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  1. The New Year Brings New Products and a New Partner Program to Drive Growth and Differentiation


    What an incredible turnout among partners attending Citrix Summit 2015! Thank you partners! In a record turnout, over 4,000 partners and sales employees experienced our premier kickoff event, where they learned about the strategic direction for the new year and aligned their goals and plans. The robust agenda at Summit delivered technical, business and sales training, hands-on labs, certification exams and demos. The experience among attendees also ...

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  2. New XenMobile Partner Guide: Centralized Access To All The XenMobile Resources You Need

    PartnerGuide Thumb

    I’m very pleased to announce to you the launch of the XenMobile Partner Guide, designed to effectively guide Citrix partners to the resources  needed for Citrix XenMobile. The XenMobile Partner Guide provides centralized access to the XenMobile resources you need and is the latest in channel resources available on our dynamic enablement platform, Citrix SalesIQ. Our commitment is to provide a continued investment in our relationship ...

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  3. The Top Five Sessions at Citrix Summit 2015


      It’s taken some time to read through all of your excellent comments and do a final report of post-event surveys about the breakout sessions at Citrix Summit 2015. Success! I’ve come up with a tally of the top five sessions from Las Vegas. Just a note that there are many methods for compiling ratings like these—I’ve chosen to use the amount of buzz these sessions ...

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  4. 5 Reasons to Choose XenMobile WorxMail over Good’s Secure Email for EMM


    According to IDG Enterprise, email is the leading mobile enterprise app that employees depend on to be productive.   Most organizations are looking to address business requirements but in many cases overlook important user requirements and also IT requirements. You can have the most compliant email solution but if it doesn’t deliver a great user experience and give IT and comprehensive and integrated solution you may have ...

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  5. Citrix Summit – Las Vegas – 2015 Off to a Good Start!

    Grow your business and your technical skills at Citrix Summit

      Did You Know…… Las Vegas has over 40 million visitors each year and over 5 million visitors are there to attend a conference? Did you know that Las Vegas hosts over 25,000 conferences annually? Did you know there are over 160,000 hotel rooms? Having recently spent a week in Las Vegas attending Citrix Summit 2015, I learned interesting trivia and fun facts…but more importantly, I was able to learn ...

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  6. Building a DaaS Industry Focus: Citrix Summit Panel on Marketing, Margins, and Maturity

    This past January marked the 2nd year that Citrix Summit devoted an entire track to Citrix Service Providers – and the 2nd year I hosted a panel explaining why Managed Service Providers of hosted workspaces tend to succeed the more they differentiate and focus. Service providers may debate that taking a vertical approach seems counterintuitive – given that many business owners shudder to think they would ...

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  7. Citrix Specialists Stand Out from the Generalist Crowd


    Citrix specialists earn incremental incentives and enhance co-selling with Citrix Sales. Demonstrated technical competency in Citrix solutions is the newest path to business success.  The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is especially relevant in today’s fast-changing and increasingly specialized technology landscape. To increase the likelihood of project success, many customers are avoiding generalists in favor of partners with in-depth technical expertise. They are ...

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  8. Summit Kicks Off the New Year with Innovation and Training


      Thanks to all of you who were able to make it out to Las Vegas for Citrix Summit 2015. I was delighted to see so many familiar faces and have the chance to catch up with you about your successes in 2014—and to talk about moving the needle on sales this year. I’ve heard some positive feedback on a number of great Summit features. Here’s a ...

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  9. [Infographic] Expand your business reach with Citrix Ready

    Citrix Ready

    Citrix Ready is a powerful program for software and hardware vendors as well as other technology firms looking to expand their business reach. By verifying your products and solutions as Citrix Ready, you will have visibility among a wide population of Citrix customers and resellers. Subsequently, this program can help create opportunities for new revenue sources, increased mindshare and improved experience for your customers. Take ...

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  10. Using Video to Market a Desktops-as-a-Service Business


    Video is a powerful medium to deliver fast, fun and informative messages to buyers who want to quickly understand the value of hosted desktops and apps. At Citrix Summit, one of the most popular marketing questions from Citrix service providers was “how can I create a video to market Desktops-as-a-Service?” The Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) market is growing quickly – and Citrix Service Provider-based DaaS solutions provide complete ...

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