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  1. What Business Leaders and IT Managers Need to Know about Enterprise File Sync and Sharing


    Two key market trends are driving the adoption of enterprise file sync and sharing solutions. First is enterprise mobility. As of 2013, 61 percent of information workers work outside of the office, and the number of telecommuters will increase by nearly two-thirds over the next five years. Second is the proliferation of personal devices and/or BYOD programs in the enterprise. These two trends have driven ...

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  2. Learn how a human capital management company deployed Citrix ShareFile in 3 easy steps!

    A human capital management company deployed the suite of Citrix ShareFile products using the ShareFile Success Management program.  The deployment followed  / was driven by 3 easy steps: Create Deployment Plan Conduct Employee Training Drive Ongoing Adoption This customer’s program goals focused on: security, reliability and simplicity.  Create Deployment Plan:The customer worked with ShareFile's Success Management team to outline use cases, configure their ShareFile environment and create a rollout plan.  ...

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  3. Citrix ShareFile Enterprise – Mobile, Global, Integrated

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    Citrix acquired ShareFile in 2011 and, since then, the enterprise file sync and sharing solution has continued to grow exponentially. What you may not know is that over half of the ShareFile Enterprise customers reside outside of the United States. Global businesses have an increasingly mobile workforce who demand instant access to their enterprise data whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose. In order to ...

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  4. ShareFile Enterprise: Backup and Restore

    During a design phase of a ShareFile Enterprise solution, part of the discussion should involve the backup and restore process. Having clear what are the tools, the ShareFile Admins could use to manage the data, it is important to guarantee the best user experience. The backup and restore tools, available on ShareFile Enterprise, allow, when a user delete a file from its work-space, to restore it ...

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  5. SafeNet’s SAM and SAS is Citrix Ready with Citrix ShareFile


    SafeNet is a global provider of authentication, data protection and software rights management solutions. SafeNet’s data-centric approach focuses on the protection of high value information throughout its lifecycle, from the data center to the cloud. SafeNet’s two products SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) and SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) are now integrated with Citrix ShareFile as Identity Providers for Citrix ShareFile.  With this integration, users can log in ...

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  6. RightSignature is Citrix Ready with Citrix ShareFile


    The Citrix ShareFile team announced its integration with RightSignature in September 2013. This solution enables you to send your ShareFile documents—NDAs, contracts, authorizations, releases, you name it—for legally binding electronic signatures in under a minute. Over the last three months, we have seen incredible demand for this solution.  Now, we are pleased to announce RightSignature as a Citrix Ready partner for ShareFile. The Citrix ShareFile + ...

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  7. Управление данными – Citrix ShareFile

    Надежность доступа и свобода роста В стремительно меняющемся мире ИТ старые понятия быстро теряют свою прежнюю четкость и сегодня уже не очевидны ответы на такие вопросы как: что надо сохранять, что понимать под резервированием, чью именно информацию надо беречь и т.д. А в условиях BYOD, облаков и Больших Данных традиционные средства уже пасуют, например, если требуется синхронизовать данные на различных устройствах. Как построить оптимальную комбинацию новых ...

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  8. Five Market Trends in the Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Market

    As the number of ShareFile Enterprise customers continues to grow, we are seeing a number of trends that are shaping the Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Market.  In reality, it is not really just about File Sync and Sharing, it is about servicing an increasingly mobile workforce. Many of our customers are out of the office one week a month or more. It isn’t just about ...

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  9. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Announcing the general availability of XenMobile 8.5”

    You may have heard about the recent announcement of the general availability of Citrix XenMobile 8.5. Below is all the information you need on the release, including links to more information as well as the download locations for the server components. Share these exciting enhancements and features with your colleagues and customers. XenMobile 8.5, the latest version of our enterprise mobility solution, includes several enhancements: XenMobile Enterprise ...

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  10. Mobilize Your Business with ShareFile Enterprise – StorageZone Connectors Are Available Now!

    Citrix is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of the ShareFile StorageZone Connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and network drives.  StorageZone Connectors, offered as part of the ShareFile Enterprise Edition, give users instant mobile access to data on existing network drives and Microsoft SharePoint document libraries. The client software for Apple iPhone and iPad is now available in the Apple Store. The first update to the ...

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