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  1. In the News: Americas Channel Chief, Rafael Garzon

        Rafael Garzon America's New Channel Chief has had some press coverage that will be interesting to our partners.  SearchITChannel (TechTarget) spoke with Rafael about his channel goals and objectives. Rafael talks to them about his mission, "What I identified as the most important mission is to develop the partners to leverage our high-growth small and medium businesses (SMB) market where we have the biggest opportunity today."...  SMBs are ...

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  2. Service Providers Learn How to Grow Desktops-as-a-Service Revenue with Citrix Summit Business Insight

    Service Providers  predict an 87% growth in Desktops-as-a-Service revenue in the next 12-months.*  But, how can more service providers understand, plan and jump into the hot DaaS market?  Learn more about the Desktops-as-a-Service business -growing, creating and profiting  - at Citrix Summit. Citrix Summit is the premier annual kickoff event for Citrix and the entire global network of Citrix partners – service providers, systems integrators, solution advisors and ...

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  3. Top 6 reasons to visit Ask the Experts at Summit


    Back by popular demand, bigger and better, Ask the Experts is lining up to be one of the biggest attractions at Citrix Summit 2015. Visit the Ask the Experts bar at Citrix Summit for technical advice from our experienced Citrix consultants and architects. Whether your questions are about the latest product enhancements, troubleshooting or best practices, our Experts are ready to provide guidance. Take advantage of ...

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  4. Supporting Citrix HDX and HDX 3D Pro with AMD APUs for Moonshot

    Citrix XenDesktop with HDX Standard and HDX 3D Pro Virtual Desktop Agents (VDA) Deliver an exceptional user experience including high quality multimedia and graphics While most user graphics and application needs will be well handled with HDX Standard, HDX 3D Pro is ideal for supporting higher end application needs such as those that utilize OpenGL, OpenCL, WebGL and newer versions of DirectX 11.   The emergence of newer “physicalized” ...

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  5. What Do Summit Las Vegas and Empathy Have to Do with Each Other?


      Learning about the industry sector your customers are part of and experiencing the "real world" they live in day-to-day. For partners attending the Citrix Summit 2015, one of the last things you likely expect is that colleagues or a spouse will empathize when you arrive home exhausted from the week. Let’s face it, no one receives empathy (or sympathy) when it comes to a Vegas trip. But, let’s ...

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  6. Comping: A New Band of Technical Experts for European Citrix Service Provider Partners

    Introducing Comping, a Finnish based Citrix Service Provider Implementation Partner Service providers that are building or expanding their infrastructures to deliver Hosted Workspaces and Desktops-as-a-Service solutions know that time-to-market is critical in order to get their services into the hands of revenue-generating customers as soon as possible. To do so quickly and efficiently, it is vital to have a deep understanding of the underlying Citrix technologies, the ...

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  7. Why Sign Up to Update Citrix Certifications Right Away?

    Citrix Incentive Programs Will Maximize Your Potential to Profit! Not only that, our up-to-date certification will help ensure that your Citrix projects run smoothly. Update:  Effective July 15, 2015,  there will be changes to the Citrix Solution Advisor Program.  Legacy certifications such as the CCIA and CCEE for Virtualization will no longer count towards program requirements.   Take action!  Make plans now to equip your technical salespeople to earn ...

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  8. Lower Hosted Services Overhead, Speed Desktops-as-a-Service Implementation Time With Insight from Citrix Summit Service Provider Sessions

    Does your managed services provider business aim for faster hosted services go to market with less implementation and support time? Would you like to increase the margin around Desktops-as-a-Service by streamlining backend processes and designing a more scalable service?  Both of these goals may be achievable with the technical staff you have in place today! Teams can learn how at Citrix Summit. Learn the details about ...

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  9. Sandbox. Sessions. Labs. Dive in. The Summit Session Catalog is live!


    The Summit Session Catalog is live! Start building your schedule now: this year’s catalog has a record number of breakout and technical sessions, and the hands-on labs including the Solutions Demo Sandbox offer more intensive training than ever. Everything has been tailored to your role and organized by content type, to give you the strongest start possible in the new sales cycle. Let’s dive in ...

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  10. Passing the Half-Million Seat Milestone for Citrix Service Providers

    During the Citrix Q4 2013 Investor Call you Might Have Picked Up this Detail. It was direct and major reference to our Citrix Service Provider business - where our Service Provider partners are creating profitable recurring-revenue businesses centered around hosting one or more Citrix products, often as Business Ready Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offers. Said COO David Henshall: “… This subscription-based business, now servicing over 500,000 users, again grew more than 50% YoY ...

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