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  1. Register Now! Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment

    I am pleased to announce details of the April 2014 Support Secrets Webinar. The April 2014 webinar will cover: Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment. As a XenMobile administrator, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your XenMobile environment is up and running smoothly. In this webinar, the presenter will guide you through successfully enrolling mobile devices and helping the administrator have full control over a BYOD environment. A successful device ...

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  2. Using Cloud PKI Providers for XenMobile WorxHome Cert Authentication Part 2

    In my previous post , we went over the Symantec PKI integration..  on this Part 2 we will configure and review the Netscaler configuration in order to provide NS Gateway Cert Base Authentication to Worx Home and Enterprise Store.   Cheers! Albert     http://youtu.be/0YRTiLG8IZQ  

  3. XenMobile: WorxWeb Single Sign On with NetScaler

    WorxWeb is the mobile web browser, deployed as part of your XenMobile deployment. In a manner similar to WorxMail (the secure mobile mail client), WorxWeb provides seamless and secure access to your entire set of corporate HTTP / HTTPS resources. WorxWeb is a great example of our MDX technology. With MDX, we take a native mobile application, wrap it with our MDX technology, and provide a ...

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  4. XenMobile 8.6 maintenance release deep dive

    XenMobile 8.6 maintenance release is focused on the client components, these will be available on January 6, 2014.  These components include Worx Home, WorxMail, WorxWeb, and the MDX Toolkit.  Let's walk through the items that are addressed: WorxWeb, WorxMail, and Worx Home bug fixes and stability enhancements A number of customer and internally QA reported bugs and stability issues were prioritized for this release.  This included things ...

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  5. The Next Frontier: Mobilizing Legacy Enterprise Apps

    Companies have been struggling with mobilizing their technology and workforce. Over the last ten years, most have rolled out wireless access to email and web browsing, but many seem stuck on what to do next. Users have found success in adopting consumer-designed apps to support enterprise mobile data (think TripIt, Evernote or Dropbox), but most companies are struggling on identifying the next killer enterprise app ...

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  6. Worx Home iOS version 8.5.1 release

    Worx Home for iOS version 8.5.1 has released to iTunes.  This maintenance release addresses the following items: Single SignOn to the ShareFile application Upgrade from 7.1 client to 8.5 – There are several customers that skipped a release of the client.  This is not a supported scenarios, but we addressed.  The supported clients are n-1. App Store name change to "Worx Home by Citrix" - As many of ...

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  7. Citrix NetScaler Gateway 10.1: Simplification

    If you are a Citrix NetScaler Gateway (earlier referred to as Access Gateway) customer, or have followed some of the recent evolution of the product, I bet you have seen our commitment to product simplification. In December 2012, we launched a wizard that let you set up access to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop/CloudGateway in a very easy manner. That wizard helped a lot of you with your ...

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  8. Enterprise Mobility Management and the snap-in approach

    Enterprise Mobility Management is so much more than MDM or MAM or MCM (you pick your favorite 3 letter acronym - maybe even create a few new ones) The basic task of mobility management is building an increasingly efficient workforce, with improving levels of productivity, leveraging tools that simplify the operational complexity of providing a connected experience, that makes this vision a reality. For a ...

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  9. Access Gateway powers MDX technologies for secure mobility and BYOD

    Mobility is hot! Every enterprise wants to go BYOD. Employees are loving it, Execs are loving it, and IT is confused. Fear not, cause Citrix Access Gateway (as a part of Citrix XenMobile) is here to help. If you have followed enterprise mobility over the last few months, there is no way you are not aware of all the super cool stuff that’s happening around Citrix ...

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  10. What Star Trek can teach us about Enterprise Mobility

    CitrixEBC (25b)

    Being on the Starship Enterprise was like being in the workplace of the future. In fact the Enterprise operated with the same challenges that enterprises face today. Everyone had lots of devices, needed access to lots of different apps and desktops from these devices, and the ability to share data and do this with complete security and control. On top of that, everyone wanted the ...

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