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  1. Citrix Insight Services: Growing by Leaps & Bounds!


    In July of last year, I wrote a blog post--“Citrix Insight Services – Where are we today?”--that highlighted some key stats from the Citrix Insight Services Platform (http://cis.citrix.com). For those new to Citrix Insight Services, we are a free cloud-based offering that aims to help Citrix Professionals everywhere by analyzing environment data and providing visualizations and best practice advice. Here is a quick rundown of the progress ...

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  2. The FTC is Now Advocating for the Regulation of the Internet of Things… And That’s a Good Thing.

    Laptop and application icons

      The FTC has released a report recommending Internet of Things companies adopt best practices when it comes to collecting customer data and implementing security.   The report seems to say that calling for outright legislation for the Internet of Things is "premature", they instead advocate for "self-regulation" to aid in the adoption of IoT.   Overall the report seems fairly balanced although light on concrete steps ...

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  3. Data Center Operations: Storage migration operations in a virtualized environment

    In the modern data center the storage layer is one of the most critical layers you rely on. If you’re an ISP, ISV, CSP or an ESP you have been bestowed with the utmost responsibility of owning the storage layer from the operations and agreed upon service perspective. With the advent of modern virtualization technology and hypervisors moving forward as fast as it is, storage ...

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  4. Adding XenMobile users to a XenDesktop Environment


    Citrix XenDesktop has been enabling users to access applications and desktops, anywhere, anytime.  However, with the growth of smartphones, not all applications and websites give the best user experience, and for that Citrix has XenMobile. If a company has 30,000 employees, 5,000 of these may be remote users utilizing XenDesktop to access applications and desktops.  However, with today’s smartphone and tablet technology all 30,000 users ...

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  5. Things Fall Together: Convergence and Divergence of Your Screens and Data

    Media technologies concept

    Watching the Twitter stream and blogosphere--you'd think there was only way way things go. We are converging, we are diverging, PCs are dead etc. Well a couple things I learned in my several decades of life that help me daily and as an analyst of events are: 1) Things change, but not as fast as you perceive them to and 2) everything isn't black and ...

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  6. Мобильный доступ для крейсера «Галактика»

    Вы спросите, что общего между фантастическим сериалом Star Trek и современными коммуникационными технологиями?  Отвечу: крейсер «Галактика», который является рабочим местом будущего. Но это будущее уже наступает, открывая нам практически неограниченные возможности доступа к приложениям и данным, а также сотрудничества с коллегами на любом удалении, в любое время дня и ночи.   Если присмотреться внимательнее, «Галактика» сталкивается с теми же вызовами в вопросах коммуникаций, которые стоят перед современными ...

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  7. Czego bohaterowie „Star Treka” mogą nas nauczyć o firmowej mobilności?

    Tak naprawdę, gdyby zastanowić się nad tym głębiej to kultowy statek kosmiczny Enterprise jest trochę jak miejsce pracy przyszłości. W rzeczywistości załoga Enterprise zmagała się z takimi samymi wyzwaniami, jakie towarzyszą obecnym przedsiębiorstwom. Każdy miał wiele urządzeń, potrzebował dostępu do wielu różnych aplikacji i desktopów oraz możliwości dzielenia się danymi w bezpieczny i kontrolowany sposób - nie mówiąc już o zdolności do pracy w każdej ...

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  8. What Star Trek can teach us about Enterprise Mobility

    CitrixEBC (25b)

    Being on the Starship Enterprise was like being in the workplace of the future. In fact the Enterprise operated with the same challenges that enterprises face today. Everyone had lots of devices, needed access to lots of different apps and desktops from these devices, and the ability to share data and do this with complete security and control. On top of that, everyone wanted the ...

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  9. XenMobile makes BYOD Easy for XenDesktop and XenApp Customers

    XenMobile Enterprise Architecture - Citrix BYOD - 5.0

    I’m going to make this real easy and simple. As they often say “A picture is worth a thousand words” If you’re a XenDesktop or XenApp customer this is what your environment probably looks like.   Now this is what you need to enable BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) and add that MAM, MDM, MCM (Data) and overall EMM functionality you’re looking for.   This is what your environment ...

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  10. Simplify Data Sharing and Storage with Citrix ShareFile and NetApp

    “Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.” -- Jean-Nicolas Bouilly Okay, I’ll admit I had never heard of Jean-Nicolas Bouilly before I searched for a quote about sharing, but that doesn’t make the quote any less fitting for my blog. We are all aware of the value of sharing. We live in a world that’s ...

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