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  1. Does the datacenter even matter anymore?

    Everybody’s talking "cloud" these days. From marketing literature to the boardroom, cloud computing is one of the hottest topics, as the cloud promises to dynamically extend services and lower costs. Who wouldn’t want that? The discussions are prompting many to ask whether onsite datacenters are still needed to best serve the needs of the modern business. It’s an intriguing question. While onsite datacenters used to be ...

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  2. Geek Speak. YOU Speak!


      Part of being a CTP is giving feedback to Citrix.  That sounds pretty simple.  In reality, they lock us in a room for two days twice a year, stuff us full of coffee and doughnuts and subject us to a never-ending parade of product managers.  Ok, it's not QUITE that bad.  The food is pretty good.  Most of the PMs know they need to send ...

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  3. Road to Synergy: SYN607 NetScaler Security

    Here be pirates

    Worried about Pirates? Security a major concern? Do the latest vulnerabilities like Heartbleed have you losing sleep? Got NetScaler? Worry no longer. In the sessions SYN607 NetScaler: the Enterprise Security Swiss Army Knife you will learn about ways to protect your valuable web application real-estate using NetScaler features. Our presenters Andrew Sandford and Lucas Araujo are on hand at TechEdge and presenting Instructor-led Learning Labs at Citrix Synergy ...

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  4. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Get certified at Synergy in LA for free!”

    Pre-register for a Citrix certification exam of your choice on site at at Synergy in May.

    A new technical Citrix credential is an impressive event souvenir that packs a lot of benefits. It’s even better than that bag of free conference goodies. As a registered Synergy attendee you are entitled to take one free Citrix exam of your choice, a savings of up to $300! (Not registered for Synergy yet? Register now!) Register for your free exam! You’ll be able to take any of ...

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  5. Citrix ShareFile Enterprise – What’s Happening at Synergy 2014?

    ShareFile Logo

    The Citrix ShareFile Enterprise team is excited to announce our Synergy program (May 6th – 8th) in Los Angeles, CA! We have lots to share - breakout sessions, live demos, new feature announcements and more. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ShareFile, it is an enterprise data sync and sharing solution that enables IT to deliver a secure and robust service that meets the ...

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  6. Step outside the classroom at Synergy


    Citrix Synergy has always been built around sessions, and this year is no exception. You can choose from a record 125+ breakouts offering business and technical content that covers a wide range of topics, from best practices to technical deep dives to customer case examples. But Synergy training goes far beyond classic classroom instruction – for two reasons. One is to accommodate different preferences for learning ...

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  7. Mobile, Secure and Compliant!


    Many would argue that being mobile, secure and compliant is simply an oxymoron. Let’s take a moment to analyze.  Consumer devices, regardless of technology, must ensure unhindered access to 911 emergency services.  Let’s also consider the business model of mobile operators, 24 x 7 reliable services.  At a time when the traditional business model is under increasing revenue pressure, with voice revenue rapidly declining, new opportunities ...

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  8. Citrix TaaS – Look who’s joined our team !

    PVS Upload

                        Some of you may have participated in TaaS user surveys over the last year, either at Synergy, or a part of a customer user group.  One of the things we asked each time is "What other product would you like us to support?".  One product above all others was top of your wish-list every time we asked - Provisioning Server (PVS). Well, you asked, and we ...

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  9. Video in Enterprise Environments (VDI and more)

    Video streaming traffic is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a Cisco study, the network traffic caused by video delivery will increase by 4x in fixed networks and over 24x in mobile networks in the time frame of 2012 – 2017.   Although this study focuses on video streaming on the internet, we can see a very similar trend within corporate networks. The challenge for the corporate ...

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  10. Are you willing to Simply Serve @ Synergy this year?

    As we reflect on the past 25 years of our success, we realize that the same spirit that drives us to exceed business expectations moves us to give back to those less fortunate. We have had the privilege of donating millions of dollars in community grants and supporting hundreds of nonprofit charitable organizations. We’ve given our products to improve lives, from local schools in underserved ...

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