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  1. Convert your Cowboy Consumers to BYOD Champions at Citrix Synergy

    Cowboy Consumer

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know by now about the Consumerization of IT. Let’s face facts…you probably have a couple of cowboy consumers in your organization…literal outlaws…running around using personal devices and consumer apps with wanton disregard for security and compliance. What’s worse is that some of these lawbreakers may even be executives! Don’t blame them…it’s not their fault that IT ...

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  2. Shorten your mobility sales cycle at Citrix Summit


    A lot of vendors claim to have a comprehensive solution for BYOD, MDM, MIM, MAM, COPE, EMM and every other acronym you can think of when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. But, do they? Is it a fully integrated solution? Are the solutions components aware of each other? Any good mobility solution addresses the following factors: Any Device Device Management Secure Mail & Web Network & Security SSO & ID Management Mobile ...

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  3. Developing a Global Approach to Business Continuity


    Being founded in South Florida probably made it inevitable that Citrix would understand the importance of business continuity. If there is one thing being in South Florida teaches you is that business disruptions will happen, it’s not a matter of if…it’s when. In October 2012 the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season hit the east coast affecting 24 states including New Jersey.  ...

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  4. Geek Speak Live! Cheat Sheet (Tweet Sheet)


      Hello World! (I'm a geek. I had to say it on my first blog post; didn't I?) OK. So I've been here since the end of November and this is my first blog post. (Can I claim super busy-ness? Please?) Why am I posting now? After 5 months? Well, I've been learning my way around Citrix, meeting a ton of new people and getting up to speed. Oh. Yes. There’s an ...

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  5. Simply Serve @ Synergy – Give back and make a difference!

    GDI 2012 word cloud updated white

    Citrix has always understood the importance of giving back to our communities. Today, being a good corporate citizen is more important than ever, as customers, employees, business partners, and even investors have higher expectations of the role business can play in helping to solve social problems. Citrix believes in a world where people can experience work and life in harmony. Inventing and delivering fantastic technologies is ...

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  6. Drop in and talk to the VDI-in-a-Box experts with our exclusive partner “clinics”

    That's right – if you're a Citrix partner you can get direct access to the VDI-in-a-Box experts through our Partner Office Hours.  Each week experts will be on-hand to answer your sales, licensing or technical questions in a live discussion – join early to ensure your questions are top of the pile! When: Wednesdays, 9:30am - 10:30am PST  Recurrence: Weekly Audience: Citrix Partners  Topics: Anything and everything VDI-in-a-Box related  Register here Wait – there's more! ...

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  7. Register Now! Live Webinar: How to Prepare your Business for Hurricane Season

    disaster recovery hurircanes business continuity

    Join us for a Solution Webinar this Wednesday, December 19 at 2PM ET/11:00AM PT. Hurricanes are just one of many disruptions that can have an impact on your business, and this past hurricane season reminds us all how damaging they can be. To prepare for a hurricane and ensure business continuity under any circumstance, you need a well thought-out, continually updated and tested plan. While most ...

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  8. Don’t Miss out! Register Now for this Live BYOD Webinar

    Tablets and smartphones -10.26.11

    JOIN this webinar Tuesday, October 23rd and find out how to assess your users, apps and environment for BYOD. The reality today is that people are bringing their own devices into the workplace and IT must find a way to manage the consumerization of IT. As a result, organizations are establishing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. When business information is accessed by user-owned, consumer-grade devices, the right technology ...

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  9. Learn “What’s Next for Mobility” from Who’s Who in South Florida Technology


    South Florida is rich in mobile tech history…In fact, 20 years ago the first SmartPhone was developed in Florida. Truth be told Florida has always been on the cutting edge of being mobile and productive at the same time…think Don Johnson driving a Ferrari while on a mobile phone in Miami Vice. Be in the front row as the South Florida Technology Alliance and Chris Fleck, ...

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  10. Assister gratuitement à Citrix Synergy Barcelone, c’est simple comme un tweet !

    Pourquoi souhaitez-vous assister à Citrix Synergy ? Est-ce parce que c’est un événement  majeur qui vous permet d’apprendre et d’échanger avec des experts venus des quatre coins du monde ? Est-ce pour participer à quelques unes des nombreuses sessions de formation qui s’y tiendront ou pour tout savoir des dernières tendances et technologies dans les domaines du Cloud , de la mobilité , de la virtualisation de postes et des réseaux ...

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