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  1. Talkboard Update: Audio, Importing and More Languages

      In September of last year, Bernd Christiansen, CTO of Citrix SaaS Division, announced Talkboard, a new mobile app that makes it easy and enjoyable for visual thinkers to collaborate and communicate on the go. Talkboard helps you capture ideas as they come and work with colleagues to complete. You can work together, live and literally on the same page. Content is saved to the cloud ...

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  2. Are iOS devices putting your business at risk?


    Wildly popular from the executive suite to the back office, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are the devices that launched a thousand bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. For IT, there’s a lot to love about the inherent security of the walled-garden iOS ecosystem. But don’t get complacent; iOS devices can still expose your business assets to risk. Here’s what you need to know about iOS security—and how to ...

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  3. How IT can securely control Android and iOS devices


    Android and iOS mobile devices— including smartphones, tablets and everything in between—have transformed enterprise computing, providing new mobility and flexibility for people and IT. At the same time, they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information.  Read on and attend our upcoming webinar to get best practices on how IT can securely embrace mobility, consumer devices and BYOD. Instead of seeking ...

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  4. 12 Monitoring Products for Citrix XenServer – including options for hybrid infrastructure and mobile, XenDesktop, Cloud, iPad

    With the vast amount of interest new and unrivalled features such as vGPU are attracting. I’m increasingly meeting new customers to Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop interested in monitoring functionality not only for these two products but other Citrix products such as Netscaler but their existing hypervisors and physical servers. Many of our customers say it is important to them that they protect themselves by retaining the ...

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  5. iOS 7 is here, and a new Citrix Receiver is required … So how do I know who to tell?

    So, the new iOS 7 is here , and it requires(read "only supports") the new Citrix Receiver 5.8.3. Some of my users will take the initial prompt and update the iOS immediately, and then find they can no longer access their XenApp Published applications; others may decline the prompt out of uncertainty of how it will affect their iPhone/iPad apps. I want both of these groups ...

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  6. Introducing Talkboard: Drawing Your Way to Group Collaboration

    One of the benefits of being a CTO is working with individuals and teams across Citrix to solve the simple to the complex problems our customers face.  I get amazing pride in watching teams push the boundaries and challenge the norm. Recently, Frederic Mayot and Matt Anderson took on the task to explore one of the oldest forms of communications and collaboration - handwriting.  The ...

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  7. Transform your desktop & apps for BYOD at Synergy 2012 Barcelona

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    IT wants to serve employees, do what’s right for the business, and be more efficient and strategic themselves…having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution can help them do this. A well thought out BYOD solution can allow you to:  Empower employees to choose their own devices, which in turn means improved productivity and mobility and competitive advantage for your organization BYOD done right also means you develop a strategy to ...

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  8. Empower your workforce with Citrix mobile workstyles at Synergy 2012 Barcelona


    Let’s face it…embracing the consumerization of IT is downright scary. Executives and employees are bringing new devices into the workplace at an unbelievable pace. Everyone wants to be mobile but fail to understand the security implications that come with it. No worries - the workplace of the future is here today! Still you ask: Which types of technologies are needed for mobile device support? Which applications can I ...

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  9. To BYOD or not to BYOD…That is the question!


    Dwight D. Eisenhower once famously said that “plans are nothing; planning is everything”.  Planning for BYOD is key to ensuring your organization is prepared for the influx of consumer devices executives, employees and contractors are bringing into the workplace. In fact, 94% of organizations plan to put some form of BYOD policy in place by mid-2013. They know they must adapt and come up with ...

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  10. Facebook Contest Winner: The Mobile Workstyle of a Modern-Day Firefighter

    For the past few weeks on the Citrix Facebook page we’ve been asking people to show us their Top 5 Essentials for Working on the Go. We received hundreds of submissions – you can check out some of our favorites here – but in the end, only one was worthy of winning the Ultimate Working on the Go Prize Package of: Two $1,000 United Airline travel ...

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