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  1. What’s New in XenDesktop 5.6

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    On Friday March 9th, 2012 XenDesktop 5.6 was released to the web for general availability. This new release fully integrates personalization technology acquired last year with Ringcube, as well as integration with the upcoming release of Microsoft System Center 2012. Below, is a summary of new features and enhancements contained in this release: Citrix Personal vDisk technology - Drives down the cost of implementing desktop virtualization by allowing IT to supply even ...

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  2. Accelerating Application Migration with a New Version of Citrix AppDNA Application Management Software

    Streamlining application migration projects is faster, easier, and more intuitive with the new version of the Citrix AppDNA application management software platform. Check it out today if it’s been some time since you’ve explored application testing and remediation with AppDNA software for your Windows 7 migration. Definitely explore the new version if you’ve never seen AppDNA software perform application modeling for application migrations, automated application packaging ...

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  3. Citrix Virtual Event: Deliver Secure Virtual Desktops to Task Workers

    REGISTER TODAY for this exclusive Webinar Tuesday, March 20th! Task workers typically access a small set of applications and have limited desktop requirements. However, these workers are interacting with your customers, partners, and employees so they have access to your most critical data. Wouldn't it be great to provide a locked down and standardized environment? Learn how Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast delivery technology can deliver ...

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  4. CloudGateway Express and Receivers: extending the XenDesktop solution, end-to-end!

    Citrix has just announced the release of its market-leading desktop virtualization solution, Citrix XenDesktop® 5.6.  This release also presents the opportunity to enhance your mobile workstyles and end-user computing experience by deploying key components like CloudGateway Express, Citrix Receiver for Windows and the Citrix Mobility Pack (on hosted-shared desktops), which are now available for download. CloudGateway Express (which you can think of as the next-generation of Web ...

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  5. Citrix and Microsoft Debate: Live, Uncensored and Truly Unplugged!


    Register Now for the Citrix and Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Debate. You've seen the "Wow" of desktop virtualization now learn the "How"! Join us Tuesday, March 20th for this open forum and hear from IT experts about the benefits, best practices and ultimate payoff of implementing desktop virtualization. You will see first-hand the unedited and uncensored realities of this technology.  REGISTER HERE. For more information on Marketing Concierge ...

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  6. XenClient Technical Webinar – TechTalk: Simplify and Secure Your Laptops with Citrix XenClient

    Citrix XenClient extends the performance, flexibility and security of desktop virtualization to mobile users-and even lets them run multiple virtual desktops on a single laptop-while providing effective control for IT over data protection and desktop image management. Join technical experts from Citrix as they take you through XenClient and discuss: Installation and deployment best practices Technical use cases for XenClient How XenClient and XenDesktop work together to synchronize your ...

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  7. Ease the pain of application management, smile – and look good to your boss

    Even after talking application compatibility and application management for many years, I still enjoy seeing IT directors breathe a deep sigh of relief when they understand how Citrix AppDNA software can save time, cost and risk in OS migration and virtualization projects. It’s a perk of my job to see IT teams actually smile when they see the application management software platform that can make ...

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  8. Whatever, Whenever, Wherever – The New Workplace is Anywhere You Are

    The way we work is changing and there is no stopping it. As organizations look to maximize business agility and productivity while ensuring they can attract and retain the best possible talent, the adoption of workshifting continues to rise.  In yesterday’s PC era, workshifters were the exception to an overwhelmingly office-centric workforce.  In today’s cloud era, they are becoming the assumption. But what does workshifting really ...

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  9. Join Citrix And Microsoft for the Desktop Virtualization Debate

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    Register Now for this live, uncensored and truly unplugged discussion of the merits of desktop virtualization. You've seen the "Wow" of desktop virtualization now learn the "How", and more importantly, "Why"! Join Citrix and Microsoft on Tuesday, March 20th for this open forum and hear from a former IT executive as he puts the Citrix and Microsoft team on the spot. You will see first-hand the unedited ...

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  10. Citrix VDI-in-a-Box Content is Available for Web Syndication

    Citrix Solution Advisors – you know how simple and easy Citrix VDI-in-a-Box is to implement but do you also know that it’s quick and easy to start syndicating relevant product messaging and lead-generation resources directly from your own web site? Citrix Syndication, a free service that dynamically updates your web site with current Citrix product information, is now offering a VDI-in-a-Box showcase that will appear seamlessly ...

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