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  1. [Webinar] Healthcare virtualization success story: Kelsey-Seybold

    The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Delivers On the Promise of Accountable Care with virtualization Healthcare has undergone quite the dramatic shift over the past decade. Thanks in part to changing regulations, doctor and patient demands, the industry has shifted from filing cabinets packed with patient information to tablets that provide lifesaving information at the clinician’s fingertips. With technology, providers were able to find ways to operate efficiently while providing ...

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  2. Win the Hearts and Minds of the People: Drive user adoption across your organization with new end user video tutorials

    Note: the following offering is currently only available in the Americas. You’re ready to roll out the large-scale Citrix project that you’ve championed from its inception.  Your team is prepared to seamlessly migrate from pilot to production.  Your chest confidently puffs as you drift to daydream of the perfection in your design: lightning speed, airtight security, soaring user productivity…and then you’re jolted to reality with a ...

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  3. CIO Lessons on the Journey to a Mobile Enterprise


    BYOD, Flex-Working, Business Continuity, M&A Activity , Disaster Recovery, Windows Migration, Sales Team Mobility, Working Better by Design, Real Estate and building a next generation datacenter and IT infrastructure were just a few of the challenges Paul Martine faced when he became CIO at Citrix. With over 8500 employees in 90 offices spread across 35 countries and a constant influx of new employees the “Citrix ...

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  4. Experience Enterprise Mobility at the Mobile Workstyles Theater at Citrix Synergy

    MobileWorkstylesDemoTheater v2

    Ever wondered if you could access your corporate desktop on any mobile device? Run a Windows app from a smartphone? Deliver a PowerPoint presentation from a tablet? Have corporate data follow you on any mobile device but be completely controlled by IT? Have a face-to-face conference call from your tablet? Steve Jobs once said that “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like…design ...

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  5. Convert your Cowboy Consumers to BYOD Champions at Citrix Synergy

    Cowboy Consumer

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know by now about the Consumerization of IT. Let’s face facts…you probably have a couple of cowboy consumers in your organization…literal outlaws…running around using personal devices and consumer apps with wanton disregard for security and compliance. What’s worse is that some of these lawbreakers may even be executives! Don’t blame them…it’s not their fault that IT ...

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  6. Shorten your mobility sales cycle at Citrix Summit


    A lot of vendors claim to have a comprehensive solution for BYOD, MDM, MIM, MAM, COPE, EMM and every other acronym you can think of when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. But, do they? Is it a fully integrated solution? Are the solutions components aware of each other? Any good mobility solution addresses the following factors: Any Device Device Management Secure Mail & Web Network & Security SSO & ID Management Mobile ...

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  7. Developing a Global Approach to Business Continuity


    Being founded in South Florida probably made it inevitable that Citrix would understand the importance of business continuity. If there is one thing being in South Florida teaches you is that business disruptions will happen, it’s not a matter of if…it’s when. In October 2012 the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season hit the east coast affecting 24 states including New Jersey.  ...

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  8. IT and the Search for New Heroes

    A big part of what makes Citrix such a special place to work is our customers. I feel particularly lucky to have the opportunity to listen to and speak with Citrix customers on a regular basis. As part of a team of talented customer storytellers, I get to hear firsthand about the challenges faced by organizations large and small trying to empower users to be ...

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  9. XenMobile makes BYOD Easy for XenDesktop and XenApp Customers

    XenMobile Enterprise Architecture - Citrix BYOD - 5.0

    I’m going to make this real easy and simple. As they often say “A picture is worth a thousand words” If you’re a XenDesktop or XenApp customer this is what your environment probably looks like.   Now this is what you need to enable BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) and add that MAM, MDM, MCM (Data) and overall EMM functionality you’re looking for.   This is what your environment ...

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  10. Client Virtualization Propels Forward with XenClient 4.5 – What’s New from a Business Standpoint?


    Citrix announced XenClient 4.5 at Synergy Barcelona on Oct. 17, 2012 and the software was released on December 28th. XenClient is a production-ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today. Watch the XenClient 4.5 announcement video to learn more about this release and read the technical announcement blog for more technical insight.  Try XenClient 4.5 today! XenClient is growing FAST & delivering business value ...

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