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  1. Managed Service Provider or Citrix Service Provider, What’s the Difference?

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    In a word, scale. That's the name of the game, isn't it? Managed Service Providers (or MSPs) provide IT services to both small and large companies. They usually focus on high-quality custom services based on a high degree of IT and Network Engineering. Their contracts to end customers (or subscribers) focus on business solutions customized for bespoke implementations. Low-scale, high-margin term contracts. MSPs have been around ...

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  2. Congratulations to our Channel Enablement Pilot Winners!

    Launched at Summit 2015, the Americas Channel Enablement team created brand new Sales and Technical Learning Paths for partners to stay up to date on product knowledge and leverage the latest selling and positioning strategies. We asked our partners to participate in a pilot and provide their feedback in order to improve these offerings. We received excellent responses and are now working on the next release!  Congratulations ...

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  3. Citrix Specialists Create Customer Delight to Win Deals and Earn Loyalty

    Citrix Specialists create customer delight to win deals and earn loyalty

    How do you transform a tough customer into a delighted and loyal customer? What’s the best way to deliver superior value and satisfaction in the face of high customer expectations and strong market competition? The short answer: become a Citrix Specialist As seamless extensions of Citrix, our partners need to show customers their strong commitment to a successful engagement and a satisfying experience. The best way to do ...

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  4. Concierge Tech Preview is out! The First Real-time Customer Service on the go.

    As we focus on helping organizations transition to mobile, the ability for mobile app users to easily connect and receive “smart", fast and quality service and support from companies is still very challenging and even "retro" in some cases.  We could say the way customers and employees connect with companies hasn’t really changed all that much since the past two decades (watch short video). We’ve made ...

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  5. Intel, Charismathics and Citrix Unlock Virtual Smart Card Authentication

    Citrix endpoints just got more secure. Here is how. Intel launched their Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) in 2012, providing a simple, tamper-resistant method for protecting access to customer and business data from threats and fraud. Intel IPT is now built into all Intel inspired Ultrabook™ devices and the latest business PCs utilizing Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Increased interest in certificate-based authentication brought together Intel and charismathics ...

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  6. Citrix Specialization Is the Talk of the Town

    Citrix Specialization Is the Talk of the Town

    In case you missed the big news announced at Summit, Las Vegas, Citrix has created a new path to partner success – Citrix Specializations, the cornerstone of the new Citrix Solution Advisor program. Citrix Specializations offer partners a new way to achieve business growth, competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction. By demonstrating technical prowess, end-to-end sales capability and service delivery expertise in virtualization, mobility and networking, partners can ...

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  7. Get Ready to Rock Next Week with NetScaler Sessions at Synergy 2015!


      Want to get the dish, first-hand, on the latest and greatest and all that's rockin' with NetScaler? Join us at Synergy 2015 in Orlando next week and Here is the list of NetScaler sessions where you can get the latest in all that's rockin' with NetScaler: SYN212   Software Defined Networking (SDN), delivered by Citrix and Cisco SYN211 Securing the next-gen dynamic datacenter SYN216   Why NetScaler is the best ...

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  8. Citrix Partner Varrow Shares Winning Approach to Mobility Transformation

    Citrix partner Varrow takes a winning approach to mobility transformation

    Like other Citrix Solution Advisors, Varrow sells technology solutions. But the company takes a different road to close the deal. Varrow begins customer engagements with an in-depth business outcomes assessment. Digging down into user workflows, evaluating IT’s readiness to adopt and operate new technology and interviewing senior leaders allows Varrow’s team to determine which solution aligns most closely with the organization’s business requirements. I commend Varrow’s business ...

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  9. Citrix SaaS Integration Marketplace Expands: GoToWebinar Now Integrates with HubSpot


    Citrix GoToWebinar makes it easy to host live events that reach up to 1,000 online attendees. HubSpot is a powerful platform for attracting attendees and converting them to customers. Put the two together and you’ve got a marketing force to be reckoned with. The HubSpot with GoToWebinar integration allows you and your customers to run successful webinars with half the effort. Simply set everything up ahead of time ...

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  10. Americas Channel Recognizes Outstanding SEs

    Citrix Americas Channel recently announced their 2014 SE of the Year Award winner in each Area. These individuals are recognized in for going above and beyond to provide excellent pre-sales and post-sales technical support. The trophies were awarded to: Award  Winner                                 Company Northeast Channel Systems Engineer Keith Morgan Presidio Southeast Channel Systems Engineer Patrick Coble LPS Central Channel Systems Engineer Adam Gamble Sigma West ...

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