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  1. Improved Diagnostic and Support is now available in the Receiver for Mac 11.9

    Receiver for Mac Logging

    It's here! The long-awaited Receiver for Mac 11.9 has been released. Along with full support for OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), a simplified Desktop Viewer and a nice redesign of the multiple monitor support, I am most excited about the improved diagnostic logging and support.     Previously, to enable logging in the Receiver for Mac, the user had to run complex commands at the Terminal window on the Mac. With ...

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  2. Enhanced Logging coming to Receiver for Mac 11.9

    Enable Receiver for Mac Logging

    In an effort to improve troubleshooting and reduce resolution time Citrix has enhanced logging to the next release of the Receiver for Mac version 11.9. For starters, enabling Logging has been added to the Preferences tab, instead of using complex commands at the Terminal window.   For Session Logging, there is an option for Connection Diagnostic or Full. For Store Logging, there is a Normal or Verbose level. If ...

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  3. Announcing Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2!

    DesktopPlayer for Mac MacBook

    Earlier this year, Citrix released DesktopPlayer for Mac, a client virtualization solution that allows users to run Windows virtual desktops locally on Mac devices. DesktopPlayer works with XenDesktop to give users the freedom to use their corporate or BYO MacBook in the workplace by providing access to their desktops, apps and data anywhere, anytime – whether they are online, offline, or even experiencing poor connectivity. ...

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  4. Logging and troubleshooting in Citrix Receiver: Mac, iOS, Android

    As a member of Citrix Technical Support for over a decade, I’m proud to share some valuable and often overlooked information to help you quickly pinpoint problems and resolve your Citrix Receiver issues effectively.  Several Citrix components offer important diagnostic data. Since most connection scenarios touch several Citrix products, this debug data is often located across several independent products. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Offer CDF Tracing CDF ...

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  5. Hot Off the Presses – Doug Brown Releases BYO How to Guide for DesktopPlayer for Mac

    If you've ever met industry authority Doug Brown, you instantly get a sense of his passion for virtualization and computing. That passion translates into in-depth technology analysis. Over his career, he's covered a host of products providing detailed step-by-step guides to help IT shops achieve successful trials and deployments. Well, Doug's at it again -- this time for DesktopPlayer for Mac. Earlier this week, Doug released ...

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  6. Happy 30th Birthday, Mac, here’s to another 30 years!

    The Macintosh computer was first introduced in 1984 and what a journey it has been for this iconic line of personal computers. When the Mac debuted, it introduced an intuitive point-and-click user interface with drop-down menus. Today, the MacBook Air is widely recognized for its long battery life and slick design and the new Mac Pro desktop may be the fastest personal computer in the ...

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  7. Citrix Announces DesktopPlayer for Mac: A Solution to Help Enterprise IT Administrators Manage Corporate and BYO Macs

        Today, Citrix officially launches DesktopPlayer for Mac. This milestone release marks the extension of desktop virtualization to corporate and BYO MacBooks with no network dependency. DesktopPlayer runs locally on top of Mac OS X to make Windows virtual desktops more manageable, reliable and secure for IT while offering increased freedom and flexibility for end users.   Ease of Use and Convenience for Mac Users – Employees who bring ...

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  8. End User Computing: Thinking and Managing To The Whole Enterprise


    The growth of mobile in the enterprise is clear, but the management and security of mobile users and devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops is still a bit hazy for some IT professionals. Today, the majority of enterprise IT work in silos. Many have separate divisions between traditional computing devices (desktops and laptops) and handheld devices (tablets and smartphones). In most companies, handheld devices are ...

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  9. Citrix on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

    ARP Validation Feature Overview Recently OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) was released. Along with this release, one of the un-mentioned features was a new security function that was put in place. This new feature performs validation of ARP requests, which results in unicast ARP requests. These requests will time-out if the gateway on the host does not receive a timely response. Basically, it tries to validate if the ...

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  10. What’s new with Access Gateway MAC Plug-in release 2.1.4

    The new Citrix Access Gateway Appliance release brings along with it the new MAC plug-in release 2.1.4. MAC OS, along with Microsoft Windows, are the two main desktop platforms supported by Citrix Access Gateway for full SSL Tunnel. The AG plug-in is most commonly used in tandem with Citrix Receiver, to provide access to your virtual applications and desktops, provided by XenApp & XenDesktop ...

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