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  1. Busting 5 Common Myths about Using ‘Chat’ in the Enterprise


    Today, we have a guest post from Greeshma Suresh of MindLink Software, who explores and seeks to dispel the myths around Enterprise Chat.  Data and privacy issues often mar the usage of chat in the Enterprise.  Chat is nothing new in the corporate world. Something whose seed was planted in the financial industry over a decade ago--investment banking in particular--has grown into an established staple for enterprise collaboration in ...

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  2. How to Jumpstart Your Product Promotion with Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2015


    Video has gradually become one of the principal mediums, customers like to interact with, before making a purchasing decision. Find out how you can leverage the Spotlight Video Contest 2015 to reach out to your prospective customers via videos. At Citrix Ready, we’ve experienced how content marketing can empower your product reach. If you are a Citrix Ready partner, you’d be excited to hear this—we’ve just ...

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  3. Putting Apps to Work in the Smartphone Age


    Guest Post by Annekathrin Hase Apps in the work environment can often be sources of worry for IT admins. Read on to get a low-down on how to introduce apps in the workplace, securely. The rise of enterprise mobility and with it, apps, means business leaders need to adapt working practices to keep pace with technology. Per research conducted by IDC, nearly 60 percent of British employees use ...

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  4. Worx-Verify Your Mobile App to Penetrate The Enterprise App Market

    Worx Verified Program

      As more and more businesses embrace mobile devices, mobile apps that power these business tasks need to be secure, quick and robust. Find out how Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program can help. Mobile devices are gradually seeping into every sphere of business, small or large. Whether it’s an SMB, or a huge conglomerate, mobile devices have not only become necessary, but inevitable. And increasingly, mobile apps ...

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  5. The New Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop is Citrix Ready


    By Guest Blogger - Andre Leibovici   Nutanix and Citrix have collaborated to create a new innovative way to assign Service Level Agreements (SLA) for virtual desktops.  The Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop  enables Citrix administrators to answer questions like “how can I ensure my CxO desktops are fully protected or guarantee that the Development team desktops are getting full performance?”   Here are Some More Technical Details On This   In ...

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  6. [Infographic] Expand your business reach with Citrix Ready

    Citrix Ready

    Citrix Ready is a powerful program for software and hardware vendors as well as other technology firms looking to expand their business reach. By verifying your products and solutions as Citrix Ready, you will have visibility among a wide population of Citrix customers and resellers. Subsequently, this program can help create opportunities for new revenue sources, increased mindshare and improved experience for your customers. Take ...

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  7. Inviting all Citrix Ready partners for an exclusive conference at Citrix Summit 2015

    CR summit

    Register for Citrix Ready Summit 2015! Attention Citrix Ready Partners: Get a glimpse into what lies ahead for Citrix and you. Today, businesses and markets are constantly evolving. Hence, adapting to the changing conditions as quickly as possible becomes imperative. At Citrix Ready, we are aiming to pace up and push the boundaries. And, we’d like to move forward TOGETHER with our partners. Hence, we are excited ...

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  8. Why should my company be Citrix Ready?

    Citrix Ready

    Many of you might have this question. And a valid question, indeed! Here are the top five reasons why joining the Citrix Ready program is beneficial to your business. 1) A showcase to 260,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 Citrix resellers With a vast population of customers and resellers, your product or solution stands to gain tremendous exposure. Additionally, since your product will be verified as compatible with ...

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  9. Announcing the winners for Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest


    The wait is over! Read on to find out who reigned and took the eventual spotlight in this contest.    Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest has been witnessing buzzing activity for the past few weeks. We received a very good response on the contest, for video submissions as well as voting. Many Citrix Ready partners participated with videos showcasing Citrix verified products/solutions and eventual benefits of these ...

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  10. Citrix Ready HP ProLiant SL270s

      Citrix Ready with Citrix XenServer 6.2. HP ProLiant SL270s is a server solution, part of the HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System designed for Hyperscale and High Performance Computing market segments. This solution is Citrix Ready with Citrix XenServer 6.2. It reduces solution costs, maximizes power efficiency and eases customer serviceability. The server serves this capability by utilizing Intel’s Ivy Bridge EP CPU architecture. HP is known for ...

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