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  1. XenDesktop 7.1 on FlexPod


    The recently released Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for XenDesktop 7.1 is creating quite a buzz. If you are looking to implement desktop virtualization, the turnkey nature of FlexPod infrastructure creates a compact, powerful, and reliable solution for XenDesktop 7.1. Find the full report published by Cisco here. Since the launch of XenDesktop 7 last year in May, 7.1 release follows a new unified FlexCast Management Architecture ...

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  2. Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program – Accelerate the deployment of enterprise ready mobile apps


      In today’s environment, enterprise IT organizations are faced with a number of tools and complex tasks when it comes to securely enabling enterprise-ready mobile apps. Citrix has come up with a reliable and repeatable mechanism for the creation, deployment and management of enterprise-ready apps thereby making the process simple for IT and end users, safe for enterprises and valuable for our ISVs. Through the Citrix Ready ...

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  3. Dual Factor Authentication for Free: SMS2


    Most VDI customers running Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, or NetScaler are dealing with sensitive data, and breaches of security are a potentially crippling liability. While XenDesktop has some advanced security features available—such as AES encryption and an optional password manager—the root of the problem remains: user passwords. Dual factor authentication is one solution to the problems caused by weak passwords, phishing, and password theft. For those who ...

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  4. CounterPath Bria is Citrix Ready


    As enterprises and SMBs increasingly turn to SIP, IP PBXs and softphones to power their business communications, some of the biggest challenges they are met with are ensuring interoperability among devices and platforms, configuring and deploying software to end users, and managing the implications of users bringing their own devices into the workplace. CounterPath's award-winning Bria desktop and mobile softphones are based on open standards, and ...

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  5. NEW Citrix Ready Membership Levels

    The Citrix Ready Program has transformed into an end-to-end technology partner program. The program will now feature new partner tiering levels along with some newly added benefits. The existing Citrix Ready membership levels, Technology and Core, have been renamed as Access and Plus respectively and a new level, Premier, has been introduced into the program. The new membership levels are listed below: Access Plus Premier Along with ...

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  6. VDI, BYOD and Other Threats


    How to Protect your Sensitive Data Join us to learn how RSA and Citrix can help protect your organization’s most sensitive data in the midst of BYOD, malicious insiders, advanced threats and more. In this session, we'll take a deep look at how RSA secures sensitive data in Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environments, and how you can most effectively reduce risk to the business. Details: Webinar: VDI, BYOD and ...

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  7. Vccom API is Citrix Ready


    One of the things can stop you from deploying applications on a Citrix Server is where the applications need to perform some processing on the client PC, or an application on the Client PC needs to communicate with the application on the Server; the reasons for needing to do this are wide and varied. One way of handling this issue is to add communications between ...

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  8. McAfee — Citrix Ready Solution of the Year 2011 Finalist

    Congratulations to McAfee on being a FINALIST for the Citrix Ready Solution of the Year award! Even though the award winner won't be announced until next week at Citrix Synergy, customers are already winning with the one-two punch of Citrix XenDesktop with McAfee MOVE AV for VDI. The McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) platform, supporting Citrix XenDesktop, provides security tailored to virtualized environments. Rather than ...

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  9. Citrix Ready – Open-E Data Storage Software V6 promotional offer

    Open-E, Inc. is one of the pioneering leaders and developers of IP-based storage management software. The Open-E® DSS V6™ and Open-E DSS V6 Lite™ line of products enjoy a reputation for best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment and are known for their robust architecture, ease-of-use and affordability. Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) V6 has been verified for Citrix®XenServerTM (Version 5.6) and is now designated ...

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