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  1. JANOG 35

    Citrixは、JANOG35にプラチナスポンサーとして協賛しています。 展示コーナーでは、昨年末にリリースしましたNetScaler Control Center(OpenStackとNetScalerのPlug-in)を利用し、OpenStackとのIntegrationを展示しています。 昨今のネットワークの仮想化とプライベートクラウドの増加は、ハードウエアの投資を抑制するメリットを持ちながらも、一方でデータセンター環境の複雑さももたらしています。 この複雑さには、プロビジョニング、設定変更、構成管理、パフォーマンス管理などが含まれます。クラウドオーケストレーションのソリューションはこれらの複雑さを軽減することが可能になります。 NetScaler Control Centerについての詳細は下記より参照できます。 Citrix eDocs: http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/ns-solutions-10-5/ncc-intro-wrapper-con.html OpenStack LBaaS: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/LBaaS/NetScaler

  2. DevNet Shines at GSX

    The Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) annual conference happened last week in Las Vegas and the event was packed with great participants and amazing technical content. One area extremely popular was their DevNet zone hosted in the Mandalay Bay Islander auditoriums, where developer-centric topics took center stage. Folks from all regions of the world and different development backgrounds, interacted in this two day event, where ...

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  3. [Webinar] Citrix to highlight NetScaler orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS

    Demo Friday: Citrix demonstrates fully orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS in a multi-tenant environment using OpenStack, NetScaler Control Center and NetScaler SDX. Original Event Date: August 08, 2014 Event Time: 10:00 am, PDT Check the time in your location Duration: 1 hr/s 0 min/s Agenda/Description: Summary:In this demo, you'll learn how you NetScaler delivers ADCaaS in an OpenStack environment. The demo shows how a service provider can use NetScaler Control Center to fully automate the ...

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  4. HPC Cloud enablement using XenServer, OpenStack and NVIDIA GRID GPUs – XLcloud

    A few weeks my colleague Bob, blogged (here) about how GPU-passthrough on XenServer under OpenStack had been achieved by the xlcloud project. This is a delightful demonstration of Citrix’s open technology stance. Although Citrix has heavily invested in CloudStack, over the last few years we have remained active in OpenStack development. You can find out more about building products using XenServer as the hypervisor using ...

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  5. Accelerated GPU with XenServer and OpenStack

    I'm thrilled to have been assisting the folk over at Bull SAS who have been working on a fascinating project called XLcloud. XLcloud is a french collaboration project between a number of organisations aiming to create a reference architecture for a High Performance Cloud Computing system based on OpenStack. Of particular interest to Citrix is the requirement to use XenServer as the hypervisor due to ...

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  6. DevStack virtual appliance for XenServer

    The easiest way to get started with OpenStack development is to use DevStack. DevStack is a collection of shell scripts that help to set up an OpenStack installation. This installation is not typically used in production, but it serves as an environment to hack OpenStack - as hackability is important in OpenStack. DevStack can also be useful if you want to experiment with OpenStack. If your ...

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  7. Citrix to Showcase Cloud Security and Client Virtualization Solutions at IDF13

    This week at Intel Developer Forum 13 in San Francisco, Citrix will be partnering with Intel to showcase new technology solutions. Citrix will also participate in the Intel Embracing Consumerization Panel, an executive discussion featuring technology visionaries from leading companies to discuss the business impact and opportunity from the accelerating consumerization of IT trend. Citrix continues to deliver on the promise of highly secure client virtualization solutions for enterprises while ensuring a ...

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  8. Register Today for Xen Project User Summit on Sept. 18 in New Orleans

    Linux stable tree maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman to give Featured Talk The Xen Project is pleased to announce the sessions which will be presented at the 2013 Xen Project User Summit. Scheduled for September 18 in New Orleans, the Xen Project User Summit is the first major event focused entirely on users of the Xen Project software. While there have been other Xen Summits in the past, ...

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  9. OpenStack – XenServer – type Image to Volume

    A story of supporting XenServer Images in cinder - converting a vhd chain to a raw volume. In tempest test suite, there are some test cases around creating a volume from an image. On the Cinder side this basically means to get the image, ask qemu-img to recognise its format, and to convert it to raw, and write the raw bytes to the volume. With XenServer, this ...

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  10. OpenStack Networking (Quantum) on XenServer – from Notworking to Networking

    Quantum, OpenStack Networking is getting more important, as it gives much more flexibility to the cloud users than its predecessor, Nova network. If you are interested in the details, look at the wiki page of the project. I highly recommend the videos, as they were very useful for me during my journey to the world of OpenStack Networking. The introductory details will also explain ...

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