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  1. Promote your business with a Partner Spotlight story

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    Partners often wonder how to highlight themselves and broadcast their extraordinary stories. Some roadblocks however can be lack of time to craft the right content or simply not knowing how to begin developing an articulate story. Fortunately, Citrix is making it easier for our partners to showcase their advancements and achievements. Introducing Partner Spotlights, a gratis service that offers partners professional copy writing that describes their ...

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  2. Back to school with new technology: schools empowering students with Citrix Mobile Workspaces


    When I was in school, computer labs were a luxury. Many schools were just receiving their first few computers, so for my class to have access, once a week, to a room of 12 computers was like getting the chance to drive a Ferrari on your 16th birthday. I vividly remember turning on a beige colored terminal and monitor, inserting a floppy disk that was ...

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  3. Microsoft and Citrix: Better Together with DaaS

    Where does it make sense to deploy a Microsoft and Citrix-based Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution? Where does it not?  Hundreds of thousands of subscribers are already taking advantage of the better together story as Citrix and Microsoft continue to collectively evolve our technologies. With Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center, plus Citrix XenApp, CloudPortal Services Manager, Application Orchestration and NetScaler, the two companies have combined ...

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  4. Maximize ShareFile ROI By Focusing On Adoption and Active Use

    As Enterprise IT evolves to adapt a more user-centric IT model that still meets appropriate security and compliance policies, the two most important metrics to measure the success of a particular product or service are Adoption and Active Use.  Whether your organization has a centralized IT department who buys for the whole organization or a de-centralized group that allows departments to directly purchase IT products ...

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  5. WM Software’s ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart is Citrix Ready Now

    ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart is enterprise software that manages restarts or power-cycles on Citrix XenApp® and XenDesktop® server farms without impacting end users. By using different restart schedules (single or multiple queued, simultaneously, or individually), the software can replicate a company’s existing schedule, or administrators can design new ones. This flexibility allows the software to match any company’s business needs. Servers are organized into groups on a ...

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  6. 5 Marketing Tips for Citrix Service Providers to Drive Desktops-as-a-Service Adoption

    Citrix Service Providers are reaching new audiences interested in replacing IT management with Desktops-as-a-Service—a cloud-based, full scale, business-ready desktop.  Businesses of all sizes want to stop worrying about day-to-day IT headaches - server upgrades, new application downloads, OS upgrades, viruses and malware – and instead go back to growing their business. Reaching these audiences is critical. Citrix helps service providers market Desktops-as-a-Service in many ways – ...

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  7. NetScaler 10.5 Brings Altogether New ADC Experience

    I've been thinking about writing this blog from past couple weeks, but NetScaler 10.5 kept us busy with the uptake we saw as the GA build was released. The NetScaler Product Group brings out a major release every year and there is always lots of excitement around the major releases. This release has excited as well wowed our customers and partners with its new capabilities and ...

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  8. [Webinar] Citrix to highlight NetScaler orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS

    Demo Friday: Citrix demonstrates fully orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS in a multi-tenant environment using OpenStack, NetScaler Control Center and NetScaler SDX. Original Event Date: August 08, 2014 Event Time: 10:00 am, PDT Check the time in your location Duration: 1 hr/s 0 min/s Agenda/Description: Summary:In this demo, you'll learn how you NetScaler delivers ADCaaS in an OpenStack environment. The demo shows how a service provider can use NetScaler Control Center to fully automate the ...

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  9. Why I believe Citrix is a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing


    As many industry thought leaders have discussed, the age of mobility applies to user experience, flexibility, context, and portability.  However, not many people focus on the criticality of data as a component of mobility.  In reality, you can’t deliver a complete mobile workspace if your data is still trapped in individual applications. To enable people to be productive wherever work takes them, you’ve got to ...

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  10. Partner Spotlight: Presidio wins $15 million desktop virtualization project for K-12 education

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    As public school systems move learning online, they often face challenges around data security, application performance and cost control. Desktop and app virtualization have been shown to address all these issues while enhancing learning flexibility and IT efficiency. However, a winning solution requires experience in the education sector, expertise in virtualization technologies and strong partnerships with leading technology providers. Presidio, a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor based ...

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