildly successful and this gives you a chance to let us know how we’re doing.  Both the ...

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  9. How to avoid the 7 pitfalls of desktop virtualization


    When it comes to desktop virtualization, we’ve all messed up. Some of us more than others. But the best among us tend to learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat them.  And the really smart ones learn from others’ mistakes so they don’t have to collect the bruises themselves. That’s the spirit behind our latest eBook for desktop virtualization project teams: The 7 Big, Bad Pitfalls of Desktop ...

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