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  1. The Mobile Video Paradox: Why Insight Matters

      In 2013, Citrix customers carried more video traffic over their networks – and through ByteMobile network elements – than in any previous year. In fact, the volume of video traversing today’s mobile communications networks is now measured in Exabytes per month and, according to Cisco and Ericsson, is growing at more than 60% annually. At Citrix, we believe this video growth entails equal parts threat and ...

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  2. The Citrix Community Site Gets Fresh!

                  No. We're not talking about bad behavior. Well, not really. :-) The customer/partner facing Citrix Community site is getting a minor refresh on October 30, 2013. Although the URL will not change, visitors to http://community.citrix.com will encounter an updated experience after October 30. (The look of the pages will be the most notable change.) No action is required by Community Members. Visitors to the Community home page will continue to be able to ...

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  3. Kontiki is Citrix Ready


    The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) has been certified with Citrix XenDesktop 5.5. This certification is important because it means that customers working in a virtual desktop environment can experience high quality video for the first time. Normally, when virtual desktop users try to watch video in this environment, they experience a sub-optimal experience with noticeable delays, stops and starts, and jittering. This can be ...

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  4. FOOTBALL!!! On my laptop.

    Ok, the truth first. I normally don't watch football. I like my baseball and hockey, thank you. (A's and Sharks for the win!) But when the 49ers were demonstrating so much awesome in one season, even I got caught up in the excitement. But with the Giants taking the win last weekend, my interest in the Superbowl waned and I find myself getting all Peter ...

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  5. Now you can go to the GoTo Developer Center!


    Citrix Online has just launched the Citrix GoTo Developer Center. What does this mean? You can now build the next cool online mashup. Bring best-in-class online collaboration to your service. For example, imagine a one-click to an online meeting or training session for your users!   This is the next web frontier, app developers… Give users what they want and increase the functionality (and market relevance) of your ...

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  6. Cloud Economics 101 – Part 1

    There is an interesting debate going on over on the Google cloud computing group that also helps point out some of the appropriate use cases for cloud computing. The example used is a simple comparison of Amazon EC2 vs. purchasing a set of servers for development purposes ( I have added some additional costs and scenarios below ) This example also assumes the servers fit ...

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  7. Get Your Head in the Cloud

    Welcome! Today we launch the new and improved Citrix Developer Network (CDN) Portal focused on the enablement of Citrix Service Providers. Many of you have been exposed to a great deal of hype regarding Cloud Computing and Hosted Service Providers. Well the hype is now a reality. Beyond the marketing speak there is a tremendous amount of technological traction in the Cloud space from ...

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  8. Optimized Delivery to 90%


    for Video over WAN The Citrix Branch Repeater plays a critical role in optimizing an existing WAN connection and improving the overall virtual desktop user experience in the branch office. The following key findings from a recent report emphasize the strategic cost savings and performance improvement a Branch Repeater solution can provide for any branch office XenDesktop deployment. Citrix Branch Repeater can reduce the overall average ...

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  9. Application Delivery Network


    Anatomy of Content Delivery Follow the App. A complete end-to-end Application Delivery Network relies on more than just a single appliance inserted into the DMZ. An Application Delivery Network occupies the entire stack of the OSI Model, and stretches from the client, through the network, to the server farm into the application delivery infrastructure. Applications are best managed and delivered using a Reverse Proxy ...

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  10. New articles – get your geek on

    There are some new articles posted on the Workflow Studio section of CDN. These will probably only be of interest to the developers and advanced workflow gurus out there, but I found them interesting and wanted to share (yes, I am a geek ) Configuring Workflow Studio to use SQL Server for Tracking and Persistence Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Keep in mind that most of the CDN ...

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