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  1. New NetScaler MPX 25000T Series Released!


    As planned, Citrix introduces new NetScaler MPX 25000T series of hardware-based appliances targeted for those customers needing 100+ Gbps of throughput capacity, but with light SSL offload capabilities.  The new platform will consist of two models, namely the 25100T and 25160T with 100Gbps and 160 Gbps of throughput respectively.  These new offerings support “Pay As You Grow” and Burst Pack license upgrades. These new 25000T series ...

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  2. Results from the Citrix Education Networking Quiz!


        Congratulations to all who completed the Networking pop quiz from Citrix Education! In late January, we started a 3 quiz series - first starting with a quiz focused on Virtualization, and most recently about Networking. Our last pop quiz on Mobility starts soon, but more on that later. All participants received 15% off a Citrix Education eLearning course, and we selected two winners of each quiz ...

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  3. Citrix End-User Experience Survey


    Partners/Resellers/Distributors/CSPs/Consultants: Please share this blog or link with your customers or if you have non-technical colleagues, your organization could participate too!   Customers! We’d like to ask your help with a survey aimed at evaluating the Citrix-delivered app or desktop user experience for users within your organization who are on XenApp or XenDesktop versions 6.5 and above. This is a chance for Citrix users in your company to ...

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  4. Protect Your NetScaler From Disaster With Call Home!


        NetScaler is an incredibly versatile networking appliance. The amount of features it contains combined with the speed and reliability it provides while performing tasks is truly incredible. Thousands of companies around the world depend on NetScaler every day for delivery of business-critical workloads. However, as with any technology, problems can and do occur. Appliances can exhibit disruptions for a variety of reasons including both software and hardware ...

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  5. Take the Networking Pop Quiz & Win Big!


    Not a virtualization wiz? No problem. We continue our series of quizzes with our second quiz, focusing on Networking. Think you know NetScaler? Prove it! Take our 10 question quiz and you may be one of the lucky winners of a FREE eLearning course from Citrix Education. All participants will receive 15% off an eLearning course, but there’s less than 2 weeks left – so ...

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  6. How to Prevent a DOS Via User Lockouts at NetScaler Gateway

    Before we begin let me first say… "All NetScaler Gateway landing page customizations are unsupported. Changing the NetScaler Gateway landing page will cause you to have an unsupported environment. I do not condone malicious attempts to lockout user accounts. The purpose of this article is to highlight a current risk and mitigation steps." Now that that is out of the way, let’s start with the customizations ;-) The ...

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  7. Application Firewall Signatures Download Script


    The following blog article is a result of experience gained in the field.  The CTX138858 article which features the signature auto update feature of application firewall.  This process is pretty seamless and straight forward if the NetScalers have access to the internet, but can become problematic if they do not have internet access.  The article outlines the process of how to manually download the required ...

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  8. Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.6 Administrator’s Survey


    Calling Customers and Partners! Do you have experience using XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6 in either pilot or production environment?  Have you assisted in the design, deployment, or ongoing management of the product? If yes, Citrix would love to hear from you!     Share Your Feedback This is your chance to share your assessment of the latest product release directly with Citrix Product Management and Design teams. This survey is intended ...

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  9. NetScaler Policies – Simplifies Client-IP Insertion on Backend


    As the CDN networks and Secure Web Gateways grow in terms of practical usage, it becomes even more challenging to preserve the Client-IP throughout the path to the last leg. We get this question often.  We addressed it directly in this 2012 blog post: (http://blogs.citrix.com/2012/08/31/using-tcp-options-for-client-ip-insertion/). What we did not cover was the actual implementation of this concept as how one can read the IP address ...

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  10. Citrix Specialists Stand Out from the Generalist Crowd


    Citrix specialists earn incremental incentives and enhance co-selling with Citrix Sales. Demonstrated technical competency in Citrix solutions is the newest path to business success.  The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is especially relevant in today’s fast-changing and increasingly specialized technology landscape. To increase the likelihood of project success, many customers are avoiding generalists in favor of partners with in-depth technical expertise. They are ...

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