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  1. Identifying and Running Workflows with the Octoblu API and PowerShell


    If you are not familiar with Octoblu; it is an IoT messaging system, a protocol translation system, and a message transformer for IoT all rolled into one product.   Since last year, I have been spending quite a bit of my time with their systems and platform. Everything in their system is a device, your user account, a software agent that we demonstrated on the Synergy 2015 stage day 2 keynote, each ...

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  2. Getting Smart on Mobile Security in 3 Steps

    Mobile In Airport

    Mobile devices and apps are how work gets done these days. Employees aren’t tied to their desks, work doesn’t always mean sitting down from 9-5 and meetings can take place anywhere from a coffee shop to the sidelines of a soccer game. According to Forrester, mobile device (smartphone or tablet) adoption in the U.S. has grown24% year over year in 2015. Another report found that only ...

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  3. Bringing Linux and Windows Together


    If you were at Citrix Synergy, you heard about XenApp/XenDesktop adding support for Linux virtual desktops. As my hero Homer Simpson says, "I'm not impressed easily … WOW a blue car!" And that is what we have, a new car color. We had red cars (Windows applications), green cars (Windows desktops), and now blue cars (Linux desktops). From my perspective, these are simply different applications we ...

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  4. Citrix Synergy Networking Sessions are Available On-Demand!

    Citrix Synergy TV Networking

    We have gathered for you--all in one place--all the networking sessions from Synergy. You heard us right: ALL. Queued up and ready for viewing are everything you wanted to know about NetScaler, CloudBridge, and how they work not just with Citrix suite of products, but how they make the apps you already love better. Some great product updates and technical presentations are available on demand, anytime you ...

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  5. Citrix Synergy Refresh: The AppDisk and AppDNA Unbeatable Combination


    You may have seen Citrix announce AppDisk at Synergy 2015 in Orlando – and wondered what is AppDisk?  AppDisk is a technology that enables administrators to package and manage their apps independently of their golden images.  This in turn reduces the number of golden images required.  Typically different applications are required for different departments resulting in variations on the golden images for each department.  Since the ...

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  6. Introducing Citrix New Enablement Training Site!

    Sneak peak of Enablement.Citrix.com

    Citrix has put heightened emphasis on giving our partners the right tools and resources to be successful at the right time. To that end, Citrix is excited to announce the all-new Citrix Enablement Training website. This site is a single entry point to free pre-sales training courses, including both Sales and Technical courses. Through this training, Citrix hopes to enhance your Citrix pre-sales skills, so that you ...

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  7. Virtualizing the Traditional University

    Animal House (1978)

    I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but there is a growing trend on University campuses around the globe. And if, like me, you are the parent of a soon-to-be college freshman (fingers crossed), it could impact you in a number of ways. I’m talking about the demise of the traditional computer lab. You remember the computer lab. That room full of tables--row after row--lined ...

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  8. DNA Can Tell You A Lot About Your Application


    I love seeing crazy comparisons and statistics, especially if it has anything to do with science. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) If laid out end-to-end, all DNA within your body would go from the Earth to Pluto and back to the Earth (too bad Pluto is not a planet anymore.) Humans share 99% of their DNA with everyone else (makes the 7 degrees of separation game kind of pointless.) If you could ...

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  9. We Listened: The Top 3 Challenges Facing Our Customers


    During this year’s Synergy keynote, our CEO, Mark Templeton, highlighted experience as one of the three key pillars driving Citrix. For us, experience isn’t limited to our products - it’s important that every interaction with our company is a great experience. In that spirit, the CX team setup some unique experiences at Synergy to show our customers that we’re listening to them. Using journey mapping and visual ...

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  10. Relive Highlights from Citrix Synergy on SynergyTV


    Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando was a great success. I enjoyed seeing many of you there and was pleased by the numbers of people who joined virtually from all over the globe, watching the live stream of keynotes and sessions on SynergyTV. The atmosphere was electric throughout the Orange County Convention Center, as partners and customers explored the software-defined workplace and what it means for the ...

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