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  1. Event Report: Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) March 6, 2015


    Report provided by: Wilco van Bragt Stuurgroep / Steering Group Dutch Citrix User Group – DUCUG On March 6 the Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) organized the first meeting of 2015, the seventh in total. The event was held at Dell HQ in Amsterdam, on behalf of our attendees, we’d like to thank Dell for having us.         The event was opened by the steering group Chairman, Jon Jager, ...

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  2. Navigating the sea of technology options: Top trends from EDUCAUSE 2014

      Another great year at EDUCAUSE! I love having the opportunity to connect with education leaders—hearing the successes, challenges, and opportunities from different schools across the world, and this year I certainly noticed a change. Throughout 2012 and 2013, there was a rush for schools to become more innovative on many levels—technology, curriculum, programs. It was a fantastic push in the right direction. Schools were getting creative ...

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  3. Mobile devices, live demos and product experts, oh my!

    Hurry, hurry step right this way! Come see the greatest show on earth with amazing live demos, chats with product experts and much, much more! Some might not agree with my comparison between the Solutions Expo at Citrix Synergy and a circus, but there are a good number of similarities. You go to the circus to see amazing acts and ne amazed by the latest tricks. ...

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  4. Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program – Accelerate the deployment of enterprise ready mobile apps


      In today’s environment, enterprise IT organizations are faced with a number of tools and complex tasks when it comes to securely enabling enterprise-ready mobile apps. Citrix has come up with a reliable and repeatable mechanism for the creation, deployment and management of enterprise-ready apps thereby making the process simple for IT and end users, safe for enterprises and valuable for our ISVs. Through the Citrix Ready ...

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  5. Regístrese Ahora: Citrix y HP Workshop Técnico sobre Movilidad

    XD7 Roadshow - Desktop Virtualization - Mobility

    Súmese a Citrix y HP para este exclusivo taller técnico de planificación de la movilidad empresarial. Adquiera las habilidades necesarias para dirigir con éxito las estrategias BYOD, VDI y otras iniciativas claves de movilidad empresarial en su organización. En este evento práctico examinará casos de uso de movilidad empresarial y BYOD de la vida real desde una perspectiva técnica. Usted y sus colegas examinarán los puntos de decisión a ...

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  6. EVENT: Bay Area Citrix User Group Meeting – Wednesday, July 17 at 5:30pm

    Hello San Francisco Bay Area residents! Please join us at the second meeting of Bay Area Citrix User Group (BayCUG). BayCUG is an independent community of people who are interested in Citrix technologies, Virtualization and Mobility in general. Details: When: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Beginning at 5:30 PM Where: Citrix Start Up Accelerator 4555 Great America Parkway, 3rd Floor Santa Clara, CA This is a great opportunity to come together with your fellow ...

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  7. CIO Lessons on the Journey to a Mobile Enterprise


    BYOD, Flex-Working, Business Continuity, M&A Activity , Disaster Recovery, Windows Migration, Sales Team Mobility, Working Better by Design, Real Estate and building a next generation datacenter and IT infrastructure were just a few of the challenges Paul Martine faced when he became CIO at Citrix. With over 8500 employees in 90 offices spread across 35 countries and a constant influx of new employees the “Citrix ...

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  8. EVENT: Bay Area Citrix User Group Meeting (June 4)

    Hello San Francisco Bay Area residents! I would like to remind you that the first meeting of a brand-new, relaunched Bay Area Citrix User Group will be held next week in Santa Clara. BayCUG is a place where Citrix professionals can meet each other and discuss their ideas, experience and knowledge. There will not be any boring slides or sales speeches. Really! :-)   The main theme of this ...

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  9. Accelerate Citrix ShareFile with CloudBridge

    Does your enterprise aspire to improve collaboration and productivity through file sharing but has serious concerns about how the voluminous file traffic will impact the WAN throughput and latency? Are the inter-connecting links among the branch offices and the headquarters often slowed down by bulky email attachments? Does IT department in your enterprise wonder if they could somehow improve user experience for branch offices by prioritizing ...

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  10. Experience Enterprise Mobility at the Mobile Workstyles Theater at Citrix Synergy

    MobileWorkstylesDemoTheater v2

    Ever wondered if you could access your corporate desktop on any mobile device? Run a Windows app from a smartphone? Deliver a PowerPoint presentation from a tablet? Have corporate data follow you on any mobile device but be completely controlled by IT? Have a face-to-face conference call from your tablet? Steve Jobs once said that “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like…design ...

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