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  1. Framehawk will take our HDX technology to the limit!

    How will Citrix's acquisition of Framehawk benefit desktop virtualization users? It will take our HDX technology to the limit! Industry analyst Gunnar Berger recorded a video some months ago that shows the amazing performance of Framehawk. Integrate that with the Citrix HDX technologies and you truly get the freedom to work effectively regardless of location or device, even under extremely adverse network conditions. Never ...

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  2. NYS HCR gives thanks for secure app access from Citrix

    New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) provides affordable housing to constituents across the state. Understanding its mission helps Citrix to provide the most comprehensive solution available to meet HCR’s needs. HCR is made up of multiple renewal agencies that include finance and development, housing preservation, and community renewal. In order to serve these constituents more efficiently, IT needs to be able to streamline ...

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  3. Citrix NetScaler Gateway 10.1: Simplification

    If you are a Citrix NetScaler Gateway (earlier referred to as Access Gateway) customer, or have followed some of the recent evolution of the product, I bet you have seen our commitment to product simplification. In December 2012, we launched a wizard that let you set up access to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop/CloudGateway in a very easy manner. That wizard helped a lot of you with your ...

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  4. Monitoring of XenDesktop 7 with Director and EdgeSight, taking it to the next level

    (Co-authored with Lisa Green-Berlin and Jon Eugenio) As we move from the EdgeSight console to Director as our troubleshooting pane of glass, many questions arise.  This article will answer those questions and bring to light the functionality that is gained with a complete Director/EdgeSight monitoring solution. The monitoring team has provided a simple document that walks you through the design, setup and functionality of our updated monitoring ...

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  5. Want to improve your XenApp XenDesktop end-user experience? Learn how… at Synergy!


    If your users are complaining about applications being slow and you would like to move from here:             to:           Come join us at Citrix Synergy to learn about our exciting solution – NetScaler Insight Center with HDX Insight! In my recent blog (HDX Insight: Finally a solution from Citrix for Citrix!), I wrote about HDX Insight. HDX Insight is powerful tool that provided end-to-end user experience visibility for Citrix ...

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  6. HDX Insight: Finally a solution from Citrix for Citrix!

    The recent movement in mobility and virtualization has made it difficult for IT to instrument their network and technology infrastructure. Citrix customers  delivering virtual applications (XenApp) and desktops (XenDesktop) to their mobile users have faced similar challenge. Administrators had never been able to gain deep packet level visibility into ICA. HDX Insight will change this! HDX Insight is powerful tool that provided end-to-end user experience visibility for ...

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