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  1. Managed Service Provider or Citrix Service Provider, What’s the Difference?

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    In a word, scale. That's the name of the game, isn't it? Managed Service Providers (or MSPs) provide IT services to both small and large companies. They usually focus on high-quality custom services based on a high degree of IT and Network Engineering. Their contracts to end customers (or subscribers) focus on business solutions customized for bespoke implementations. Low-scale, high-margin term contracts. MSPs have been around ...

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  2. Leveraging Multi-tenancy in the ADC as a Way to the Cloud

    Over the last few years, organizations have increasingly been shifting their data centers to a cloud-based model. This transition has been built upon virtualization, automation and orchestration of IT resources—mainly server, storage and switching infrastructure. The goal is to increase agility and reduce the costs of deploying and managing resources to support business applications. As the transition to cloud-based data centers marches on, it is becoming ...

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  3. Using ADC Services to Build Scalable, Redundant OpenStack Clouds

    As your organization seeks to increase IT agility and reduce operating costs building an orchestration platform like OpenStack to automate the deployment of resources makes a lot of sense. As you plan the implementation of your OpenStack platform ensuring application availability and performance is a necessary design goal. There are a number of things to consider to this end, for example how do you minimize ...

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  4. Concierge Tech Preview is out! The First Real-time Customer Service on the go.

    As we focus on helping organizations transition to mobile, the ability for mobile app users to easily connect and receive “smart", fast and quality service and support from companies is still very challenging and even "retro" in some cases.  We could say the way customers and employees connect with companies hasn’t really changed all that much since the past two decades (watch short video). We’ve made ...

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  5. Top 12 Reasons to Visit Ask the Experts @ Synergy

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    Back by popular demand--bigger, better and newly designed--Ask the Experts is lining up to provide the best technical advice! Visit the Ask the Experts Bar in the Citrix Booth Experience at Citrix Synergy to speak with Citrix experts! Our experts this year are from around the world and include Engineers, Consultants, Support Readiness Specialists and Technical Specialists! Whether your questions are about the latest product enhancements, troubleshooting or ...

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  6. Connecting Customers and Companies Like Never Before


    Today, in our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, mobile device users are able to perform so many tasks on the go, from accessing online banking, to shopping, reading, researching or working. But the ability for mobile app users to easily connect and receive fast and quality service and support from a company is still very challenging. So, where is the business-customer disconnect? The reality is that companies simply haven’t ...

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  7. Time to Rethink Your WAN Architecture

    Read on to learn about the new benefits for your customers provided by the latest release of Citrix CloudBridge, including easier diagnosis of app delivery issues and reduction of WAN bandwidth demands with video content staging at branches.

    A recent research article from Gartner, titled Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN, makes a strong case for network architects and planners to think beyond basic access connectivity and to mesh together multiple WAN services, including MPLS & internet, to build a “hybrid WAN".The new WAN will benefit the enterprises by providing flexibility for application traffic to be sent over ...

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  8. The New, Cloud-Hosted Apps & Desktop Service Is Coming To Synergy. Are You?


    Last year at Citrix Synergy 2014, Mitch Parker and Mark Templeton stood onstage during the keynote and introduced us to Citrix Workspace Cloud: the platform to deliver the mobile workspace experience. In case you missed the 2014 demo or if you just want a quick refresher, the demo video is available here. Since then, we have been really busy with Citrix Workspace Cloud and are preparing ...

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  9. Citrix Workspace Cloud: Forget The Sausage-Making Process, Just Eat It!

    Ah, the good old days. If you think back how managing a Citrix environment used to be about 10 years ago, a typical Citrix administrator had just one product to worry about: Metaframe/Presentation Server. Even with that single product, administrators found it difficult to maintain Citrix environments due to the effort it required. Fast forward to 2015 and the infrastructure supporting our Mobile Workspaces has many ...

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  10. Register Now for the Best Hands-On Training Experience at Synergy


    Ready to learn?  One of the most popular attractions at Citrix Synergy is the excellent learning opportunity.  Instructor-led Learning Labs provide an in-depth technical learning experience in a small group setting.  Our experts, from around the world, include Engineers, Consultants, Support Readiness Specialist and Technical Specialist!   This year, our Instructor-led Learning Labs, now a pre-event workshop, will take place on Sunday, May 10 and ...

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