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  1. CloudPlatform Is Now Onboard With Citrix Insight Services!


    We recently introduced support for CloudPlatform diagnostic bundles in Citrix Insight Services (http://cis.citrix.com).  These are ZIP files generated within the product using the Cloud Bugtool utility.   /* */ CitrixTV Video: How to Collect CloudPlatform Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services Here are some sample screenshots of a CloudPlatform bundle analysis   (Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found)    (Host Information Content Plug-in)   (Environment ...

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  2. Delight Customers, Grow Revenue, Optimize Cloud with ActOnCloud.


    Citrix Ready Technical Webinar with ActOnMagic. ActOnCloud for Citrix CloudPlatform enables service providers and enterprises to make intelligent decisions on their cloud infrastructure and business. The ActOnCloud for Citrix CloudPlatform is designed to provide actionable insights in real-time on customer usage and demand, operational inefficiencies and revenue leakages through a easy to use, single self-service, slice and dice analytics platform. CXOs, Accounts, Sales, and Operations Team ...

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  3. Citrix Ready with Citrix CloudPlatform: Coraid’s EtherDrive EX and ZX

    citrix ready

    Where the deployment of a cloud platform is concerned, the first step toward success is said to be building the foundation on which data center operators can quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure. Yet, no DataCenter is complete without storage. With Citrix Ready verification of Coraid's EtherDrive EX and ZX, combined with Citrix CloudPlatform, datacenters are ensured to have the best of ...

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  4. Auto-Scaling Clouds with Citrix Technologies

    CloudPlatform and NetScaler Integration

    With VMworld 2014 in San Francisco recently behind us, it's good to reflect back on the event, conversations had and interest expressed from the attendees coming by our booth. As always at these trade shows, there was a great deal of interest in all the Citrix technologies and particularly for myself, plenty of great conversations had with people expressing interest in Citrix’s cloud technologies and what ...

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  5. Testing Citrix CloudPlatform

      Introduction In 2011 Citrix acquired cloud software startup cloud.com. Their CloudStack software product was subsequently donated to Apache where it became the Apache CloudStack open source project, with a Citrix commercial product derived from it (Citrix CloudPlatform, hereafter CCP). As with many software startups the emphasis was on innovating and establishing market position. Cloud.com and then Citrix concentrated on rapidly bringing a product to market and then ...

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  6. Citrix Clouds Auto-Scale at VMWorld 2014

    It’s VMWorld time again and yes, even we here within the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group are getting ready to attend the conference, where this year I will be helping to staff the Citrix booth in the expo hall. To change things up a little, this year I will be sharing a demo pod with the NetScaler team and will be talking about and demonstrating cloud auto ...

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  7. XenDesktop on CloudPlatform – PoC Setup Cheat Sheet


    You might have seen the XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning webinar that Mikael Lindholm and I ran a couple of months ago. Well, since then, I’ve had loads of people ask me how I set up the XenDesktop on CloudPlatform demo. There are a few good resources out there, but I couldn’t find a complete guide that took you through the whole process, step by step. Well fear ...

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  8. Lighting up XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 on Clouds Across the Globe

    Cloud Providers across the globe are lighting up their datacenters with XenApp and XenDesktop. A global collection of cloud providers have verified their IaaS Clouds as Citrix Ready, easing deployment of XenApp and XenDesktop and addressing data sovereignty concerns. With the launch of XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6, we are pleased to announce that CloudOps and Janz IT have joined Ennit server GmbH, MCPc and SSI in passing the verification ...

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  9. IBM Reference Architecture for Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID vGPU – plus real customer case studies of vGPU in deployment for graphical workloads on IBM servers announced at Citrix Synergy 2014


    IBM, NVIDIA and Citrix have worked together to publish several articles, check them out here, detailing a new reference architecture including specific product and part information for purchasing the NeXtScale System components and NVIDIA GPUs, see the NeXtScale nx360 M4 Product Guide and the reference architecture. Over the next few weeks IBM will be expanding on this topic in a series of cross-industry blogs that ...

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  10. Factory Efficiency in Citrix XenServer

    Introduction Every British school kid studies the Industrial Revolution. Those who stay awake long enough learn about the principle of Division of Labour. My daughter recently studied this, and complained to me about sitting through a tedious lesson on the famous example of pin manufacturing as recounted by 18th Century economist Adam Smith   (native of that fine place Kirkcaldy in the Kingdom of Fife J). ...

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