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  1. Welcome to Workspace Cloud


    In my very first blog last year I wrote how Citrix Workspace Services (now called Citrix Workspace Cloud) is game-changing. It was seeing the vision of this product that gave me confidence in joining Citrix. It’s been a year and we are now in the middle of trials, yet I wanted to get some information out to the general public about this product. What is Workspace ...

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  2. Imprivata OneSign and Citrix Receiver Integration Has Returned for Synergy!

    Throughout my seven years working for Citrix, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with clinicians, patients, healthcare ISVs, partners, healthIT professionals, researchers, consultants, account reps, and sales engineers. If I could run every "Citrix in Healthcare" conversation I've had through a word cloud generator, the largest text would read "long login times"; and it would far outshadow the second place contender, "voice ...

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  3. Tech Previews for Citrix Receiver and StoreFront 3.0 Now Available

    In early March, we released the StoreFront 2.7 Technology Preview. This represented a Tech Preview for first set of components related to the Receiver X1 project. That release provided IT admins the ability to create and manage a centrally branded end user app selection experience on Receiver for Web. At today’s Synergy keynote, we’re expanding the reach of this story by announcing the availability of the ...

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  4. Working Easier From Screen-To-Screen: Citrix ShareFile Goes Wherever You Go

    Citrix ShareFile makes working from screen-to-screen easier; it goes wherever you go! In the shift from pen-and-paper to processors-and-peripherals, software companies started building solutions that focused on the new center of the workplace: the personal computer. As technology advanced, most software companies continued with this model, developing single-focused applications for mobile phones, then tablets and now wearables. The flaw with this model is that an individual’s workflow ...

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  5. Citrix and Kony Accelerate Business Mobilization with the Kony Enterprise Mobility Platform and XenMobile

    Today, we're excited to bring you a guest post from Dave Shirk, President, Products & Marketing for Kony, Inc. Kony is collaborating with Citrix to help customers become mobile-time enterprises and reap the rewards of mobility done right. The company has seen customers achieve incredible business results through mobility, and they are committed to working with Citrix to deliver theirs business mobilization solution to ensure customer success. Enjoy! ...

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  6. A Radically Simplified Way to Deploy and Manage Citrix Workloads Across Clouds

    Newton's Cradle

    End-users are expecting applications to be delivered on an on-demand basis, which makes it very difficult for IT to keep up with the line of business demands and meet aggressive SLAs. Additionally, delivery of application workloads is only the first step. Once the workloads are delivered, IT administrators have to constantly monitor the health of application workloads to make sure that they are available and running ...

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  7. How ShareFile Works to Prevent Data Loss and Meet Compliance Requirements

    Data security is top of mind for IT departments and often the key reason for choosing a Citrix solution. Nowhere is this topic more relevant today than in discussions involving enterprise mobility and data sharing. ShareFile, the Citrix sync-and-share solution for the enterprise, makes it easy to exchange information with third parties--sometimes too easy. Users should not be allowed to share files broadly when they contain ...

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  8. Citrix Integrates with Microsoft Office Online to Make Editing Files Easier

    In App Editing

    Earlier this year we wrote about our current integrations with Microsoft and announced that Citrix has joined the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program. Since our announcement, we have updated the ShareFile iOS apps, which allow you to open and edit files stored in ShareFile, directly from within the Microsoft Office iOS mobile app suite. Today we are pleased to announce that later this quarter, through our integration with ...

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  9. Workspace Cloud: Hybrid Approach to Secure Mobile Workspaces

    Today at Citrix Synergy, Citrix revealed Citrix Workspace Cloud, the next step in revolutionizing the design, delivery and management of the secure workspaces in demand by people today. The Citrix Synergy keynote included an impactful demonstration of the new way IT and partners can simplify, accelerate and provide choice in delivering apps, mobility, data and more to people through a complete workspace. The keynote invited Citrix ...

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  10. One URL Consolidates Remote Access Infrastructure

    I recently described SSL VPN technology and how it has been the “tool of choice” for providing employees and other users with secure remote access to centrally hosted applications, data and systems.   Over the past few years, however, many IT departments have supplemented their core remote access infrastructure with a series of point solutions to better address the unique characteristics, conditions and security requirements of ...

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