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  1. Learn How to Make Citrix CloudPlatform Better with NetScaler at the November Citrix Cloud Master Class

    Do you struggle to get your IT infrastructure to meet the unpredictable demand placed on your company’s websites, like when your business takes to the web to promote new products? Join the November Citrix Cloud Master Class for a technical demo to see how Citrix CloudPlatform AutoScale can help manage that load with NetScaler high-speed load balancing, SSL acceleration, and health monitoring of your web ...

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  2. Introduction to Video Capture hardware for HDX Product Demonstrations


    We’ve seen a phenomenal interest in HDX 3D Pro for delivering rich graphics and CAD applications on XenApp and XenDesktop and uptake of technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU. I’m increasingly being asked how to record great demos, one of our senior graphical experts in the UK HDX team, Andrew Woodard, kindly agreed to write this blog about his experiences doing this for performance analysis ...

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  3. 3 Reasons To Visit The Real World Pavilion At Citrix Synergy


    We’re now only a couple weeks away from one of the biggest enterprise mobility conferences of the year, Citrix Synergy 2014. If you’ve attended Citrix Synergy before, you’re probably aware of the number of informative sessions (fun prizes and special guest performances) that await you once those Anaheim Convention Center doors open. This year we decided to add something exciting that you Synergy veterans (and ...

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  4. Watch out for dark shadows! Side-by-side comparison for HDX 3D Pro and vSGA

    Last week, I blogged about what goes on behind the scenes with alternative 3D technologies from Citrix and VMware. All these technologies appear to solve the same problem, and indeed, may even appear similar during evaluations to an untrained eye. Benchmarks are easier and quicker to run and measure, so many people use these apps to do a spot-check before moving on to real production ...

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  5. XenAPINFS – Integrated with Glance

    Introduction This blog entry demonstrates the XenAPINFS - Glance integration. The feature's blueprint can be found on launchpad. At the time of writing this document, the driver only supports XenServer type ovf images (these images are specially named vhd files compressed to a .tgz archive). The cinder driver is using the nova xenapi plugins to upload/download the images. I am also working on a general case, ...

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  6. The Excalibur experience: video walk-through available now

    Project Avalon Excalibur Technology Preview was announced at Citrix Synergy 2012 in Barcelona, and has been available on MyCitrix.com since November 1 2012. We have created a series of short videos, each about 3 minutes long, to help with a quick evaluation of this next generation Citrix release.  These videos are by no means an exhaustive feature demonstration of this "giant leap" release. They are ...

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  7. Learn “What’s Next for Mobility” from Who’s Who in South Florida Technology


    South Florida is rich in mobile tech history…In fact, 20 years ago the first SmartPhone was developed in Florida. Truth be told Florida has always been on the cutting edge of being mobile and productive at the same time…think Don Johnson driving a Ferrari while on a mobile phone in Miami Vice. Be in the front row as the South Florida Technology Alliance and Chris Fleck, ...

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  8. Join Marketing Concierge at Summit & Bring Your Own Demo at the Partner Solutions Center to Win!

    Americas and EMEA partners - think you have what it takes to Demo the Citrix Marketing Concierge platform? Bring Your Own Demo at the Marketing Concierge pod at the Partner Solutions Center at Summit on the second floor of the Moscone Center on May 7th – 8th, 2012, and enter your business card to win an iPad! Have you run an email campaign? ...

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  9. Demo: Tools as a Service (TaaS) for XenServer

    Citrix TaaS is a new initiative from Citrix Support, focused on making the support of your Citrix environments as easy as possible. It features tools and online auto-analysis capabilities that will help customers collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on their Citrix environment and configuration. At Synergy Barcelona a couple of weeks ago Citrix Support launched the public beta of Tools ...

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  10. XenApp 6 Migration TechTalk and FAQ

    We've presented a TechTalk about XenApp 6 migration, with a 30 min demo of the migration tool and recommended process. Check it out here: http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/2531 We had a large attendance, and very good questions answered at the end of that presentation. I've collected them all here in a FAQ sort-of. Enjoy! Q: What versions does the Migration Tool support migrating from? A: XenApp 4.5 and above Q: Do ...

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