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  1. Citrix Synergy Delivers Networking and Technical Training with Great Partner Promotions


      Stay on top of the latest innovations: Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12-14, is a mid-year opportunity to evaluate new Citrix product releases and expand on the training from Citrix Summit 2015 in January. Partners, join your colleagues and bring your customers for three days of technical breakout sessions, labs and special programs to enhance your professional development. Catalog Is Live: Explore New Sessions The core ...

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  2. LPS Integration Leads as one of the First Citrix Specialists

    LPS Integration leads as one of the first Citrix Specialists

    As soon as Citrix Specializations were launched at Summit, LPS Integration was off and running. ‘We’ve been waiting a long time for something like Citrix Specializations,” said Patrick Coble, Citrix director for LPS. “We hoped for a demanding path to demonstrate partners’ technical competencies, similar to Cisco’s well-respected CCIE Labs. Now that Citrix Specializations are available, we’re going all out, completing each requirement as quickly as ...

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  3. Seizing the Moment at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2015

    MS Hosting and Cloud Summit 2015

      What I love about Microsoft is the beautiful marketing machine that knows how to create a spectacle, always on message, and always on point. So at first I found it a little odd that the theme for this year’s Microsoft Hosting Summit had the rather innocuous tagline of “Seize the Moment.” At the time I struggled to find the context.  Of course, I knew what it ...

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  4. AMR Asia Aims To Double Revenues With Cloud & Mobile Workspace Solutions

    AMR Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is taking full advantage of strong customer interest in both mobility and cloud hosting to power its growth goals. The company aims to double its revenues in two years by cross-selling and upselling the complete Citrix portfolio to its base of 300 enterprise customers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. In addition, AMR Asia has taken the lead in virtual private cloud ...

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  5. New NetScaler MPX 25000T Series Released!


    As planned, Citrix introduces new NetScaler MPX 25000T series of hardware-based appliances targeted for those customers needing 100+ Gbps of throughput capacity, but with light SSL offload capabilities.  The new platform will consist of two models, namely the 25100T and 25160T with 100Gbps and 160 Gbps of throughput respectively.  These new offerings support “Pay As You Grow” and Burst Pack license upgrades. These new 25000T series ...

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  6. Microsoft SPLA Partners Accelerate Revenue Growth, Customer Expansion with Citrix Hosted Desktops

      The secret is out: Microsoft RDS licensers are driving additional revenue with the addition of Citrix hosted workspaces. Next week at Microsoft Hosting Summit, Citrix is a Platinum Sponsor, keen to help current Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) partners expand their current hosting business.  Leaders of top service provider and ISV firms from around the world come together in Redmond to learn about -          trends for ...

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  7. Organize Your Data with ‘Unifyle’ – A Citrix Ready Worx Verified App!

    Varied data sources lead to varied access issues and add to the existing security threats. Read how you can securely as well as conveniently organize your data. There are a lot of new technologies coming up to help users have easy access to their desktop and their applications, making it easier for IT admins to roll out applications to the users.  In the last decade, user ...

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  8. Take Your First Step Towards Citrix Specializations with Customer Validations


        Do you know what can single handedly tip the scale for your business’s brand and image? It’s customer satisfaction. Customer testimonials and reviews can validate vital information regarding service and performance and may even gauge future success. At Citrix, Customer Satisfaction and Experience are Top Priorities. We want to ensure customers find the right solutions and derive the maximum value from them – and our partners are ...

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  9. Desktops-as-a-Service and Hosted Workspace Demos Made Easy for Citrix Service Provider Partners

    Turn-Key Demo Tools to Help Drive your Hosting Business One of the top sales tools used by Citrix partners are well-executed solution oriented demos that captivate the audience and generate an “I want that” from customers. Done right, a great hosted workspace demo allows a customer to really experience how the solutions can solve their specific challenges, fit into their daily life and even open new ...

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  10. Service Providers Deliver Custom-Branded Hosted Workspace Experiences with CloudPortal Services Manager – Part I


    How to customize the CloudPortal Brand to match a Citrix Service Provider's  corporate identity Citrix Service Providers use CloudPortal Services Manager, a comprehensive control panel, to manage the provisioning of cloud-based desktops, to increase scale and operating efficiency while reducing management costs. Citrix knows it’s critical for Service Providers to leverage their company and service brand when delivering solutions to end customers. The portal is an essential access ...

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