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  1. The Way to a Mobility Transformed Business: the Software-defined Workplace

    Hand woman press on touch screen interface

    Marc Andreessen was right—software really is eating the world. While in the past office productivity was determined by physical constraints, with people tethered to specific zones of productivity like buildings and desktop computers, we’ve moved beyond that now. Software can take us beyond those limitations to do what we need to do, when and where we need to do it. A car becomes a conference room ...

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  2. Citrix advertising campaign takes on the competition

    awareness campaign

    If you’re flying through Chicago, San Francisco or New York City airports this month, look for high-profile Citrix advertisements spotlighting mobile workspaces in ORD, SFO and JFK. Or, check out print and online ads in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CIO, Forbes, Fortune, Wired, The Register, Computerwoche.de, TechTarget, silicon.de and IDG websites. Our “New Ways to Work Better” campaign is designed to raise awareness about the mobile workspace and ...

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  3. Lower EMM Deployment Cost and Complexity with XenMobile Cloud

    XenMobile Cloud Powers EMM

    While most organizations recognize the need to manage and control mobile apps and devices, many companies lack the resources and infrastructure needed to handle the growing number of devices and apps in their environment. Cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions address this challenge by providing more flexibility, ease of management and lower TCO.   Before you select an EMM Cloud provider it’s important that you are able ...

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  4. Kick-start a successful 2015 with Citrix Summit

    Kick-start a successful 2015 with Citrix Summit

    In 2014, we saw the incredible value of kicking off the year with sales teams and partners together. We’re expanding on that at Summit 2015, immersing partners and sales teams in the Citrix sales framework for intensive training that I believe will accelerate your growth and profitability for the new year. I hope you’ll join me at Summit, to be held at The Venetian | The ...

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  5. Giving your customer more by using Citrix Insight Services (TaaS)

    Giving your customer more by using Citrix Insight Services (TaaS)

    What was once a tool for only Citrix Technical Support is now available to partners, customers and anyone using Citrix products. All you need to use Citrix Insight Services (TaaS) is a My Citrix login and data to analyze. Getting the data to upload is really simple: XenApp 7.5, XenDektop 7.5, NetScaler, and XenServer have the components to create the data bundle and upload it, and ...

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  6. Service Providers Enable Bring Your Own Active Directory Identity for Desktops-as-a-Service using CloudPortal Services Manager ADSync

    CPSM blog feature image black

    In the IT world, decision makers find themselves choosing between two options for servicing IT needs, traditional on-premises deployed IT and IT-as-a-service from a service provider. Businesses are flocking to the IT-as-a-service model that provides better cost elasticity and the ability to accurately predict IT spend. However, organizations are hesitant to abandon the investment made in on-premises in hardware, software and processes that are paid ...

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  7. Service Providers Scale and Streamline Desktops-as-a-Service with CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5 Release

    CloudPortal Services Manager

    For growing service providers, manually managing individual hosted services offerings and users is time consuming. Time is money, especially for a service provider. Click to tweet Scaling a business while delighting customers requires an efficient, streamlined approach to provisioning services, enabling users, and configuring resources.  A new release of Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager brings impressive features to the comprehensive control panel used by service providers to manage ...

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  8. Citrix Partner Hubbub: September Partner Spotlight featuring RKON Technologies

    Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.37.15 AM

    RKON Technologies identified a major business opportunity in EMM – in particular, assisting large enterprises that are hesitant to adopt new technologies because they lack internal skills and bandwidth. “We saw a severe shortage of IT consultants able to design, implement and manage a complete mobility solution.” With the goal of filling this market need, RKON evaluated different solutions and found XenMobile Enterprise was the ...

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  9. Americas Channel Blog – September 2014

    Hello, I am Rafael Garzon and this is my inaugural blog as the new Americas Channel Chief. My role As Managing Director, Americas Channel, I will be responsible for driving the successful Partner go-to-market strategy and execution for the Americas Geo.  It’s my job to work closely with the Citrix channel to enable our partners to provide end-to-end solutions for your customers and prospects. My vision for the ...

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  10. Accelerate your ADC conversations. All-new partner marketing resources now live.

    NetScaler outperforms.

    Today's modern enterprises face so many new requirements for datacenter and cloud architectures - from keeping pace with fast-growing traffic as cost effectively as possible to ensuring the most optimal application performance, no matter how quickly the needs of the business environment evolve. So what does that mean, in turn, for the IT department? Well,  IT also gets the added duty of reducing costs and ...

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